Girlfriend Shared With Mature Man In Goa

I went to Goa with my girlfriend Yashi. We were chilling at the beach. Since it was a resort beach, there were only a very few people there. It was evening and we both were in shorts.

Then, we saw a mature couple (41M and 36F) standing near us. They noticed us too. I noticed this 41 years old man was hitting on my 23 years old girlfriend Yashi. I don’t know why, but I felt a little excited!

They approached us and initiated a conversation. They looked like nice people and both were attractive. We started having a good conversation. Still, the man was hitting on Yashi. He complimented us by saying, “You two look good together, especially Yashi,” and winked at her. It was a bit exciting for me.

They offered us beer and we accepted it. They sat near us. The man sat next to my girlfriend and his wife sat next to me.

It was dark by then. We had finished 1 beer each. The wife offered us another beer. It was such a cozy environment with the empty beach and sea waves hitting the shore.

Soon, we were 2 beers down. The man while talking, placed his hand on my girlfriend’s thigh. I looked at him. He just acted casually as nothing happened. Yashi didn’t move his hand either. I tried to act normal too.

Another beer was opened. Now, he was talking to Yashi only and I was talking to the wife, with my eyes on Yashi. I noticed that he was moving his hand over Yashi’s thigh. I looked at him, he just smiled and continued talking and caressing her thighs. Yashi didn’t seem to care. She continued talking while sipping her beer.

The wife noticed all this and smiled at me. She placed her hand on my hand and initiated a new conversation with me! The beer started showing its effect. I was so lost in the wife’s conversation until I turned to see what my girlfriend was doing.

That man and Yashi were kissing each other! Slowly and so lovingly. I was shocked for a moment, yet it was so exciting to watch this 41 years old mature hunk embracing my 23 years old Yashi and kissing her.

I just saw them for a minute, completely forgetting that wife was there too. I then interrupted their kissing and questioned them. The man just broke the kiss. But he was so confident that he didn’t take his hands off Yashi and just smiled at me and his wife.

I tried to act furious but his wife just pointed to my bulge and said, “It looks like you enjoyed it too, dear”. They started laughing. Even Yashi was smiling.

My face turned red. The man then again grabbed my girlfriend’s hairs and kissed her hard – this time with more authority. Yashi was fully cooperating.

Yashi then pulled me by my collar to kiss and turned her head at the last moment to kiss the man. It was humiliating yet hot for me! He pulled Yashi onto his lap and started kissing her. He squeezed my gf’s boobs and bit her neck. She was rubbing her ass over his bulge. That was it! The man got up and moved towards his room with Yashi.

I tried to go with them, but the wife pulled me back. She just held my hand and kissed me hard. For a moment, I forgot about Yashi.

One hour later, I received a video call from Yashi. It was the hottest video call ever received by me. I saw my 23-year-old gf Yashi completely naked under a 41-year-old mature hunk. They were kissing madly, licking each other. He was biting her neck and shoulder. Both looked so happy.

Yashi then pointed to his huge dick. It was 8 inches long and thick. She started sucking it so passionately. Damn! She never sucked my dick this passionately. The man was pushing her head and the dick went till her throat. But she didn’t choke. It was all so hot to watch.

The video call got disconnected. I received a text from Yashi, “It was just the trailer. If you want to see the full movie, come to the room”.

The wife whispered in my ear, “Congratulations dear, you are going to witness the hottest moments of your life”.

We both rushed to their room. The man opened the door. He was in a towel. He smiled at us and directed us to the bedroom area. I went inside. The hubby closed the door and removed his towel. I saw my girlfriend lying there naked and smiling at us.

They kissed again so passionately. Yashi came to her knees and took out her tongue to lick the huge dick. She sucked him for so long. I was so hard by seeing this. Meanwhile, the wife was rubbing on my bulge. He then grabbed my lover by her hairs and turned her. He spanked her ass so hard. “Aahh..” she moaned and was enjoying the dominance.

The wife joined them and started sucking her hubby’s huge dick. What a sight! They both were now sucking the huge dick of a 41-year-old hunk.

Then the man picked up my girlfriend, dropped her on the bed, and climbed upon her. Yashi spread her legs to welcome the hot mature man. Then he asked me to slide his dick into Yashi’s vagina. I hesitantly nodded.

I placed his dick into my girlfriend’s vagina and he slid it completely inside her. “Aahhhhhh…” Yashi cried with pain and hugged him. I felt so jealous by seeing this. They were kissing like true lovers and I was watching them with awe.

He continued fucking my girl so hard. Her moans were so loud that he had to control them by kissing her. It was pure domination. No condom was used by them. His wife was licking his balls while he was thrusting inside Yashi.

Then they asked me to get naked and I just nodded like their sub. He then changed position and asked Yashi to sit on him. He grabbed her hairs. Kissing her neck, he inserted his huge, thick cock inside Yashi. She just moaned in pain.

He continued fucking my girlfriend for about 40 minutes in different positions. Yashi then said something in his ear and they both smiled. The man asked me to come to my knees and he came in my mouth. I felt humiliated.

To be continued.

Please give feedback on the story so that I can come up with the next part very soon. Lots of love to you all!

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