No Condom? No Pulling Out?

Hello to everyone, and thanks for all the feedback on my previous stories. We just love them. And keep them coming. It helps me a lot on how to write the stories.

Finally, after months, I got the chance with Kirti again for a couple of hours and hope we can describe it in the best way possible. She wrote some dialogues and helped with few details. So we decided to go with a third-person view on this one.

Here is a little intro about Kirti and me. I’m a 5″10 tall 23-year-old, average built cute looking guy. I have a 7 inch erect dick with decent girth and stamina to match in most cases.

I’ll be more detailed about Kirti, as most guys requested. She’s a 32 to a 36-year-old dusky babe. (She never tells me her age) around 5″5 height, I’d say. (She wears heels a lot, so it’s hard to tell again). She did share her exact measurements, which are 36 d bust – 34 waist – 40 ass!

She owns a clean-shaved yummy tight puffy pussy and a big clit. Compared to others (easy to find and tease). She just loves getting cummed on her face and body or inside her pussy or mouth. Cum inside condoms is not safe from her too. She’ll drink it like a vodka shot.

She’s a very sweet homely innocent-looking Indian wife with all the desi facial characteristics, clothing, sindoor, mangalsutra, etc. In first look or meet, you will imagine her being shy for fuck. But never the type that can deepthroat a huge dick like it’s nothing. I’m talking balls to her chin deep.

Even my ex-girlfriends could barely fit in half of my dick in her mouth before gagging and stopping (Not that I complain, you all girls are amazing for even sucking it). She will even cook you a meal after sex (it feels like a bonus).

Before this meet, I hadn’t orgasmed or fucked since Oct 2020, and for her, it was since March 2020. I don’t masturbate, nor does she likes fingering herself. So we were both super horny and hungry.

I’ll keep this short and focused on important parts.

One day they were just chatting (it was early morning). In mid-conversation, she mentioned how she misses the time they had and if she could just fuck like that again. And he replied with the obvious question.

Aman – You have any free time tomorrow?

Kirti – I don’t know, I might be.

Aman – I’ll be straight. I wanna fuck you, so just say when.

Kirti – Oh my god! Someone is in the mood?

Aman – Haha! Yup. Should we meet then?

Kirti – I’m not in the mood to play games. It’s too risky to meet anyway. Maybe later.

Aman – Come on. You know I want you. And I know you are aching for a good fuck.

Kirti – You’re such a stubborn guy. Um, what about between 10 am to 2 pm? The maid will be gone by 10 so.

Me – It’s a plan then. Where shall we meet? Your place or mine?

Kirti – I don’t know. Not mine for sure.

Aman – Mine is crowded. I have one place, though.

Kirti – Cool then.

He sent her the location, and they met at his friend’s flat the very next day at 10:30 am. As soon as they entered the apartment and closed the door, Kirti hugged and kissed him like there is no tomorrow.

She was wearing a pink loose top, white leggings with a black sports bra and panty. She wasn’t wearing any sindoor or mangalsutra and hid her face behind the face mask. He was wearing a lowers and a t-shirt with just boxers.

Aman groped her big soft fat ass and smooth waist while she played with his dick. Feeling it, gripping it, and jerking it from above the clothes.

Aman- I miss hearing this ass clap so much. I’m gonna enjoy fucking you hard.

Kirti – Chal be chal. Line kya marta hai. Lund mein dum hai to dikha na. (Oh really, Mr? I believe actions speak louder than words.)

They waste no time and head over to the bedroom. She drops on her knees and pulls down his lower and boxers slightly, and her eyes widen as his dick springs up in front of her, saluting to her beauty. Kirti starts kissing all over his thighs, tummy, and dick, leaving dark love bite makes all over.

She then holds Aman’s semi-hard dick from the base and slowly sucks on it with her juicy lips. Her one hand playing with his balls as she jerks his dick with the other, all while sucking it like a pro. God! He loved her for that.

Kirti was using her mouth to suck it like a freak. She was licking the tip with her tongue like it’s a lollipop. She maintained that sexy cock-hungry horny eye contact the whole time like a good married slut with a husband who is useless below his neck.

Aman’s brain cells were scrambling so hard not to explode in her mouth right away. He really had to push her off my dick somehow before it could be game over. But tere was no stopping her!

Kirti (holding his throbbing hard cock like a mic) – What happened, darling? Don’t you wanna cum in this mouth?”

Aman- (all sweaty and stammering) I…um…thought maybe you’d want me to lick and fuck you now! We don’t have much time anyway.”

