Sex Adventure Time With My Neighbor – Part 2

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I continued my oral licking of Sandhya’s pussy. She could not control it and said, “You are driving me crazy. Need you to penetrate inside me right now.”

I lifted her up in my arms, took her to the bedroom, laid her on the bed. I started fucking in a missionary position. She was already wet due to my licking. Hence it was easy penetration in her clean-shaven pussy. I was ramming and pounding her pussy.

I was enjoying the sight of her lovely boobs bouncing simultaneously. I held her waist and lifted her up slightly, and started fucking her more vigorously. She was moaning heavily. She said, “After a long time, I am enjoying someone pounding me post my break-up.”

I asked her what sex positions she liked. She said cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy, and face to face. I said, “Can we try the cowgirl and reverse- cowgirl position?” She said yes.

I laid on her bed, and she was now on top of me in reverse cowgirl. I could feel the deep penetration in her pussy. I held her waist, and she was initiating the moves. I was totally mesmerized by her moves. After some time, she turned face to face with me, and we started fucking in a cowgirl position.

I held her bouncing boobs and started massaging them in ecstasy as we continued the cowgirl position. She bent over me and whispered, “This is a memorable night. Can you sleep in my arms for the whole tonight? Nobody will come to know about it.”

I nodded affirmatively, and we slept naked in each other’s arms. Our eyes opened to the alarm bell in the morning at 7 am. Sandhya set it for waking up to go to the office. She smiled at me and said, “Last night was fun. Can we do a doggy position before I leave for office?”

I said, “Yes.” She said, “Give me 10 minutes. I will go to the washroom and be back. Till then, you can use the other washroom.”

We were still naked, and I could see Sandhya’s naked glory in broad daylight that was penetrating in her flat. I used the other washroom and waited in the nude in the living room. She came and hugged me and said, “Can we do the doggy position now?”

Me: I hope you don’t get late for work. I have a holiday as it is Saturday.

She: I wanted to enjoy that position because the penetration is really deep.

Me: I need to have some foreplay.

She: I know you like to seduce before you go for penetration. We have half an hour before I need to get ready for work.

Me: Ok. Then I won’t waste any more time.

I hugged her, and my palms were on her sexy buttocks, squeezing them as I started French kissing her. I slowly went down and licked her pussy while simultaneously finger fucking her pussy to ensure she is lubricated. As I licked her vaginal lips, she was feeling super horny and was oozing cum.

Her cum started falling on the floor. I asked her, “Can we do it now?” She said, “Yes.”

I made her sit on her fours, spread her legs apart. I penetrated her pussy from behind. I held her waist and started pounding and ramming her pussy in doggy style as my thighs were thudding against her sexy buttocks. She was moaning loudly in ecstasy.

I, too, felt the depth of her juicy pussy. We were in the flow and enjoying the position so much that we both climaxed. So I withdrew in haste, and my semen and her pussy juices were on the floor.

Both of us were panting, and suddenly the doorbell rang. We were surprised who could be so early. I said, “Let me check through the peephole.”

But to my surprise, it was the maid who worked in our building in various flats, including mine. I turned to Sandhya with a surprised look.

Sandhya to me: Who is it?

Me: The house-cleaning maid.

Sandhya: Oh, my parents must have told her to come a bit early in the morning before I leave for office. You wear your clothes quickly.

Me: She will suspect why I am at your place so early in the morning.

Sandhya: Don’t worry. I will tell her there was some issue with the water tap. I had called you for checking and fixing it.

We dressed immediately. Sandhya opened the door. I pretended to be near the washbasin tap, trying to check it. The cleaning maid came in. I said to Sandhya, “The tap issue is fixed. Now I will leave. You also need to leave for office.”

Sandhya: Yeah, I will also go for a bath now and get ready for the office. Thanks for the help with the tap.

Sandhya to the maid, “You please start cleaning while I go for a bath.”

Sandhya then went to her room to take her bath.

(All the conversations with the maid are in Hindi, which I am translating in English)

I looked at the maid and said, “You can come to my flat at any convenient time today as I have a holiday.

Maid softly said to me: Were you fixing the tap, or were you two doing something else?

Me: I didn’t understand your question. What are you talking about?

Maid pointing to the spilled semen on the floor, said, “I mean the mess on the floor which I have to clean now. Also, I could hear Sandhya’s moans when I was at the door.

I realized that Sandhya and I have been caught by the maid.

Me: Please don’t tell anyone this.

Maid: Don’t worry. I will not tell anyone, not even Sandhya. I know about you two having sex. I realized it was you inside with Sandhya because I saw your slippers on the door and didn’t want to disturb you. I waited for nearly 5 minutes. But then I thought I should ring the doorbell before anyone else came.

