North Indian Guy Fucks A Hot Tamil Wife

Hi everyone, this is Shekhar Kumar from UP. Now working in Bangalore as a freelancing civil engineer. I am a white and tall guy, athletic body, 27 years old, unmarried bachelor staying alone in Bangalore. After completing my civil engineering, I didn’t find any job.

Then I started freelancing, and I got my first project to build an apartment for a Tamil family. That family consists of husband Bala and his wife, Divya. They didn’t have any children. Bala is working as a sales marketing head for an MNC and regular traveler to various locations.

Divya is currently a housewife but was previously working for a software firm. They fixed a day for me to visit their home for discussing the project and site visit. Bala welcomed me at the gate. I went in and sat on the sofa. Divya, Bala’s wife, welcomed me.

Before me replying to her, my cock inside my pant saluted her. She is the hottest woman I have ever seen. About Divya, she is 5.5 ft. In height, medium color, her stats are 38d-34-36 (which I came to know later). She was wearing a tight t-shirt and ¾ pants.

Her boobs are the biggest I have ever seen it’s trying to come out of her t-shirt. She made coffee for me, and when she bent in front of me to give me coffee. I have got a feast of 20% of her boobs inside her t-shirt along with her mangalsutra.

I also found that there is a mole on her left boob, seriously my 6-inch cock is at its maximum erection which I can’t control. After some time, Bala and I went for a site visit which is somewhat nearer to their home.

Time passed, I have designed a plan and work has been started at the site. As the work started at the site, they arranged a function and invited their friends for a lunch. On that occasion, Divya wore a traditional silk pattu saree and was looking like an angel.

My eyes roamed her body for any skin exposure. But I didn’t find any but still scanning her body for my luck. My eyes were at her waist, whether I could see her navel for the first time. But she wore her saree above her navel. The day was nearing afternoon, and Bala’s colleagues started coming.

Divya went to her room and in some minutes, she came out. I thought maybe she might have gone to take cash. She came to the gate and started welcoming her husband’s colleagues. I again started scanning her body. To my surprise, the waistline looks like it’s below the previous and exposed well.

I concentrated more on her waist part. She raised her left hand to greet a guest, and wow, I have seen her navel for the first time, her navel is like a one rupee coin. Then I recollected that she went inside her room to lower her saree so that her navel gets exposed.

I don’t want to research more on this, I just want to enjoy her navel and my cock is at its maximum erection, I just can’t control it. So I went to the nearby unfinished construction site and started masturbating thinking of her.

Time passed, construction work was going very well. Bala came to me and informed me that he is going out of the station for two weeks for his office work. Divya will be at home, and any help I can take from Divya. I replied sure, I will take any kind of help from her (with a wicked smile).

The next day, Bala left and bid goodbye to his wife. As the house is situated in the outer area, there are not many homes. Divya doesn’t know nearby neighbors. This is a key for me to move near to Divya.

Usually, I won’t be having any work other than monitoring building workers. So I started going to Divya’s home daily for a casual talk. We use to talk about various topics and become good friends within three days. In between, I was enjoying her exposed cleavage as she used to wear t-shirts always.

I started digging her personal things. Once I asked her the reason for not having a child even after 5 years of marriage. She said that her husband is having some problems because of his smoking habit. That’s the reason she is not able to get pregnant from her husband’s sperms.

She kept it a secret from her husband as her husband may think bad about himself. I asked her to try IVF, she replied that they already tried it and didn’t want to get a baby through that means.

Me: Do you have any other idea to get pregnant?

Divya: What do you mean?

Me: Getting pregnant through normal means?

Divya: I am not able to understand?

Me: Do you have any boyfriend to try this through him?

She said that she doesn’t have any! She was a virgin until her marriage

Me: How you gonna get pregnant? How old are you?

Divya: 34 years.

Me: You have to try the earliest you can!

Divya: But how come it’s possible without a male intervention?

Me: Don’t mistake me, I can even help you! If you don’t mind!

Divya: How come it’s possible and what do you mean?

Me: We have to do it and as a result, you will get pregnant.

Divya: (in silence)

Me: Are you on a safe period or a fertile period?

Divya: fertile period, I am ovulating!

After hearing her reply, I went near to her and planted a kiss on her lips. Her lips were juicy and I started kissing her neck. No objections from her end. I took her in my arms to the bedroom, removed her t-shirt and her 3/4th pant. She was left with only her bra and panty.

I removed my shirt, pant, inner wears and become nude in no time. I kept my hand on her back and found her bra strap, removed it. Now her 38d size got exposed. It looked bigger than it appears inside her t-shirt. I removed her panty with one pull.

Now Divya is totally nude in front of me. Only her mangalsutra and her leg finger marriage ring are on her body. I pushed her on the bed and came on top of her. I planted a deep kiss on her lip while my right hand for the first touched her big hot boobs. I squeezed it and wow it’s so soft to handle.

I can’t understand how come her boobs being so soft it looks stiff. My hand is not able to accumulate her boob at one squeeze. Then I went down to her navel and started kissing her navel. My left and right hand are squeezing her left and right boobs. My tongue is doing circles on her round and deep belly button.

I heard her moaning for the first time from her mouth. Then I went to her pussy and started kissing and eating her pussy. She let out a huge scream and after 15 minutes she reached her climax and I drank her pussy juice. Now it’s time for the action, I took my cock and inserted it inside her pussy.

Within one push it went in and my cock started drilling inside her pussy. Divya started moaning and screaming and my right hand squeezing her left boobs at max pressure. While fucking her, I started seeing her face with a bindi on her forehead. Eyes were closed.

She was biting her lips. The mangalsutra on her neck and mole on her left boob and her two hands on the pillow under the head and with moaning from her mouth. It added spice to my fucking. After 20 minutes, my cock was like an iron rod drilling fastly inside her pussy.

Within no time, I started shooting my sperms inside her womb to fertilize her. Sperms are coming in huge amounts and it’s one of the best cumming I ever experienced. We hugged each other tightly. After some time we again started doing it for the second time.

We started doing it regularly even after her husband return, but when he goes to his work. After one month, the hot married Tamil lady informed me that she missed her periods and is pregnant with my child. After 9 months, she delivered a baby boy and is now happy about it.

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