My Beautiful Gorgeous Sweetheart

Fucking a married lady was never in my thought when I met Gayatri for the first time in Bangalore. The beautiful gorgeous lady was working, and so was I. It was work that had brought me to Bangalore on a short trip from Delhi. She was part of the leadership team of a company that I was interacting with.

My name is Sunny. Read my earlier story, ‘Flying Fuck.’

Over few months, we kept meeting on various official trips. Our work took us to Nepal, Bangladesh, and various parts of India. On a trip to Nepal, I waited for her flight to land. I had flown in from Delhi, and she was flying in from Mumbai.

I realized that I was quite excited to spend time with her. She was married, but I knew she too liked spending time with me. Soon the flight arrived. We were standing in the queue at the immigration that I saw her at close quarters.

She had a long neckline, shoulder-length hair, a mole on her upper chest, lovely perfume, smart trousers, and a light blue shirt, slightly damp underarms. Her bra was clearly visible through the light blue shirt, well-manicured nails. I was turned on. For the first time, I saw Gayatri in a different light.

We checked into our rooms at a 5-star hotel. Our rooms were adjacent to each other. As soon as we entered our rooms, I could hear water, and I visualized her in the loo with her panties down. I was hard, and I had to shag.

We met in the lounge in the evening. She was wearing a black shirt and looked stunning. Her nipples are the size of a nice juicy grape each, even when she is not aroused.

More such meetings and trips got us closer and closer to each other. Soon I was traveling to Bangalore to simply be with her and find an excuse to fly down each week for a day/two.

One night, after a nice meal, I was dropping her home. When the cab stopped at her apartment, she invited me in. It was 11 pm. I had a huge boner and was struggling to keep it hidden by my laptop bag. As we stood in the elevator, her fragrance was intoxicating.

I wanted to hold her and kiss her, but something kept holding me back. She was married, and she had not made the first move. Yet the other part in my mind said, “Dude, she is inviting you home for a cup of coffee at 11 pm.”

Gayatri’s husband travels a lot, and he was out on an international trip. I wondered how she could message me till late into the night if her husband was in town – and then I gathered about his long trips. My mind was thinking of how horny she must be.

However, she never let her emotions down and made them seem normal. We chatted till 1 am. She had a quick shower before the coffee and had changed into a T-shirt and pajamas. The T-shirt was quite loose. Thus I could not make out much about the size of the contents inside.

And then, to show me something outside, she lifted her hands. Wow, I could see her bra and the gentle rising of her breasts. It was so hard that I could hardly make sense of what she was saying. Anyways the night ended without me touching her. I came back.

On my way back to the hotel, I pulled out my dick. I ended up coming in 3-4 gentle strokes. I was on the verge of shooting after being close to her for so long.

Yet another night, we went out to watch a movie. We decided to walk from her house to the movie hall. It was just a 5-minute walk. She was wearing a brown pair of trousers and a black shirt. I had never been so close to her. Sitting right next to her was so intoxicating that I had a boner again in no time.

During the movie, she got a call from her husband, and she walked out. The gentle swaying of her hips did not help my cause. I rubbed my dick over my jeans as she was not around. She came back with a bag of popcorns. Our hands would touch each other while taking popcorn from the bag.

The night ended like other nights. Me dropping her and getting into the cab and shagging before I reached the hotel.

On Valentine’s day, I called her from Delhi. I asked her to help me with some flowers to send to a friend of mine. She was inquisitive since the morning to know more about the recipient. Anyways she ordered some orchids and roses and called me up.

Gayatri: I have got a bunch. Now tell me who is it for and where do I send it?

Sunny: Well, it’s for you.

Gayatri: What? No? You are joking.

I was really scared. She may not like what I had said, and I was horny to fuck her soon.

Sunny: It’s 14th Feb, and you like flowers, so I thought of buying them for you.

Gayatri: Okay, so it’s not Valentine’s gift.

Sunny: No (I was scared)

Gayatri: Yes, I like flowers.Thanks.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

A few days later, I was in Bangalore. I picked her up from the office at 5 pm. I saw her walking towards the cab. She was wearing a figure-hugging dress, and it rose to her upper thigh as she sat in the car. I was seeing her juicy thighs for the first time ever.

