Nerd Guy Fucks And Breaks Virginity Of Teacher’s Hot Daughter

I am Jack, not the ‘Titanic’ one but a nerdy and cute guy with a well-built body and a decent dick.

The story is from my college days, me the shy and calm guy who used to top the college and Raisa the lady don of our class and the class teacher’s daughter. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and I had a crush on her but never confessed to her about my feelings. Neither did we talk much in college.

During the semester examination, she failed in Chemistry and her dad was upset about this. It might not be her fault because our Chemistry ma’am wasn’t that good at teaching. So her dad asked me to tutor her during the study hour at his home. I wasn’t ready for this but neither did I say no to my teacher.

After coming back from college to my hostel room, everyone had an eye on me after knowing this. They suggested I fuck my teacher’s hot daughter anyway because she was the best one in our school. I didn’t reply to anyone yet had a smirky smile.

The next day, I went to her home during the evening hour, and here the story begins. The moment I reached, her dad and mom left for the market and told her to lock the door after them.

So I went up to her study room and sat there like a home tutor. She came from behind and put her hand over my shoulder! I felt a current run through my body. I looked back at her with mixed feelings of fear and shyness.

Risa: Hey Jack, do you want tea or coffee?
Me: Neither! Let’s start.

Raisa: Hmm, wait!

My teacher’s college-going daughter walked away from there and I opened the book to practice some organic equations. She came back wearing shorts and a white top. I watched at her with awestruck. She was looking like a damn sex goddess. I could literally see her nipples out of her top. Her thighs were so fair that I just can’t able to control my boner.

I sat uncomfortably as she came to me whispering,

Raisa: Do you like me?
Me: No!! (in a shivering voice.)

Raisa: If you don’t like me, then stop looking at my boobs!

I adjusted my specs and sat there with my head down. There was a lot of pressure now on me. What if she told her dad or mom about this. I was scared as hell.

Then she sat near me and lifted my face and told me to look in her eyes. Suddenly, from nowhere she kissed me on my lips! That was unexpected and unpredictable.

Raisa: I know you have a crush on me and the boner of you says it all.

My teacher’s young daughter again kissed me and I couldn’t hold my calmness anymore. I kissed her back. We are kissing like crazy, our saliva coming out like crazy.

I turned her around and started kissing the back of her neck and pressing her boobs from behind. She took my hand and put it in her shorts. I felt her warmth inside her shorts (it was the best experience of my life).

Slowly, I rubbed my teacher’s daughter’s pussy over the panty and her panty was getting wet with time. She let me sleep on her bed and sat on my face. We are in 69 position but she was teasing me by just rubbing from above my jeans.

She then removed her panty and sat on my face with her pussy on my mouth and my nose just at the heavenly hole. I licked her, she tasted really well.

Raisa (moaning a little): Ummmmm Jack, you are doing so good! Lick that fucking pussy!

I licked my teacher’s horny daughter’s pussy and her anus like crazy. The smell of her pussy was making me harder.

She took out my dick, kissed it, and spat a bit over it. She was a crazy blow-jober. She made me cum within a few minutes. I came in her mouth and she drank it all like a bitch.

I was still hard because of her pussy smell. She kept on sucking my dick. We changed our position. I made her bend over the bed. I took the position to fuck my teacher’s hot daughter from behind. I fingered her pussy, it was really tight and wet.

Me: Are you a virgin?

Raisa: Yeah baby, please break it

I spat on my teacher’s daughter’s virgin pussy and fingered her pussy for a bit and then slid my dick inside.

Raisa: Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Jacky, it’s hurting!

I didn’t listen to her and put my whole inside the virgin girl and pounded her at a slow pace.

Raisa: Ahhh! Ummmmm!!! Babyyyy faster!!

I ramped up my pace and fucked my teacher’s girl hard. I didn’t realize when blood came out of her pussy and she didn’t realize it either. I was fucking and pressing her boobs and kissing her back at the same time.

We then changed to missionary, she spread her legs and put them on my shoulder, and let me fuck her. We fucked for at least 20 minutes and I was about to cum. She sat on the floor like a porn star and gave a nice blowjob.

I came a lot this time on her mouth and boobs. Then we both went to the washroom and cleaned up ourselves. My teacher’s daughter came out with a smile on her face. She kissed me again and thanked me for breaking her virginity.

My teacher came after an hour and invited me to have dinner with them. I smiled at Raisa and denied.

Raisa came with me to bid bye at her door and gave me a good night kiss.

That day, I had the best experience of my life because fucking my hot crush was a dream come true. After that day, we were a secret couple in college. Nobody knew about our affairs and crazy sex life.

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