Last Sex Before My Female Friend Left For Her Marriage

Hi everyone, I am Saurav, and I work as an IT consultant in Pune. This story is a narration about the last day with my friend who was about to leave Pune as she was getting married in a month’s time. She had to wrap up things and leave.

The Last Week:

My friend didn’t allow me to leave her place, and I was forced to do work from home as it was the last few days of her stay in Pune. She wanted me to be around her all the time, but without even touching her, which was getting tough for both of us.

The urge to have sex was forcing us while sleeping together to get along as close as we could. She had a reason to stay away but I didn’t.

I used to poke my dick in her ass whenever I got a chance, which used to turn her on. Just to bring down the urge, my friend had sucked me thrice for two days so that I won’t force her anymore into sex.

I felt exhausted after cumming three times for 2 consecutive days, but still, that didn’t suffice. This resulted in a bit of an argument between us.

After a lot of discussions, I decided to leave her place to which she didn’t agree upon. I felt pity for her as she started crying, and wanted me to be with her for the rest of her stay in Pune.

We spent the next 4 days without getting intimate although were sleeping next to each other. We’d been together as friends for the last 3 years, and had enjoyed each other to the fullest. But now she was refusing to have sex from the time she got engaged. The best I could do was to go for foreplay and get each other wet.

The Last day:

I realized that my friend wasn’t wearing her panties that day probably as she realized it was her last day with me, and she wanted to make the fullest use of it.

As usual, I had been kissing her whenever I got a chance, but that day, I got access to her naked lower lips after a very long time. I could sense that she was dying to have sex, as it had been weeks that she had a piece of meat in her cunt.

I removed my jockey too, to flash my cock which was rising high, and was ready to drill my friend’s pussy anytime. She had been staring at it from time to time and the lust in her eyes showed me how hungry and desperate she must be at that time.

She was wearing a short skirt with no panties under it, so whenever I got a chance, I poked my cock against her ass, to which she would give out a light moan. It was very much clear that she was in full mood to get her legs wide open and take my tool all the way in!

In the evening, as she was preparing tea, I followed her to the kitchen. From behind, I spread her legs and slipped between her legs with my face covered with her skirt. I clamped her hand at her back and started licking her pussy. She started enjoying the act and pushed her cunt to my face. I could hardly breathe but was in no mood to leave her like that.

I licked my friend’s cunt as hard as I could, made it dry, and started again with spit to lubricate it. After licking and fucking her pussy with my tongue, and some random bites on her inner thighs, she started to shiver after a while. Post which she clamped my face between her thighs and gave out a loud moan which echoed in the room with ecstasy.

I was getting hornier and hornier but wanted to make this more dramatic. Just to get relaxed, we had a cup of tea, and started with some random talks, although it didn’t make sense, but was just to avoid the awkwardness at that time.

I kissed my friend randomly at random places. Now it was getting hard for her, and it felt from her expressions that she wanted my cock badly in her pussy. But I had made up my mind that I would make my about-to-be-married starve for my cock to such an extent that she would see me in her husband during her SUHAGRAT.

Later, while she was doing the laundry, she was exposing her pussy as she was bending over. Grabbing the opportunity, I stood beside her, staring at her cunt, which was squeezed between her thighs waiting for the next course of action.

Without further ado, I spread her ass cheeks with the help of my thumbs exposing her clit from behind. It was a sight to watch. My friend didn’t resist any of my actions that day.

I slowly slipped my middle finger to the deepest part of her cunt, to which she gave out a loud moan. That was a hell of an experience after a long wait. She did realize that too. She was badly in need of something like that for a long time.

I felt like exploring every corner from inside, rubbing the inner lining of her cunt was giving her immense pleasure. Just to make her comfortable, I rested her over the washing machine, during which I quickly slipped the second finger too inside her.

While my friend arched her body to get room for the other finger, I could see her popped out eyes with the wide-open mouth. She turned towards me nodding in affirmation.

I fucked my friend with my fingers in varying intensities. She moaned in coordination from time to time. I even had to switch hands as she wasn’t in a mood to let it go. I did it for her the second time.

After a long session of finger-fucking, she screamed in her pulsating tone that she was done and crashed over the washing machine. I felt so proud to get her satisfied.

We had our dinner and laid beside each other, I knew that before she leaves tomorrow, I anyhow had to drill my dick deep into her.

We were staring lying next to each other. I had been pleasing and satisfying her all day. Now it was my turn to get relieved. By then, we didn’t have even a single piece of cloth left covering us.

Being turned on time to time throughout the day felt like I was running out of precum. Anyhow, my dick was hard again, ready for some hardcore action.

I started with some light rubs on her shoulders, and slowly pulled her close to me in such a way that her ass crack lands directly over my rock-hard cock. I hugged my friend from the back. One hand was rubbing her breasts and the other was playing with her belly.

Then, with the slow and steady pelvic movements, I played with her cunt too. But while I tried pushing my cock toward her lower lips, she would push me away. This happened a couple of times, so I thought of tricking my soon-to-leave friend into sex.

I asked her for a quick hot bath as we had been tired and been sweating all day long. She agreed and we both jumped into the bathroom. She hugged me as tightly as she could, and kissed me holding my face. We froze locking our lips in the hot shower for a while.

I slowly pushed her to the wall. I pushed myself on her to such an extent that the two bodies felt like one. The hot shower was piercing my back while I kept crushing her boobs with my chest. I rolled my fingers through each and every part of her body making her wetter within. She took the shower gel and started rubbing it all over me.

I helped her by doing the same to her. After a bit of play, I sat on the floor with crossed legs and asked my sexy friend to sit over my thighs. She refused as there was no room, as I already had my tool standing tall in between. I somehow convinced her that I won’t force it inside her.

She whispered that if I do that she won’t talk to me for the rest of my life, to which I agreed We agreed to sit into the “The Om” sex position, which is basically a sitting position with crossed legs across each other’s hips.

We played with each other for a while. I was been rubbing my cock over my friend’s pussy which was making it unbearable for both of us by now.

Then I slowly started making strokes over her wide clit and I could feel the mood getting hotter as time went by. She reminded me of her words in a shaky voice, “I won’t talk to you anymore if you try to fuck me,” to which I nodded.

But after a while of rubbing and sucking on her boobs, I felt that I was about to shoot anytime now. As it became unbearable for me to hold it any longer, I lifted her by her ass. Spreading her ass-cheeks to the maximum, I let them fall freely over my desperate rock-hard cock, so she won’t get time to resist anymore.

As soon as I let her fall over my dick, it went all the way in one go. Both of us hugged each other tightly letting out a loud moan in sync. She had her nails deep into my flesh, and it felt like she took out a chunk of flesh from my back while I fucked her from the bottom.

I fucked my friend for another couple of minutes before unloading all my cum inside her. I’ve never felt so satisfied before. It was a lifetime experience.

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