Adventures Of Maya

Maya was a bisexual, about 5.6 feet tall, with a figure of 34-28-32. She is dusky in complexion, which makes her a lot hotter than usual. Her eyes, always seductive, have led to many boys and even girls having a crush on her. Some couples even fantasized about having a threesome with her.

The teacher, Mr. Kumar, was always the gossip of the college. He was so handsome that his class always had more girls than boys. He was 6 feet tall, with an athletic build. Although professional in his job, he often used to get turned on by too many girls ogling his ass. Maya was one of the students.

One day, Kumar decided to give a surprise quiz. Maya, usually bright, flunked in that quiz. Kumar asked her to visit him in his office later. When her friends asked why she scored so low, she said she was surprised. “How can I concentrate in his class when his ass looks so inviting?”

Maya still went to his office right after the class.

“May I come in, Sir?”

She found Mr. Kumar sitting in an unusual position behind the desk. He was sweating profusely.

“No, can you come back later?”

“Sir, when?”

“After ten minutes – make that thirty.”

“Sir, are you all right?. Your face seems flustered.”

“Yeah, I am all right. You can leave.”

But Maya`s curiosity got the better of her, and she walked over to the table. What she saw next only made her wet. She thought her skirt is visibly wet now.

“Meghna mam?”

Meghna Mam was her chemistry teacher. However, under the table, she looked like a real slut. Her mouth was already stuffed by Kumar`s cock. Some cum was on her glasses, making her look like a pornstar. Kumar was already hard. Maya never saw a cock that monstrous.

Maya was visibly shocked.

“Maya, please understand. If words get out, both of us will be sacked.”

“Sir, this is very unethical of you. I never knew this side of you.”

“Maya, I will make sure you score the highest this semester. Please don`t tell anyone.”

“Sir, I will not tell anyone but on two conditions.”

“What’s that?”

“I score the highest in chemistry as well, which Meghna mam teaches me.”

“And the second?”

“Sir, but you will have to fuck me.”


“You heard me correctly the first time.”

“But Maya, you are very young to me.”

“Sir, I realize you are making excuses, but your dick is still hard in front of me. You want me to take care of it?”

She kneeled, took the dick in her mouth, and started sucking it before Kumar could utter a word. He felt ecstatic. Maya seemed like an expert at blowing. She took his dick to her throat and started sucking his balls.

Meghna, meanwhile getting highly turned on, started rubbing herself.

“Maya, get up. I need to fuck you now.”

Kumar clasped Maya`s shoulders, lifted her on the desk, opened her skirt, and saw her thong already wet. Kumar got excited.

“You naughty girl… You are so slutty. ”

“Please, sir, if you want, you can discipline me.”

“Not if I want, I will.”

He slid her legs, took off her thong, put his dick into her already wet pussy. He started to fuck her like a pornstar.

“Yes, yes, yes, I want more,” screamed Maya.

Kumar stopped fucking, put his hand on her throat, and said, “Bitch, I will do what I want. You will stay silent like a good bitch. If you scream again, I will spank your ass so hard. It will leave a permanent mark.”

“Ok,” she said, turned on.

“Ok, master.”

“Ok, master.”

Meghna, meanwhile, had the good sense to lock the door to the office to prevent a scandal.

“I am going to cum…please master…don`t stop now,” pleaded Maya.

Kumar stopped fucking her pussy, took his dick out, held her head with her hair, started fucking her mouth. “Bitch, I will not cum just yet. You will cum when I will cum, and I still have a long way to go!”

Maya felt suffocated with the dick going in and out. It was too long and too thick for her mouth. She just looked at her Kumar with pleading eyes to have mercy on her throat. It somehow didn’t have any effect on him.

Meghna, being turned on, started to lick Maya`s pussy. The juices were inviting her to be more ferocious. She bit the vulva, and Maya gave out a small jerk.

“Bitch, I am almost coming. Drink all of it.”

He unloaded his cum to her mouth, and she drank every drop of it. She also felt like she was about to reach her climax.

“Almost there. Ah, finally!” she thought.

Meghna got a warm liquid squirted to her face. Initially shocked, she licked all of it, looking seductively.

“I am done. Maya, I hope you got what you wanted. Both me and Meghna have fucked you thoroughly. Are you satisfied now?”


“Not master, that’s over for now. You can call me Arun if you want.”

“What do you mean by for now?”

“Yeah, I enjoyed fucking you. But If you want this arrangement to continue, you will have to come up with a form of payment.”

“What type of payment? I would do anything to get fucked like this.”

“You will have to score well in my subjects. I take it very seriously when my students don`t do well in my class.”

“Ok, sir…”

“Do you want to add anything, Meghna?”

“No, Maya is very good in my class. I don’t have a condition. Although if she wants, I can clear her doubts in my free time,” she winked.

“Ok, mam, I will take your leave now.”Adjusting her clothing, Maya left the office, satisfied with the day`s turn of events.

“So, where were we?”

“What, you just fucked Maya? How can you be hard again so soon?”

“I have tons of stamina. I can go for hours.”

“Hours? No, we have 30 minutes, tops.”

“That’s more than enough for you, if not for me.”

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