Her legs were erotic, to say the least, but the thighs were nice and juicy. We soon reached our coffee shop. I waited for her to climb out. It was then I realized that I could not see her panty line. I was so hard by now and was dripping. We had coffee, and she had to leave early.

The next night we met and went to a lovely restaurant for dinner. It was a romantic setting. A candlelit dinner was arranged, and we sat by a large window overlooking a water body outside. The whole scene was erotic, and we were quiet. For the first time, I looked into her eyes as we sipped our wine.

I wanted to get up and kiss her. I wanted to play with her hair and her in my arms. We had some ice cream. As she put the spoon to her lips, I wanted to jump and kiss her ice cream-filled mouth and suck the ice cream into my mouth.

That night as I went to drop her, she asked me up for a cup of coffee. She was wearing a pair of trousers and a shirt. We had coffee, and I said, “You have beautiful eyes.”

Gayatri: (blushing) When did you notice?

Sunny: At the restaurant, when we were sipping wine. You also looked into my eyes.

Gayatri: (silence)

Sunny: Didn’t you notice?

Gayatri: Yes.

Sunny: You liked how I was looking into your eyes.

Gayatri: Yes.

She was now looking down. I was sitting across from her in her living room. A gentle breeze was blowing outside. There was a slight chill in the air. It was 12:30 am. There was no sign of sleep. We both seemed restless. I had lost my hard-on. Yet I wanted to hold her in my arms, kiss her.

Sunny: Did you really like the way I looked into your eyes?

Gayatri nods her head. I stood up and moved towards her. She stood up, and we hugged each other for the first time. After few seconds, passion took over. I was running my hand through her hair and then on her back and felt the bra straps. Her breasts were pressed against my chest.

I moved my hands on her arse. She quickly moved my hands from her arse and stepped back. I pulled her again into my arms and tried to kiss her. She was hesitant, yet she was pulling my shirt. She kept moving her face away but held me tight.

I held her and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek, then licked her ears. Her breath was driving me crazy. I licked her neckline. She was moaning gently, and then she pushed me away.

Gayatri: We are on the top floor, lights are on, and other people can see us through the window.

I did not push her and just sat next to her. We soon bid goodbye, but we sexted into the night. We were both horny now. I came thrice at night.

The next evening, we met. I was in the loo while she was in the kitchen making some tea. As she stood there, I came out and went towards the kitchen. She was wearing a black churidar. Her back was towards me. I went near her, and before I could think of anything, I held her from behind.

This time she simply let go and fell into my arms. I fondled her breast from outside, and she was moaning. I kissed her ear lobes and bit into them gently. I then licked her neck, shoulder. In the process pulled her kurta to the side, thus showing her black bra.

I turned her and kissed her, our first kiss after almost a year. It was a kiss that lasted for 3-4 minutes. It was deep, passionate, gentle, playing with each other’s tongue, biting the lips. We were gasping for breath when we stopped. I switched off the kitchen light lest someone peeps in from outside.

I then lifted her and placed her on the kitchen slab. She wrapped her legs around me while she kissed me. I took off her kurta and then her bra. The size of her nipple was a delight to watch, feel, eat, fondle. I lifted her left arm and sniffed her armpit. The smell was intoxicating.

I soon lifted her a bit and untied her churidar. That’s when I saw her in a g string black panty. I slid the panty aside and put my hand in her pussy. It was too much for her, and she was moaning in pleasure. I then went down on her and ate her pussy.

In a matter of minutes, she exploded on my face, and we had a cum stained kitchen slab. I lifted her and took her to the living room with just her panties on. I then switched off the light and slowly slid her panties down. She was pulling my clothes.

Within a matter of minutes, I was naked. My 6 ft tall body, on a medium frame, kept fit by regular exercises, was felt by her. Then she felt my thick juicy cock.

Gayatri: Wow, that’s a big one. It would tear me.

Sunny: Shhh, lie down on the floor

She made me lie down and sat on my dick, and rode me. We then changed position and made love in missionary position. My dick deep inside her gave her immense satisfaction as she tossed her head and clawed my back. She was moaning in pain and pleasure and was making a guttural sound.

We soon came, and I held her tightly in my arms. We then got up and dressed. I came back to my hotel and called her. We ended up masturbating again over the phone before dozing off.

More of it later.

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