Kirti – Oh boy! In that case, we will need to make you cum faster. Hold my hair!

Aman – No…not that we can… fuck!

He sighs and moans as Kirti kisses his pink dick tip and swallows it in her mouth, deepthroating it. It was so deep she could use her tongue could lick his balls.

Kirti – (pulling out his cock slowly) Like that big boy? Now mouth fuck this slut, and don’t you dare fucking stop till you explode and make me drink it.

Aman – You are such a drama queen!

Kirti kneels down for good support. She looks him in the eyes with her mouth wide open as she rolls her hair in a ponytail and hands it to him. He slaps her in the face with his dick twice and then makes her spit on it.

He then uses her hair and mouth-fucks her really well. Oh my, she loved him use her mouth this way. All she could do was gag every time it went too deep, try to breathe, and lick his dick and balls.

Finally, after few minutes of thrusting her face on that hard dick, his body stiffened. She held the dick tip between her lips tightly as he shot ropes after ropes of thick hot sperm in her mouth. Kirti jerked him till his last drop fell in her and played with his cum for some time, teasing him and gulped all of it.

Some dripped from her lips on her boobs while playing. But she scooped them up with her finger and licked it clean too. Aman picked her up, planted a kiss on her lips, and laid her slowly on the bed. He then moved down from her lips to her cheeks.

He kissed her neck, collar bone, cleavage, boobies, and navel (over the top). He then lifted her top to continue my journey back towards her lips. But exposing her skin by lifting her top more and more.

He then just ordered her to take them off, and in a second, they were gone off her body. Her milky round boobies popped out of that tight bra in front of him and were all his to play with.

Aman – Omg! Just look at how perfect they are.

He kissed and nibbled on her nipples and then just dived between her boobies face first. Damn! Rubbing his face between them was just amazing. He nudged her hard pointy nipples and sucked on them turn by turn slowly while circling her areola with his tongue.

Her shy face was all red, her lips were shaking and moaning with pleasure. He loves teasing before fucking, and both her boobs were covered in love bites too. Aman then removed her lower and panty swiftly and started massaging her clit with fingers.

Sliding the fingers between her pussy lips and clit. He sucked on her nipples, making her so wet and hungry for some fuck. They smooch again, and he slid his 3 fingers inside her, moving them to and fro. Teasing her g-spot and clit at the same time.

She was a gone case by then. Lost in her own world, moaning, vibrating, rolling her eyes, kissing and biting her lips, trying to pull him, hug him. But also trying to push him away. But he managed to overpower her and come between her legs.

She tried to force close her thighs. But he held them apart and licked her pussy, then fingered her for some time. She played with her nipples. My tongue and fingers explored her pussy, making her more wet and horny.

Kirti – Mmhn baby! Ummm. Aah, this is not fair.

Aman – What’s not fair?

Kirti – You’re fucking teasing me with fingers. I need something thicker.

Aman – My dick? Haha! Bitch I’m gonna make you beg more before.

Kirti pulled him on her and kissed him very passionately. It was an intense tongue fight between the two love birds. With his dick humping with pressure between her pussy slit, barely missing the entry every time.

Before Aman could realize it, she held his dick and guided it in her fucking hot leaking pussy. It slid inside her like a hot knife in butter. He sighed and moaned as he felt it drown in her hot pussy with no control.

Aman – Ahhh! F-fuck, you’re so hot. Ugh. Babe. Condom! Let me get it.

Kirti – Oh my god! Oh, fuck it raw, stupid. That’s more like it! You don’t fuck a slut with a condom. Save it for your girlfriend.

Aman – Are you serious? (still sliding my dick inch by inch in her)

Kirti – (covering her shy face, giggling and biting her lips) Just fuck me? Put a baby in me. I don’t fucking care! For this dick? I’m a slut and a whore. Fuck me use me as you want, baby! But.

Before she could finish, he pulled the dick out and thrust it fully inside her in one strong shot. “Aahh, yes, don’t pull out. I’m cumming.

Kirti orgasmed so hard, and her hot juice was flowing all over his dick shaft and splashing on his thighs as he slammed inside her in slow but very strong thrusts.

Aman – Yes, baby! Cum for me! Cum for this dick. You’re such a good slut. Take this.

He pinned her to the bed. Her knees were pressed on her boobs and pussy, all open for him to fuck. And boy, he fucked her really slow in that position staring into her eyes in that position. All you could hear was his thighs slapping against her ass cheeks every time he pushed and the mixed moans and sex noises.

