Hot Sex With Mia Khalifa Look-Alike Girlfriend!

Hi, this is Ali, and today, I am going to tell you about a hot encounter that I had with my girlfriend in the washroom of my society’s club house while her female friends waited outside to finish the rehearsal of their dance performance for post farewell party.

It was 2012 and we had just started college. My girlfriend Saumya was 19 years old at that time. She lived in a nearby society and had come to my society for her dance rehearsals.

Coming to my girlfriend, Saumya was a very busty girl with dusky skin color and a cute face. My girlfriend’s boobs were very big and hot and they used to juggle even when she just walked. She started wearing spectacles since she was 12 and her look resembles that of pornstar Mia Khalifa!

All my classmates used to fantasize about my girlfriend especially because of her busty figure. Since we had kept our relationship a secret, sometimes guys use to talk dirty things about her in front of me. And surprisingly, I use to get very turned on hearing their comments about my gf.

Now coming back to the story. My lover had finished her rehearsals and took a break. And as planned, she came to the washroom behind the stage. I was waiting for her there.

We were both feeling very horny and we couldn’t stop ourselves as soon as we looked into each other’s eyes. We started kissing each other for a few seconds and that kiss turned into a big smooch.

Our tongues started to touch and our saliva started to mix up. We both had our eyes closed and were just feeling each other with our mouth-to-mouth contact.

Then I pulled my gf close to me and hugged her tightly. My hands immediately went to my girlfriend’s big ass. I held Saumya by her ass and was squeezing them as hard as I could. At times my dick was touching on her groin area over our jeans and that was giving me a heavenly pleasure!

After a few minutes of intense smooching, I told my girlfriend to remove her top. She did that and soon, I saw her in her sexy black bra. The shape of her boobs was making my dick even more hard. I suddenly lifted my girlfriend’s bra making her big ripe mangoes hitting on my face.

Like a hungry baby, I started kissing her nipples and started sucking on them like there was no tomorrow.

Her nipples were very erect and her areolas were so huge and pitch black. Seeing them made me appreciate my girlfriend’s hotness even more. (I mean, seeing a hot girl so close to you is great but when you get to see her topless right next to you as a 19-year-old, believe me, you will get shell-shocked and even forget what all things you fantasized about doing to her!)

I kept pressing my sexy gf’s boobs and sucking on them while standing next to her. She was gently stroking my hair and when I saw her expression, she was getting really horny with her wild expressions. I knew that day I had made her juices flow and that made me feel very happy seeing her satisfied.

But I was not done. I flipped her and started pressing her boobs from behind. As I touched my girlfriend’s ass with my erect dick, I could feel her going crazy because her full body was shaking.

Then I bent her over and started spanking her ass over her tight jeans. Since Saumya was topless, I could see her pink panty protruding out of her jeans. I started to dry-hump her right at that moment. She was really in the mood so I started rubbing my hands all over her body, on her boobs, on her back and her face.

While all this was happening, my erect dick was feeling like it was going to explode any moment. I just knew that the time had come to take it out before I came in my pants.

I signaled to my girlfriend to go down on me. So, she went on her knees and started opening my jeans and underwear.

When I took out my dick, she got really surprised at the size and especially the girth of my cock. My cock was not too big, it was just a 5-inch rod which is an average size but its thickness was not proportional to its length. Saumya could barely wrap her hand around the circumference of my dick.

I really wanted her to take my cock straight away into her mouth but my naughty girl wanted to tease me a little. So, she started jerking my dick off with her hands. For a few seconds, I felt the pleasure but then I suddenly felt my semen starting to travel into my shaft to come out.

I didn’t want to cum without getting a blowjob from her so I stopped her and asked her to give me a few seconds to hold off my semen. Then I asked her to take it in her mouth. At first, she hesitated but one glance at her eyes was all the push she needed. I pushed my dick in my girlfriend’s mouth.

For a few seconds, I felt such warmth all around my dick. I felt like I was in heaven! Then when she started sucking on it, I started feeling like the ground below my feet was getting swept away.

I started feeling her saliva all around my cock and all my muscles started getting tensed. It must have hardly been 90-120 seconds since Saumya took my cock in her mouth but I cummed right inside her.

My cum was oozing out of her mouth like a heavy rainfall in Meghalaya. That was probably the most amount of cum I had ever released in my life until then in a single ejaculation.

Saumya took every single drop of it in her mouth like a champ while I held her head really hard over her hair and kept fucking her mouth. She tried to hold my semen in her mouth so that she could spit it later but in such an intense mouth-fucking session, she did end up swallowing some of the cum. (Later she told me that it tasted sour like curd!)

I finished cumming in my girlfriend’s mouth and almost collapsed under the pleasure and exhaustion of the best orgasm I had ever had. She got up, spat out whatever was left of my cum in her mouth and washed her mouth with water in the sink. In the meantime, I got my senses back to normal (somewhat) and pulled up my pants.

She also wore her bra and top and got ready to leave since by then we had been gone for around 20 minutes and her friends were starting to search for her.

Even though we had a lot of sex later on, that first encounter and blowjob became a special moment for me. Not only did I see my girlfriend topless live, but I also got a great blowjob from her. That was more than what any average Indian 19-year-old could get and I felt really happy and lucky to get such a hot and free-spirited (and not to mention dirty) girlfriend.

So, this was my first ever sexual encounter with my girlfriend Saumya and I hope you liked it.

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