The Hot Marketing Girl

Hello, I am Rahul, now living in Chennai. This happened when I was posted in Delhi and was living alone in a flat in a nice posh area. One morning I was relaxing in a T-shirt watching TV when I heard a knock on the door. When I opened it there was a beautiful lady standing in front of me.

She said she was marketing bedspreads door to door. Since I had nothing better to do and she was so beautiful, I invited her in. When she came in I noticed once more how beautiful she was. If anything, she looked better from the back than from the front.

My mind was racing as I desperately tried to think of some way to get her into bed. I sure hadn’t impressed her with the way I was dressed. She checked out the living room and said it was very well decorated. She asked me if she could show the bedsheet sets that she was promoting.

She opened her bag and took out a few. I was only thinking about how to lead her to my bedroom and I got an Idea. I told her, I am not sure what size my bed is and if her sheets will fit my bed. She innocently asked me to measure the bed. The sizes were mentioned on the packs. I could choose the one that suited me.

“Sorry, but I don’t have a tape. Why don’t we take these to the bedroom and see if they fit?” I told her. She agreed and I led the way, thinking that this was the perfect setup. I hadn’t moved my copy of Fantasy magazine off my bed. Hopefully, she’d be smart enough to figure out what I wanted.

She might be into it, or she might not, I thought. But at least I could find out without taking a chance on pissing her off. She walked into the bedroom and looked at the bed. She said that as far as she could see it was the normal size and she took out one set to try.

When she turned, she saw the magazine on the bed. It seemed to be a very long time before she responded to the sight. Although I guess it was probably just a couple of seconds. She asked me if I believed any of the letters in there, and I told her I did. She sat on the bed and picked up the magazine.

She started reading a letter. It was about a man and a woman who met for the first time, looked into each other’s eyes and knew they had to have each other right then and there. “Do you really think something like that is possible?” she asked. “Just like that? Two people, who have never met before?”

I nodded and gulped because my throat had gone dry. She kept reading, her voice getting a little husky. She read about those two going into a wild sex scene. It made her hot, quite literally. She started fanning herself with the magazine, a little shiny sweat popping out on her forehead.

I went and turned the air conditioner on. Then I sat down beside her. I told her to relax, and put my arm around her, with my hand resting on her shoulder. She said her skin was dry and needed some lotion. I looked in my bathroom and found some.

When I came back, she was lying on my bed with her shirt off, her back to me. I started putting the lotion on her back, running my hand up and down the bumps of her spine. That’s such a sexy part of a woman. I felt quite a little excitement as I covered every square inch of her skin with lotion.

I asked her to turn over, and when she did I unsnapped her jeans. I pulled them off and started rubbing her chest. I leaned down and kissed her soft lips. That turned us both on. I slid my tongue down to her breasts. I slurped around one side of her chest, then the other, sucking her nipples until they were stiff and perky.

I could have spent a week on her boobs. But I had a mission, so I finally had to move along. I made my way down, down, down to her panty. I kissed and slurped at her belly button, tickling and teasing her with my tongue. Her pussy was very wet by the time I pulled off her panty.

Not wanting to make her wait any longer, I spread her legs and started sucking on her clit. It drove her wild. She was highly orgasmic and soon started convulsing all over. Her teeth were chattering as she begged me not to stop. Then she said it was her turn to do the same to me.

I happily flopped down on the bed, and she got on top of me. She started to suck my balls. Then she started to run her tongue up and down my dick. She took half of it in her mouth at once. I told her if she didn’t stop I was going to come in her mouth.

Almost without missing a stroke, she said, “That’s what you think.” Just before I shot, she took my dick out of her mouth. She crawled back up to me and said, “I want you inside me now.” So I got on top and started sucking her breasts again. I let my dick rub her pussy lips.

She was slick, and I was slick. So there was no need to go slowly as it slid inside. It felt so tight and hot, and with one push I was in balls-deep. She came immediately, and it made me get hotter. I fucked her as hard as I could. Her screams were loud and clear and simple.

She kept shouting, “More! Harder! Deeper! More!” So I put her legs on my shoulders and gave her all I had. After fifteen minutes I told her I was coming. She said, “Give me all you’ve got,” so I did. She had another orgasm. Afterward, she held me tight and said that was the best she’d had in a long time.

We rose and took a shower, and she told me she had to go back to work. I told that I might need some more sheets and will she be getting some new ones. I asked if she could come and show them. She said she would, but I forgot to ask her name before she left. I guess I’ll find out next time she comes selling.

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