Me: Thanks for keeping this a secret.

Maid: Can I make one small request to you?

Me: Yes. Please tell me. I will definitely try if possible.

Maid: It is possible for you since you already did it with Sandhya. Can you have sex with me also? My husband is not there for the last six months, and I am horny. Please have sex with me right now. I can see you are hard and erect. You and Sandhya were deeply enjoying sex when I rang the doorbell.

Me: Ok. But we can do it at my flat later. Because I don’t want Sandhya or anyone else to know about it.

Maid: She is in the shower in her room, and I know she takes 15 minutes. So no one except you and me now. We will finish within 10 minutes. I am really thirsting for sex. Please understand my need.

Me: Why not? Sandhya will anyways not hear as she is taking a shower.

The maid smiled shyly and lowered her eyes. I went close to her, and I lifted her nighty. I saw she was not wearing any panty. I laid her on the floor and started fucking her glorious pussy hard in a missionary position. I further lifted her nighty above her chest and saw she was not wearing a bra.

Her boobs were massive because of her voluptuous figure. I started kneading them and started sucking her big black areolas while fucking her. I kept my palm on her mouth so that her moans are subdued. I fucked her hard and fast. The maid locked my waist with her legs to ensure deep penetration in her pussy.

I subconsciously realized I need to stop before Sandhya is out of her shower. I told the maid that after cleaning Sandhya’s flat, she can come to my flat immediately. I left Sandhya’s place and waited for the maid.

After 25 minutes, the doorbell rang. The maid was at my door. Sandhya was locking her door and leaving for the office. The maid looked at me smilingly and went straight inside. I waited at the door to say bye to Sandhya.

Sandhya looked at me. I just pulled my door for privacy with Sandhya in common, knowing there is no camera. Sandhya was looking stunning with an Indian salwar suit. I held her and hugged her, and we deeply kissed. She left for the office. I returned to my flat and closed the door.

The maid was smilingly and said, “Sandhya is a nice girl. You like her, and she likes you too. But are you both thinking of a serious relationship or only sex?”

Me: Not thinking about any relationship. I had sex with her for the first time.

Maid: Oh. I have heard her parents saying that they may shift again from here. They have received marriage proposals for her from another nearby city from a rich family background.

Me: Oh. So it will be a short relationship with Sandhya. What about your husband? Why have you been deprived of sex? Why has he not come for six months?

Maid: He lives and works as a driver in another city, 400 kilometers away. I have heard some gossip that he has an affair with his widow madam, who has hired him as a driver. There is no smoke without fire. So I also have understood that there is some truth behind the gossip.

Maid: He just sends money for the two children and me. Hence there is some dependency on him.

Me: So that’s why you are still in marriage with him even though there is no actual physical relationship.

Maid: Yes. But women also have physical needs, and I am one of them. I know other women, too, like me whose physical needs are unsatisfied.

Me: What do you mean you know other women?

Maid: Leave about other women. We were discussing my physical need.

Me: No, tell me, why did you make such a statement about other women?

Maid softly: Ok. I will tell you about other women also. But I request you to satisfy my sexual needs.

Me: I will. Tell me what you were trying to say about other women.

Maid: First, I will tell you about myself. I have controlled myself for the last six months. But then I got aroused three weeks back while I was cleaning your house. You had forgotten to latch the bathroom door while having a bath. My hand accidentally touched the door and opened the bathroom door.

Maid: I saw you naked, and my eyes went on your hard erect tool. I immediately got aroused. Since you had applied soap on your eyes and body, you didn’t realize I saw you naked. I immediately walked away. But my mind could not erase the memory of your hard erect tool, and I was thirsting for sex.

Me: I am sorry about that incident. I didn’t know till you told me at this moment.

Maid: The building caretaker’s wife has a fantasy to have sex with you because you are fair. I saw that she showed a lot of cleavage and boobs when asking about the water shortage. She was repeatedly removing and adjusting her saree pallu to show you her boobs.

Me: You are a very good observer. I have also noticed that the caretaker’s wife’s boobs are literally popping out of her blouse. She shows her cleavage to me whenever she is talking to me and looks at me seductively. But why is she so hungry for having sex with me?

Maid: She had shamelessly told me that if she was working in your flat, then by now she would have had sex many times with you. Her husband is not interested in sex anymore. After that, I also thought to seduce you by not wearing a bra and panty.

