Sex With Cute Mallu Girlfriend On Passenger Train

Hello all ISS readers, I am Samuel (22 years old) from Cochin and this is a story with my former girlfriend in college. I was a shy guy and I would never introduce myself to girls.

There was a really cute and short girl in my class. Even though I wanted to know her, I never had the courage to approach her and tell her how I felt about her. But to my luck, one day she texted me and that slowly developed into full-blown conversations and hangouts. Finally, I told my cute classmate girl that I liked her and we started dating.

This experience happened in my second year. In Kerala, privacy for young couples is a big issue so we could never move forward with each other other than kissing or touching each other over our clothes. So, we would go to movie theaters or get on local trains to have fun.

We would go to watch movies but would end up kissing and I would play with my classmate girl’s breasts and rub her pussy over her clothes. She would try to rub my dick over my clothes. We didn’t try anything else as theaters had cameras and we didn’t want people seeing us.

This incident happened on one such trip on a train. We planned to go on a passenger train at a non-peak time. We got on a train which was starting from the station so not a lot of people were there.

Some of you guys may know that passenger trains in Kerala have separate bogies and are disconnected from each other. To our luck, we got a totally empty bogie. During the journey, the train stopped at various stations but lucky for us, no one got into our bogie as we had closed the doors and it was not a busy time of the day.

As the train left the station, we closed off the windows and my cute classmate girl jumped on me. We kissed like there was no tomorrow. I laid her on a berth and we undressed each other.

I took off her t-shirt and her jeans. She was really shy and covered her breasts and crossed her legs. To make her comfortable, I kissed her forehead and her juicy lips. Our tongues were in each other’s mouths, exploring every inch.

As she became more comfortable, I removed her bra. The mallu girlfriend’s breasts were like big oranges – so perfect in shape and size. I gently cupped her breasts, she had really small nipples which were hard and poking out. I kissed them and sucked on them one by one, running my fingers in circles on them.

Then I went down, kissed her navel and slowly pulled down her panties. It had a wet spot. Her pussy was really beautiful and had become wet. Even though I wanted to eat it then and there, I stopped myself and made her stand up in front of me. She had the cutest ass and breasts.

Then my sexy classmate removed my shirt and my pants. As it was my first time with a girl, my dick was rock hard and had grown up like never before! She was really excited to see my cock for the first time.

I hugged her and laid her on the berth again. I started kissing her from the head to the toe, not leaving an inch untouched or kissed. I kneaded her breasts and she started moaning and I was as if possessed by a demon.

The beautiful Kerala college girl’s body had an aroma that made me mad with lust. I started going down on her. There was a scent coming from her pussy and I wanted to eat is so bad but I wanted to tease her more. So I kept kissing her body going down from her navel to her thighs.

I went further down and slowly, I came back up kissing the inside of her legs. I stopped right short of the south Indian girl’s beautiful and wet pussy.

Unable to bear the suspense, my classmate pushed my head to her pussy! The moment I started to eat her pussy, she started moaning louder and louder. Her juices were so creamy and tasty.

While I was licking her, I used my hands to play with her breasts. As I was eating her, she started to move her body, unable to bear the pleasure. I started licking and sucking her pussy faster and faster. Within a few minutes, the cute college girl came gushing out, and I licked it all up.

She was smiling but was shy to look at my face as it was the first time anyone had touched or kissed her privates.

We started kissing again without a care in the world. She got on top of me and held my rock-hard dick. I could tell from her face that she was very excited and horny. She slowly started stroking my cock and I was in heaven.

Then my girlfriend bent down and kissed my dick, she started to lick my shaft and head while playing with my balls. The horny mallu girl slowly inserted my cock into her mouth and started blowing me. Since it was my first blowjob, it was like I was in another world!

She pushed my cock as far as it would go down her throat. She sucked my cock as if it was candy. I felt as if my dick and balls would explode due to the pleasure. As it was my first time I couldn’t hold myself and erupted like a volcano within a few minutes.

It was the first time that I cummed so much. She swallowed the whole of it and licked my dick and balls clean. I wanted to do the 69 and she readily agreed. She came on top and I started eating her pussy again while she sucked my dick.

My dick was hard again in a few moments. As the pleasure of her sucking my cock was so great, I started vigorously licking and sucking her pussy and she was moaning and sucking my cock. As I had cummed earlier, I was able to last a lot longer and we came in each other’s mouths.

Since the train was reaching our station, we had to get dressed up. We spent the rest of the journey hugging and kissing each other.

There are a lot more stories to tell but I’ll stop for now and wait to see if you guys and girls liked it. I will wait for your reactions depending on which I’ll post more.

If anyone wants to contact me or meet up in Cochin (and I mean anyone) hit me up on this mail – [email protected] or at [email protected] (tacky, I know 😆).

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