Navel Fetish Guy Fucks Girl In Front Of Her BF!

Hey people, how are you are all? Thank you so much for your love and support, hope you all loved my previous story. This time, I am back with another story that happened in my real life.

A small intro to the people who don’t know me. I am Yesh, basically from Andhra Pradesh. My age is 24 and 5.6 is my height. Currently, I am in Bangalore, I completed my master’s and is preparing for Ph.D.

Coming to the story, I am basically a very horny person. I shag around 5-8 times a day, so just imagine how horny I am. I do have a navel fetish so I posted some advertisements on Locanto. My intention was o fuck a girl, so I just posted Ad on navel fetish just for namesake. After a few days, I got a message from a girl called Keerthi.

Keerthi: Hi.

Me: Hey.

Keerthi: Do you have a navel fetish?

Me: Yes, I love it.

Keerthi: Where do you stay?

Me: I stay at XXX place.

She stayed a bit far from my place but I was ok to travel.

Keerthi: Do you use hangout?

Me: [email protected]

She texted me we had a small conversation and she asked my number. In no time, I got a call from her and we decided to catch up. Her fantasy was I should lick her navel and squeeze her boobs in a public place. That was quite adventurous for me, it excited me and I was like, “Ok, let me fulfill your desire.”

We decided to meet at PVR near HSR layout. I was waiting for quite a lot of time. Finally, she arrived. While I was in my cab, she texted, “When we meet, do hug me from the back.”

I did the same. She was a bit chubby but she was cute. She was 26 years old and her stats were 32-28-30. She wore a white t-shirt and a black coat on it. It gave an easy view of her boobs and navel.

We sat down and we were checking the place. And from there, we decided to go to a restaurant.

It was a bit open area, and there was no one around us. We ordered some food. My throat was completely dry. I said the same to her and she gave a kiss to me, making my throat wet. It wasn’t a passionate one, but yes, it was a good kiss.

The food had arrived and we were eating the food. While she was eating, I started to press her boobs. OMG, those were so soft. I placed one hand into her t-shirt and pressed her boob hard. The moment I pressed the boob hard, she kissed my neck. It was such a turn-on moment. I even pressed her navel with both hands. It was so curvy. I placed my finger inside her navel and she was enjoying it.

We both were horny and we left the place. We were just walking on the street and it was completely dark and there were very few people on the street. So we just stood near a car and we were kissing in the dark. I made her sit on the car and we were kissing passionately. We used to break the kiss if any vehicle passed and kissed again when no one was around.

I was pressing her boobs while we were kissing. She was shooting a video while I was kissing, I didn’t know why but she made it clear before the meeting itself.

After kissing her, I slowly lifted her t-shirt. I was kissing and sucking her navel so deep that she was literally moaning on the streets. I was licking and pinching her navel simultaneously, she was moaning crazily. I even gave a small bite on her navel. She liked it but it did hurt her a bit.

I eventually went more down toward the Locanto girl’s pussy. She was like, “Not on the first meet.”

Now she pushed me toward the car and she started to kiss my neck. My dick was already hard. She was so wild. While kissing slowly, she lifted my shirt and kissed my chest and stomach. I literally had butterflies.

Then she placed her hand on my dick. She liked the hardness and she placed her hand inside my pant, rubbed my dick gently.

Keerthi had met many people on Locanto. All men were so desperate to bang her in the first meet which she didn’t like. Likewise, she was checking my desperateness. Of course, I had a desperate dick but I never showed it to her.

So we just kissed and I played with her navel and boobs. It really went well. She enjoyed my company, and at the same time, I fulfilled her fantasy. We went back to our places.

After a couple of weeks, I got a message from her, “Shall we meet?” I was super excited and said, “Yes.” She said that her BF was back in Indian for a month and she want me to play with her navel again.

Keerthi and her boyfriend booked an Oyo near silk-board. She said that we both will play T/D game and her BF will watch us. It was an adult truth/dare gameplay – the dares were like, kiss your partner, suck their boobs, smell their armpits, etc. Those were so wild dares and even the truth was adultery.