Aman loved all of it as she lost control and moaned like a bitch in heat. Her cum flowing out of her pussy like a river lubing his big dick as he fucked her harder and harder so smoothly. Her pussy lips were tightly hugging his dick, and the depth of her hole was matching the length of his pole. Made for each other feel.

Kirti tried to lock her legs behind his back. But he managed to pull out and getaway. Both of them removed all the remaining clothing. He pulled her to the edge of the bed. She spread her legs wide, exposing her gorgeous shaved, tight puffy wet pussy sparkling under the sunlight.

Aman just kissed the area near her pussy lips and inner thighs. He even bit on her thighs playfully and gave her few love bites to remember. Slowly moving towards her pussy, he split open her pussy lips with his fingers and licked it from the bottom till her clit.

He pushed his tongue deep in her warm sloppy wet lips. She was still cumming, and tongue fucked her and teased her clit with his lips. In no time, Kirti cummed again on his face.

Kirti – Aa! Fuck, how do you do it? I’m craving! I need that dick in me. Now!

Aman – Oh, you will, babe. (slap her sweet pussy and kiss it)

Kirti – Ha, ouch! I’m sensitive down there, babe. Now show me what you got! (she bends on the bed in the doggy style and spanks her own ass)

He presses the dick tip against her love/fuck hole. Spits on it and holds her waist as he moves forward. It enters her slowly, inch by inch.

Kirti – Oh yeah! It’s so hot! I feel it! You feel so good in me!

Me – Oh yes! It does, but I’ll go slow! Or I won’t last.

Kirti – That’s what I exactly want! Now fuck me before time runs out. I wanna feel your young dick throb in my pussy as it fills my womb with sweet cum. Wouldn’t you, my baby?

He went crazy from here! He took both her hands behind her back, pinning her face in the bedsheet and making her arch her ass more. The classic face down ass up position.

He then just started to fuck in doggy style with her big ass bouncing and clapping to each shot. Going balls deep inside her in no time, and she could feel her cervix almost kissing his dick tip.

Kirti – Oh fuck! You’re pushing it so hard in me. Ah! I could fuck never get this deep with just my fingers, even while I imagine us.

He pushes her ass back with his every thrust.

“How does it feel? Do you like the view? Ah! Why don’t you go faster!”

Aman – It feels so good! But we need to slow down, though, or else I’m gonna cum.

Kirti just starts giving backshots harder, and he just gives in.

Aman – You want to be fucked hard like a whore?

Kirti – Yes!

Aman – Want my cum deep inside this pussy?” (spanks her ass real hard, it did leave a handprint on her poor butt)

Kirti – Fuck! Yes! Cum in me!

He wrapped her hair around in his other fist and what followed was hardcore sex with this sex bomb. It made her eyes roll back as she could only feel his big dick fill her up completely. All she did was moan and beg him to keep going.

What a view it was for Aman! Her big ass and tits bouncing as she fucked this hot married slut begging him to cum in her.

Kirti – T-that’s the spot. Fill me up! Give me your cum! Yes! Cum in me.

Aman – (still fucking her pussy hardcore like a piston) I’m cumming!

She turns her head back, and they kiss as both cum together. She feels his throbbing dick shooting ropes after ropes of thick cum inside her. Her pussy muscles were literally milking his dick till the last drop.

He pulls out his semi-hard dick out of her pussy somehow and falls beside her on the bed. Both of them were breathing heavily and covered in sweat.

Kirti – You filled me up good. I can feel your hot cum inside me. How did you feel?

Aman – It felt great. Your pussy was milking my dick so bad. Don’t mind, but won’t you get pregnant now?

Kirti – I love the way you care. You are a very good boy. But tell me one thing. Do you know about women’s contraception?

Aman – Yeah? Women condoms?

Kirti – Not the condoms. Well, I got a copper t placed in me 3 months ago.

Aman – Why can’t you share such info before making me do such things?

She moves towards his dick and licks the dick clean of all the mixed cum followed by a short blowjob session.

Kirti – If I did. You would have not fucked me like you did, knowing you could make me pregnant! Men fuck harder and better knowing this. Now come here.

They cuddle and sweet talk for the remaining time, but then the alarm starts ringing on the mobile (1:30 pm). He helps her find her clothes and gets her all dressed real quick. Kirti gives him a sweet smooch and hugs him for fulfilling her hot fantasy.  Aman spanks her ass again before closing the door as she leaves.

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