Planning A Trip To Amritsar With Gayatri

Please read my earlier stories ‘Flying Fuck’ and ‘My Beautiful Gorgeous Sweetheart’ to know more about Gayatri.

I am Sunny, tall, slightly dark with a healthy toned body. Gayatri and I had been planning to go to Amritsar for a while. I got a call from Gayatri checking if I was free for the following weekend.

She was planning to come to Delhi for some work on Friday and stay back on Saturday to go to Amritsar. I was in a team briefing when she called. She had sent me a pic of what she was wearing already when she had left home for work.

I could visualize her in a deep red salwar and a figure-hugging white kameez with a red dupatta. Her lean frame was making her look smoking hot. I was getting hard in my pants just talking to her, and hearing about her Amritsar plans made me harder. I was already rubbing my dick over my trousers.

Soon she messaged me her flight details and her meeting schedule in Delhi. I was to meet her by 8 pm at her hotel in South Delhi. On Friday night, I reached the hotel and waited for her in the bar. The lobby could be seen from the bar. I was wearing a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and a blue jacket.

I was sipping beer in anticipation of the night and the things we would be doing together. I had been hard the whole day, and we were sexting all through the day. I knew what she was wearing as she had sent me her pic in the morning. Soon I saw her walking towards the reception.

She was smartly attired in black trousers with a shrug on top. It was early November, and it was nippy. The way her ass swayed was a sight to behold. I am an ass man, and I love to bite on a nice firm ass. As soon as she got her keys, she moved towards the lift.

I joined her just as the lift door opened and held her from the side. She smiled, and I took her luggage and moved into the lift. No sooner were we in the lift, I pulled her towards me and kissed her. We both seemed hungry for each other.

While she was trying to pull herself away, her hands were reluctant to let go of my collar.  Soon we were in her room, and I hugged her hard. I ran my hand through her hair. She smelled nice as I kissed her lips and bit her ear lobes. She was now moaning as she kept pulling me towards her.

I lifted her gently in my arms and walked across the room. I sat on the sofa with her in my arms. I was now fondling her tits over her shirt. Her shrug was off by then. Her bra was a padded one as her nipples are quite big and juicy. By now, our tongues were intertwined and sucking each other dry.

Our hands were busy on each other’s shirts. Her skin color bra was soon off her body, and her nipples were in my mouth. I was biting her boobs gently and kissing her neck, her shoulder, her underarms. Oh, they smelled divine. She knew I loved her underarms.

I was biting her back while my finger was in her mouth and the other hand fondling her left breast. We stood up, and I was unbuckling her belt and unzipping her trousers. I had pulled her trousers down in a single movement, and she was standing in matching thong.

It seemed so erotic. Gayatri with her boots and trousers pulled down and in her thongs with her sexy ass ready to be bitten. Her flat belly and juicy nipples and her hair let loose. I was on my knees while pulling down her trousers and sniffed her pussy through her panties.

That drove her crazy, and she pulled me closer. I soon turned her around and parted her arse cheeks, and sniffed her asshole. She was hissing and pushing me away while pulling my hair. She seemed unsure of whether to push me or pull me in deeper.

My nose was sniffing her ass, and my tongue licked her asshole and then went towards her pussy with her wet panty still on. We quickly got naked and were on the bed. I was between her legs for the next 5 minutes as she had two quick orgasms. She was grunting, moaning when she came on my face.

I licked her clean and held her in my arms. I had a raging hard-on, but she needed to catch up on her breath. It had happened all too soon.  The early morning flight from Bengaluru and a day full of meetings. Then a passionate licking session culminated in two orgasms.

It ensured that Gayatri was blissfully sleeping on my chest with my hands around her. I pulled the cover over her as the room was getting cold. I got out of bed. I was still hard and wanted to fuck. But it had to wait. I went to the washroom and turned on the hot water in the tub.

I had carried a bottle of red wine with me, which I kept in the freezer. I went and kissed Gayatri (I call her that). Her phone rang, and she woke up with a start. It was her husband. She looked at me and signaled to be quiet. To give her privacy, I went into the balcony.

The air was cold. I looked through the window and saw her naked back. As she turned towards me, I saw her breasts and the nipples erect. It was hard now. She signaled me in, and I went to her and kissed her passionately. Gayatri was soon giving me a nice blowjob.

I had to pull myself out and took her to the washroom. There she sat on the bidet, and I could hear her the sound of piss. It was such a turn-on. I was watching my beautiful Gayatri on the pot with a thick stream gushing from her. I walked to her and started licking her pussy fold just as she finished peeing.

She was blushing but did not stop me. I licked her clean, and we got into the tub. This time there was no stopping me as I made her sit on my member, and I bit her nipples hard.

Gayatri: Aah, that hurts.

Me: I want you badly, doll.

Gayatri: Fuck me, fuck me. Be gentle, please. Don’t bite me, please, kiss me. Lick me. Sunny, fuck me harder.

The lovemaking was passionate and complete. I came and just managed to pull myself out. It is tough to adjust in a tub and try and move in and out, though Gayatri did most of the movement as she was on top. I could see she was horny and in the mood.

I got her out, quickly dried her, got her onto the bed, and ate her out. She had a massive orgasm and held my head tightly between her legs while her fingers pulled my hair.

Gayatri: I can’t take it anymore. You are such a good licker, Sunny. I haven’t had such intense orgasms with anyone.

Seeing her explode on my face made me horny all over again, but we decided to wait. It was just 9:15, and we opened our bottle of wine and ordered some light food. Gayatri had draped herself with the cover and talking to her sister.

From where I stood, I could see her hair, her naked arm holding the phone. Her left leg folded and swaying gently while her other hand played with her hair. It was looking erotic. I poured two glasses of wine and wore my track pants and a sweatshirt.

I took our a nice M&S dress that I had picked up for Gayatri and laid it next to her. She looked surprised and told her sister that she would call back the following day. It was a red-colored dress with a wide belt. I made her wear it without any undergarments. She looked smoking hot.

Just then, the bell rang, and I opened the door. Our snacks had arrived. Sipping wine, we discussed the day. She had taken off her dress and was wearing a long t-shirt and was cuddled up in my arms. I was playing with her hair while she spoke.

Now and then, my hands would go down onto her naked thighs and feel them. We kissed, hugged, chatted, laughed. I fed her and took the first bite from her mouth. It was always the practice between us, and she loved it.

We had an early morning flight, and we had to wake up at 3 am to be at the airport by 5. We were soon tucked into our bed – naked, and I had my Gayatri in my arms. It was 2:30 am, and I went to the loo. I decided to brush as well and came out.

Gayatri was sleeping. I slid back into the bed and held her. She held my hands and pulled me towards her. I kissed her ear lobes and fondled her breasts. She hissed in her semi-sleep. I turned her towards me and kissed her. She was hesitant to kiss me without rinsing her mouth.

But I was adamant, and I kept inserting my tongue into her mouth. She finally relented, and I kissed her deeply and passionately. I was already hard, and I moved on top of her. As we kept kissing, my dick was near her pussy, and then I gently slid it in. It entered easily as she was wet.

She pulled me towards her and folded her legs on my back. We fucked gently. It was drizzling outside, and we made love.

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