My Journey From Shy Wife To Bold Girl

Hello to the lovely ladies and sexy, handsome dicks out there. I am Hafsa, a 34-year-old, married, but now a single girl. This is the true story of the ups and downs of my sex life and how I overcame every problem to be what I am today.

I hope you all will love my dick-raising and pussy-leaking experiences. Fasten your seat belts for my roller-coaster life experiences, and I assure you will not be disappointed.

First things first, I was a very shy girl because of my upbringing. My parents wanted to get rid of me and marry me as soon as I touched 18. So, I was married to a person 15 years elder than me and my long journey to hell started.

Our first night was uneventful, with me screaming because of the pain. My husband was thumping me in the missionary position till he ejaculated and then he slept. He was tired but feeling having accomplished his mission. I was unaware that this would become my daily routine from then on.

My husband would allow me to wear only burqas, even in bed. I was his third wife (not to forget the youngest also). None of us (wives) were allowed to leave the house at any cost. It was a madhouse with 7-8 kids around and the eldest (Aabid) being only 5 years younger than me.

Somehow, I convinced my husband to allow me to complete my education. I was allowed to go out only with my stepson Aabid. Aabid became my friend and came very close to me. It was only because of him that I was avoiding pregnancy.

Aabid introduced me to one of his friend’s elder brother Avinash who was in my class and he told me I can trust Avinash with everything.

During the last year of my bachelor’s degree, Avinash helped me with the files and projects and became my friend. I found Avinash to be charming and caring and I started liking him.

He cared about my meals, my health, and even purchased sanitary napkins and pills for me. I enjoyed it when I was with him. He would help me in my studies, would listen to me bitching about my husband for hours, and even helped me with getting good grades.

One day he sat on my desk, clasped my wrist and demanded to remove the burqa and roam freely. I was stunned at his demand.

Me – Don’t you dare say that again, my husband would kill me.

Avi – You are already killing yourself, he doesn’t own you.

Me – Neither do you.

Avi – I want to see you, please. Do it for me as a friend, just one time. I want to see you, just you, with nothing on you.

I made an angry face and pointed towards his desk. Avinash made a face and went back to his seat, but his words pinched me. How could he demand such a thing from me? I liked him but as a friend, but I don’t love him. Why should I show my body to him? That night, while my husband fucked me, I was engrossed in thoughts that Avi had put in my mind.

Life with my husband was dull. He didn’t love me. Just pumped me every night, loaded his liquid in my pussy, and went to sleep.

Finally, when he slept, I made up my mind to go free and enjoy a day with Avi. I just wanted him to see my body, nothing else. I could at least please him with this for the great help he has been to me.

The next day I just wore a salwar kurta, nothing inside. My 36 sized mangoes were hanging freely. I imagined Avi near me and groped my titties, touched my clit over the salwar, and put on my burqa.

Aabid dropped me at my college. Avi was standing at the gate waiting for me. I didn’t look at him and straight away went to the class. Avi came running into the class sat beside me. I didn’t know what to do or say. I wanted Avi to touch me and say something to me, but he was sitting silently. I broke the ice.

Me – What were you saying yesterday?

Avi – Nothing, I am sorry I hurt you. It’s your life and you are free to live as per your will.

Me – I have decided to live it freely.

Avi – As I said, it’s yours.. Hey, wait, what did you say?

Me – Yes, I have decided to live my life freely. Happy now?

Avi – Pinch me.

I pinched his wrist.

Avi – Oouch.

Me – Sshhh..

Suddenly, Avinash pinched me hard on my thighs, near my pussy.

Me – Oouuchh.

Avi – Ssshhhh.

He started caressing my pubic region, making circles over my clit. I was feeling aroused, I wanted him to finger fuck me, but we were in the class.

We both had a good laugh after our touch game was over. The ice between us was broken. I wanted the chemistry between us to advance to biology, but since we were in the lecture hall, nothing much happened. Except that Avi was keeping his hand over my pussy.

I was happy to receive happiness and love from a man. I forgot that I was married. Married a person, who considered me, a sex doll. Fucking me every night, without even kissing me, and not speaking a word. Avi’s touch was an awakening for me and I wanted to explore further.

During the lecture break, I went to the water drinking station to fill my bottle. Avi was following me. He clasped my wrist and swiftly took me upstairs.

He pinned me to the wall with his body leaning over mine. I could feel his penis near my pelvic region, the weight of his chest, and most importantly his mesmerizing breath. I was fully turned on waiting for his next move.

Avi – Be free now.

Me – Have you gone mad? I can’t show my body to you in college.

Avi – At least remove your burqa.

I hesitantly removed my burqa and while doing so, my kameez also got raised displaying my entire waist. Avi pinched me there. I was feeling shy and could only smile for a second. He took the burqa from me. I could not say no to him.

He again came close to me, held me by shoulders,

Avi – You look astonishing, I am losing control. (As he spoke, his hands were sliding down and approaching my breasts.)

Me – Control yourself, mister. We are in college.

Avi stepped back, placed my burqa in his satchel and went away. I stayed there for two minutes, breathing heavily and trying to ascertain what had happened in the last 5 minutes. When I regained my senses, I screamed, “Oh shit,” I was not wearing undergarments that day.

Avi had taken away my burqa. My heavy boobs were hanging from the kameez like ripe mangoes from a tree. I cannot attend the lecture in this condition. Half of my boobs were visible from the top, thanks to the efforts my husband puts in every night. I bunked the lecture and decided to stay there for 45 minutes.

Avi appeared after 10 minutes and asked me what I was doing there?

Me – I can’t come to class in this condition.

Avi – Why? What happened?

I pointed towards my breast and said, “That’s why.”

Avi – They are huge.

Me – Yes. Huge and visible.

Avi – Don’t worry. I will bring you a dupatta.

Post wearing the dupatta, Avi arranged everything and I went to class with him. The whole class was eying us. No one had seen me without a burqa. Even after putting on the dupatta, the size of my melons was visible to everyone. I was entering the class with Avi. I shyly went to my desk and sat at my desk.

Avi sat on a different desk as we did not want anyone to know about the chemistry between us. At dispersal that day, I approached Avi to give me back my burqa, he kind of ignored me and told me to fulfill my promise.

Me – I can’t do that here in college.

Avi – Come with me to my flat.

Me- Have you gone mad? Aabid would be waiting for me at the gate.

Avi – I will handle Aabid, but you have to come with me. Trust me.

Me – Sure? My husband would kill me if Aabid opens his mouth.

Avi – Aabid won’t open his mouth, he won’t know a thing about you.

I wore my burqa and went to Avi’s flat in his car, his flat was only 5 minutes away. The moment we reached his flat, he made me sit on the sofa and went to the kitchen. He had a nice flat, and everything was spic and span. He brought cold coffee for both of us and sat very close to me. My heart was beating very fast.

I was ready to submit my juice leaking pussy and my 36D mangoes to Avi, but how do I tell him that I was ready?


Do you like my real-life experience? If yes, let me know and give me some motivation to continue the story in the next parts. I love ISS. I am very happy to open up on this forum.

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