This was her plan and I was ok with anything. I was sure that I was gonna fuck her this time. I reached her place around 6 pm. I called her, she came down and took me to her room. While we were in the lift, we pretended that I was her friend’s cousin. By this, I understood that Keerthi said to her boyfriend that I was her friend’s cousin.

I met her BF, we all sat on the bed and we were talking for some time. And then Keerthi said, “Let’s play a game.” Her BF was a completely moody person. He was not at all interested in anything such a dumb-ass game. But as pre-planned, I and Keerthi started playing T/D and her bf was watching us and he was supporting Keerthi.

Our game started when I picked the truth. Keerthi winked and then I changed it to dare. The dare was like lick your partner’s armpits. Of course, I do like arms and without hesitation, I was ready. But I was in a confusion, “Should I play or pass it on because of her BF?”

I was about to make a move but Keerthi stopped me. Her BF was laughing like a dumb asshole. It was her turn and she chose dare. Now she had to kiss me for 6 seconds.

I was excited and her BF was like, “Do it Keerthi” and she kissed me. It was more than 10 seconds and her BF was like enough.

We played the game for around 15-20 minutes. We enjoyed it but it was boring too and we stopped the game. Her BF had gone to a restroom. We got a chance to kiss. As soon as he entered the restroom, I jumped on her and we were kissing passionately. I was playing with her boobs while kissing her.

I was enjoying but at that time, I was scared because her boyfriend might be back any second. I broke the kiss and was like, “Your BF might see, let’s behave normally.”

But Keerthi said, “Don’t worry, I will manage.”

But still, I was scared and we were kissing. Her fingers were running into my hairs. She was on top of me and was kissing me. She was least bothered about her BF.

Finally, her bf came out of the restroom and we were busy kissing and he was like, “Oh, you guys are kissing ahh.” (LOL, that’s why I called him a dumb ass.)

And he was staring at us while we were kissing. We were kissing for almost for 20 minutes and her BF joined us. He removed her top, he almost tore it. Keerthi was in her bra. I removed her bra and Keerthi removed my shirt. I was in my pants and vest. Her boobs were pink and brown shaded.

By looking at her boobs, I went wild on them. I was sucking her nipples and playing with them and her lover went down and removed her pants and panties. I was enjoying on top and her BF was having fun at the bottom.

Keerthi’s moans were driving us crazy, I almost bit her nipple and squeezed her navel. She was holding the bedsheet with her palm. I realized she was really enjoying it.

After some time, I went down and her BF was on top. I literally spread her two legs wide and started licking her wet pussy. She was pushing my head deep into her pussy. She was so loud it was all her screams in her room. In no time, I found her g-spot. Her moans doubled when I was on her g-spot and finally, she cummed.

Her BF got up, took a condom, and gave it to me. I said, “You go first” but he was like, “No, you carry on.” The reason was that his dick wasn’t hard.

Keerthi was lying naked on the bed. I got naked and wore the condom. Keerthi held my hand and pulled me at once. I was on top of her. She spread her legs wide for her. I rubbed my dick and entered her pussy. Basically, I went wild and hard but while I was sucking her pussy, I found that Keerthi can’t bear the hard strokes. As I was aware of it, I was just going smooth and giving medium strokes. She was moaning louder and louder which made me more horny.

I was sucking her boobs and licking her arms. While fucking her, Keerthi was biting in my ear and said, “You are so good, daddy. ”

I was fucking her for 20-25 minutes. She had come multiple times but I didn’t cum. She said that she want to ride me. I was lying on bed and she took my dick and started to ride. I was sucking her boobs and pressing her navel while she was riding.

She lied on me and this time, I fucked her brains out. She almost had tears in her eyes and I cummed inside. It was such a priceless feeling man.

We had another couple of rounds and her BF was just staring at us. I left the place as they had other plans.

That’s it guys, hope you guys have enjoyed it and this story is published on Keerthi’s knowledge. Do share your views on [email protected]

Stay tuned for the next story, it’s gonna be more fun. Till then, stay safe.

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