Flying Fuck

Mumbai traffic is a nightmare. Gayatri had told me to keep the traffic in mind since I was traveling from South Mumbai to the airport. She was to meet me at the airport as we were flying to Kolkata together. Her husband was with her at the airport as he was catching a flight to Hyderabad around the same time.

Gayatri has a lean frame, beautiful eyes, lovely tresses, and a shapely ass. Her breasts were a beauty, especially her nipples, which were the size of a grape each, even when she was not aroused. As a result, she had to wear a padded bra. Gayatri had just turned 40 but didn’t look a day older than 30.

How we made love at a theatre on her birthday is another story. My name is Sunny, and I was 44 at the time of the incident. We had been friends and then over a period of time, we fell in love.

Coming back to the incident. On reaching the airport, I spotted her talking to her husband in the line meant for Hyderabad passengers. I moved past her and went looking for the Kolkata flight. We had e checked in. Thus I knew that we were together on the flight.

After the security check, I went to the washroom. The sight of Gayatri in her light green churidar kurta was driving me crazy. I couldn’t wait to suck her nipples and was making plans to seduce the hot girl on the flight. I was already hard while I was trying to get my cock out at the urinal.

As I walked out of the washroom, I saw her moving towards the ladies’ washroom. After a quick exchange of pleasantries, she gave me her bag while she went to the ladies.

We then moved to the waiting area for our boarding announcement. I went to pick up a coffee. While coming back, I saw her on the phone. Her bra strap was visible from one side. I went near her as she ended the call. Her perfume was driving me nuts as I wanted to kiss her right there.

I whispered into her ear, “You are looking very hot. I want to eat you right now.” She blushed and slapped my thighs.

Soon our boarding was announced, and we moved into the aircraft. We were on the last seat of business class. As she sat down, I pulled her close to me and adjusted her bra strap.

She was blushing as I moved her left hand onto my lap and then onto my erect dick. She felt me and rubbed me over my jeans. People were moving past us, and I kept a newspaper on my lap.

Soon the flight was ready was take off. It was an afternoon flight, and people were soon dozing off. Once the flight was airborne, we smooched each other. My right hand was around her back and was fondling her right breast gently.

I then moved my hand down onto her sexy ass. I felt her pussy from outside her churidar. She bit me gently on my neck. We were both really horny and aroused.

Sunny: Gorgeous, I want you now.

Gayatri: Kiss me, kiss me hard.

Sunny: Yes, baby.

We were mindful of the air hostess and made sure that we stayed decent while they moved around. Meanwhile, I got my right hand into churidar from behind and felt her naked ass cheeks. She was wearing a G string. Thus I pushed my index finger into her arse and then further down to reach her dripping pussy.

I quickly pulled out my finger and licked it. My hands were playing with her pussy, her ass, her naked back. I moved my hand up and then unstrapped her bra.

Gayatri: What have you done? I am wearing a transparent kurta.

Sunny: I know, but I want to suck on your nipple now.

She adjusted her dupatta and unbuttoned her top 3 buttons from the front of the kurta. The seats next to us on the other side were vacant. Thus we had no one to worry about. The front passengers had dozed off, and the curtain was drawn. The economy passengers could not watch the steamy action that was going on.

I pulled out her left breast and sucked on it gently. The nipple was now the size of a grapefruit. She quickly adjusted her dupatta while pushing me away as she saw an attendant.

Her breast was still out – just smartly covered by her dark dupatta. Her churidar was open from the front, her pussy was dripping wet. At the same time, the attendant asked us for our preference for snacks. We both declined. As soon as she moved away, we were onto each other smooching like crazy.

We needed to fuck badly, so she tied her churidar strings and buttoned her kurta, and made me hook her bra again. The food service had just started, and we moved towards the toilet. There was just one other couple in the business seats. The guy was working on his computer while the elderly lady dozed off.

As soon as we entered, we hugged and kissed. I pulled her kurta up and untied the churidar. I let it drop onto her knees. She was pulling down my zip. I helped her pull down my underwear and went down on my knees, and licked her pussy. She gasped and moaned and pulled my hair – all in one go.

I kept licking her, and she kept groaning. In a matter of minutes, she was pulling my hair and asked me to suck her harder. I sucked and sucked. My nose was now in her pussy too, and then she came. She just exploded in my mouth while biting her left hand. Her right hand was pulling my hair.

I stood up and held her in my arms. She was trembling, and she held me tight. Her hair was disheveled, and she looked stunning. Breasts out, churidar down to her knees, panties pulled down, breathing hard, wet dripping pussy and my face full of her cum.

We must have been inside for 3-4 minutes. I was rock hard, and I made her feel my dick. Just the touch of her hand on my dick made me harder. She was still trembling after the orgasm. I whispered that I wanted to fuck her. She pleaded that she could not stand. She needed to use the loo and then rest for a bit.

I was so aroused that I made her pee on my face. She hesitated at first, but then, seeing my aroused state, she sat on my face. It was quite a tricky bit to manage to sit and then make her pee in my mouth. Then her golden shower hit my throat. I drank it all with some bit trickling down my neck onto my shirt.

She quickly washed and adjusted her clothes and went out and sat. I was left with a hard dick and my face full of her cum and piss-stained shirt. I rinsed my mouth and washed my face. I splashed some water on my face to make it seem as if I wet my shirt washing my face after I fucked my amazing girlfriend.

When I stepped out, the guy was on his laptop with his earphones on and the lady next to him still dozing. Gayatri sat there quietly, looking like an angel. I sat next to her and held her.

Hope you liked this. There are more such incidents, and I would love to share them based on the feedback I get. Ladies from the age of 40 and above could write to me at [email protected]

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