A Woman’s Delight!

“Oh, Kunal, that was something! I am left speechless by the way you work your tongue,” said Shweta as the happiness of a satisfactory orgasm was definitely visible on her face!

“But Kunal, this is only one of many rounds, which you have to provide me to in the upcoming days,” Shweta said as she now went and sat in Kunal’s lap. She was affectionate for him after that orgasm she had!

But why did Kunal have to give her an orgasm every time Shweta demanded it! Let’s see what just happened a couple of hours back! Shweta and Kunal had just got a holiday of a week from their respective colleges. Shweta had moved in with Kunal for the week!

Both of them used to have sex on regular occasions. But they decided to have something new this time! Something full of kink, something which would spice up their sex life! Both of them were very excited. They used to fantasize about slave and master porn.

The idea of submitting themselves to their lovers turned both of them on. They decided to experiment with this on their holidays! But who will submit to whom? Both of them wanted to be the master, but both of them wanted to be the slave too!

Shweta came up with an idea. They ordered food from Zomato. The deal was that if somehow Shweta manages to take the order from the delivery guy free of cost, Shweta will win the bet. Then she’ll be Kunal’s mistress.

Now let me define my Shweta for you. She is not an angel or has an actress’s body. But she has a chubby face with a well-maintained body. Her curves are enough to arouse any man. Her perky boobs will make you wanna become a baby and suck on those for hours.

The doorbell rings. “It must be the Zomato guy,” Kunal says, “It’s time for your dare, baby. What you’re gonna do?”

“Nothing much, baby. I would just give the best sight of his life to the delivery boy.”

Saying this, Shweta dropped her bathrobe to reveal a sexy pair of lingerie or babydoll beneath with stockings and high heels on. I just wanted to grab her right there, kiss her, play with her, and rock her world. But much higher things were at stake here.

Fast forward, Shweta manages to get the order for free from him. She marches into the room and says, “Kunal baby, it’s time for you to acknowledge who the master of this house is.”

“But I have a twist for you. You’re my slave for the next 6 days, so you won’t be getting any orgasm,” she said. She pulled out a chastity device from the nearby closet and told me to strip naked. I did accordingly, and she had put on the device in my dick.

My poor dick was now locked in that cage for the next 6 days, and there was nothing that I could do.

“Kunal, it’s now time to please your mistress.”

She pulled me towards her and kissed me. We were kissing extremely passionately to each other.  Suddenly she pushes me down on my knees. Shweta was now ready to use her slave. She laid down on the bed and ordered Kunal.

“Every time I tell you to lick my pussy, you’ll have to lick it. I don’t care what time it is or what situation it is. If I want an orgasm, I want it. Else every time you fail to deliver me an orgasm, the time in your cage extends by one week.”

Kunal got scared of hearing this. He knew he will have to satisfy his love every time he is told, or his baby boy will not be able to get one orgasm of his own! Kunal started with the feet of Shweta. Licking them slowly, and then passing air over them.

He did this with both the feet and slowly moved up her legs, kissing it all over. Licking it all over until he reached her inner thighs. He now suddenly moved way up and kissed her neck. Shweta moaned. Kunal was on top of her. Their eyes matched.

Kunal whispered into her ears, “I love you, babe,” before leaving a playful bite. Then he kissed her on her lips. He moved down, kissed her neck. Moved down, but as soon as he reached her breasts, he went directly to her navel, teasing her a lot and not yet touching her nipples.

He played with her navel and slowly moved up. He was licking, kissing her entire belly when he finally reached her breasts. He kissed all over them but didn’t touch the nipples yet. He was teasing Shweta as much as he could. The results were visible.

Shweta was really turned on and moaning and wanting Kunal to play with her extreme erogenous zones like her nipples. Finally, he touched them, and Shweta gave a really loud moan of enjoyment. Kunal was licking one nipple while playing with the other with his fingers.

His other hand was working on her thighs and teasing her clit over her panty. Shweta was now really moaning, and she was begging Kunal to move down! Kunal, after 10 minutes of sucking, moved down again.

He could easily smell Shwetas love juices flowing from her pussy and her panty really wet. But he wasn’t gonna go easy just yet! He played a lot on Shweta’s thighs. Shweta was trying her best to move her body to get Kunal to lick her pussy. But he was always avoiding it.

After teasing her for so long, Kunal licks Shweta’s pussy for the first time over her panties, and Shweta moaned. He sucks the juices from her panty as he loves it and then slowly takes her panties off! When he has it off, he places it in his mouth, shows it to Shweta. He squeezes the juice it had and drinks it.

He then moves to her pussy. He works his tongue in and out of her pussy, licking it, moving his tongue in and out, doing circles with his tongue, and other things. But he still hasn’t touched her clit. After playing well with her pussy he slowly moved his finger inside her pussy and then makes it two.

An inch or two inside, he explores the insides of her pussy and has found what he was looking for. The soft jelly-like button on the upper wall of Shweta pussy, or her G-Spot! He now starts playing with Shwetas clit. At the same time, he is massaging the G-Spot of Shweta, giving her intense pleasure!

It isn’t too long before Shweta squirts on Kunal’s face. After squirting well for 30 seconds, she just lies on her bed with her eyes closed, soaking in what she went through in the past hour!

Kunal goes to the washroom to clean him. When he comes back, Shweta just admires her BF and the skills he has.

This is the first part of the story where my girlfriend is my mistress.

My name is Kunal. Do leave me feedback on whether or not you like the story on [email protected] A genuine review will help me a lot. We broke up, and so I am writing this story.

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