Maid: I know you were getting aroused as I could see the tent in your shorts. But I was afraid that you will tell me to stop coming to clean your flat if I offended you. Hence I controlled myself. But today, I gathered the courage to ask because I know you also have a desire for sex.

Me: I used to see your boobs and pussy, but I ignored it because I thought you were not comfortable wearing a bra and panty. Secondly, since you are married, I never thought you are trying to seduce me even though I was getting aroused by looking at your massive boobs and pussy.

Me: Now also I am very much aroused. Can I have sex with you?

The maid removed her nighty and was standing naked in front of me with her eyes lowered down. I realized she was shy. I went close to her and touched her chin, and made her look at me. She hugged me very tightly and with some tears in her eyes.

She said, “Thanks for understanding my sexual needs and not judging me because I am married.”

I held her hand and took her to my bed, where I laid her and started kissing and caressing her whole figure. She was just holding my head close to her and was guiding me as I kissed all over. She pulled me over her and held me tightly close to her. I knew she emotionally needed someone to love her.

She held me in that position for some time and slowly loosened her grip. I started kissing her nipples and big black areolas and also fondling her massive breasts. She closed her eyes and was feeling me and slowly parting her legs, giving me an invitation to penetrate her.

I started licking her luscious pussy, and also finger fucked her pussy while she started moaning. She murmured to me to penetrate her. I penetrated my maid’s pussy and started pounding her pussy. I lifted her big buttocks and squeezed her buttocks and fucked her in a missionary position.

She was looking gorgeous as I was fucking her while she moaned in ecstasy. I turned her and kissed her huge buttocks as she let out soft moans.

She said, “You know very well how to seduce a woman.” I smiled and kissed all over her back with my tool in her ass crack. She asked, “Will you be fucking me in my ass? If you want to, I will allow you.”

I said, “No. I just want to rub my tool in your ass-crack and squeeze your boobs and seduce you before I fuck you in the doggy style.”

She was ready on all fours with her legs spread wide. I fucked my maid in doggy style while squeezing her boobs. My thighs banging against her huge buttocks as my tool penetrated her pussy deep inside. I was enjoying the moments of my life with this voluptuous beauty.

I made her sit in a cowgirl position over me. It was marvelous when her massive boobs bounced as she went up and down, taking me deep inside her pussy. I told her that I am climaxing. She said not to worry and release it inside her since she has already done contraception.

Me: Why you didn’t ask to use a condom while having sex?

Maid: Did you use a condom with Sandhya?

Me: No. Because we trust each other.

Maid: Same way I trust you. Also, let me tell you, I have not had sex with any other person than my husband. Now it will be only you till you are married and gone. Also, I want to tell you about the Gujarati woman on the first floor.

Me: Yeah, I have seen her going shopping. I know her husband is usually on international business trips. She may be in her early forties, and her sons are also out of the city. How do you know she is an unsatisfied woman?

Maid: She watches sex videos and uses some machine in her pussy to satisfy herself. Once I went to clean their house, she opened the main door with the only towel wrapped around her body. She immediately went to the bathroom.

Maid: I thought she was having a bath and came to open the door for me. But her body was dry, and she rushed to the bathroom immediately.

Me: That machine is called a Dildo or Vibrator. It gives a feeling of having sex when inserted into the vagina due to the vibration. Then what happened?

Maid: While she was using the bathroom, I went to her room for cleaning. I saw sex videos running on her laptop. One woman was using the same type machine on her pussy what madam was having on the bed in one video. I saw madam’s panty and bra on the bed with that machine.

Maid: I touched the machine, and it was wet with a sticky substance. I understood madam was using it when I rang the doorbell. She forgot to hide that machine and close the laptop or videos in a hurry, and she rushed to wash.

I was walking away to clean another room. That time madam came and saw I was in her room, and the sex videos were going on. She realized I have seen and understood everything, and I silently walked away.

She called me and said, “I hope you understand that I too have physical needs and need a man’s touch. I wish there was someone to at least satisfy me occasionally.”

I said to her,” I understand, Madam.” She also satisfies herself by wearing some beautiful transparent or designed bra and panties, and nighties.

Me: Yeah. I understood women have physical needs. Do you mind if I get you such bra and panties and nighties? You can wear them when you are cleaning my house since I feel you want to wear them.

She smiled and said, “Yes. You get the design and colors in which you want to see me.”

I hugged my maid tightly and kissed her.

Even though sex was not a regular affair, she used to clean my house wearing my favorite lingerie that I had got for her. She looked so seductive in them that sometimes I used to stop her from doing her work suddenly and start having sex with her. She used to enjoy a surprise sex session.

The narration of further incidents will be continued in Part 3.

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