Zumba Sex with Married Lady!

Hey, Guys, I’m back with another story about Zumba sex. Before I get to that, I would like to thank everyone who messaged and appreciated me for my last story. I hope you love this one too.

For the new readers, I am Ram. I am 25 from Kochi, Kerala. I am a dancer, working as an asst choreographer. I am 5’9 with an athletic physique, with a tool of 6.5 inches.

Now let’s jump into the story. This happened last week. As I am a dancer, I do Zumba as well. I provide personal Zumba training for the clients if required.

The heroine of the story is Soumya. She is a married woman of 33 years of age. But because she was into fitness, this woman has an hourglass structure. Her assets were 36-24-36. I had a huge crush on her. But I never did anything inappropriate because she was my client. I am very professional in my work.

She has been my client for 2 months. We gelled together quickly as our personalities were similar. Even though she was married, she would flirt with me in a fun way. She works in a bank. So our classes were scheduled for the weekend. She lives with her husband and in-laws.

Last Sunday I reached her home, and everyone was there. I was pretty close with everyone in her family. Her husband’s name was Girish. We talked for a bit, and Soumya came. She said she would change and come up. Her house was 2 storied, and we train on the first floor.

So I went up, and I changed. Soumya came after 5 minutes, and I was shocked to see what she did next. She came in her usual t-shirt and leggings. But she came in, said a ‘Hi’ and took off her t-shirt. She was wearing a sports bra. This caught me off guard. I was standing there and staring at her melons.

Our conversation went like this

S: Hello! You still here, Ram? I said Hi! (and chuckled)

R: (I was startled a bit) Hi…

S: It looks like you loved what you saw. (usual flirting)

R: Well, if I say No, that will be a lie, so Yes.

S: Really? Can you look at my face when you talk, Ram? (laughs)

R: Oops, I am sorry. But you can’t blame me for looking. You have never worn a sports bra before, that’s why I was a bit shocked.

S: True, t-shist are uncomfortable while doing Zumba, so I planned to buy one. So bought one yesterday.

R: Your husband is okay with his wife wearing a sports bra and dancing with a hot stud, Soumya? (winks)

S: Haha, hot stud, huh? Well, I can’t disagree. But yeah, that’s why I came in the usual t-shirt

R: What if he comes up?

S: We both know he won’t. Non of them will. They can’t stand the loud music so close, and their first excitement to watch Zumba has died. So I am sure it’s just us.

R: Haha! Someone did their homework. But I must say Soumya. You look hot.

S: Really? Or are you just messing with me?

R: I swear! I can see Our Zumba session is working out.

S: Thanks, Ram(blushes)

After saying that, she gave me a sensual look. We both were silent for a moment. That look and outfit altogether gave me an instant hardon. We were looking passionately into each other. We both came to our senses. I was trying desperately to adjust my pants.

She saw that and gave me a shy smile. I was so embarrassed. We started our session. But something was off. We were not focused. We kept on looking at each other now and then. We both wanted to say something but were reluctant to say it.

We danced for 20 minutes, and Soumya said she wanted a break. I usually don’t allow it, but that day I said okay. She sat down on the floor. She was sweating a lot. With that sports bra, she was looking damn hot. I don’t know how I was controlling myself.

I started dancing to a song. She was a huge fan of mine because of my dance. She was staring at me. I was giving her some looks and winks in between.

S: You dance so well, Ram. I always had a thing for dancers

R: Really? What’s that thing? (I went and sat next to her)

S: Dancers are passionate and romantic. I always wanted someone like that to be my partner.

R: Well, I am your partner. (bump my shoulder on hers and wink)

S: Not just a dance partner. I wanted someone like that as my life partner, but I got Girish.

Her face went dark suddenly, and she started tearing up.

R: Hey, Soumya, what happened?

(I sat facing her sideways and held her hand tightly.)

S: You know Girish is a workaholic. He never cared for me the way I wanted. He is just busy in his life. It’s like I don’t exist anymore. An unromantic self-obsessed person. (cries again)

I lifted her head with my hand, sat closer to her and wiped her tears.

R: you’re an amazing woman Soumya. You should know that. And I have seen that. You have a charismatic personality that any men wish to be around. So don’t feel bad. I know it’s hard for you. Atleast for now, you have a man who wants your attention right here.

S: Who’s that?

R: I guess you should test your eye. It seems not working, lol.

S: Idiot! (laughs)

We were sitting so close to each other. I was still holding her hand tightly. Our laugh slowly faded away as the tension between us built up. Our eyes were locked on each other. Her breaths were getting heavier. I pressed her hands a bit. We both wanted it desperately.

I leaned in slowly, looking Soumya passionately and stopped from her lips inches apart. Our breaths were hitting each other. She leaned in, and our lips met – a small peck. And we looked at each other with lust lurking in our eyes.

We just pounced and started smooching wildly. It was like we were possessed. We were kissing the life out of each other. I pushed her head onto the wall with the smooch. She was running her hands on my hair. I grabbed onto her bare waist and pressed it hard. She lets out a moan.

We were still kissing like lovers. With each suck, we grow hungrier for each other. I slid my head onto her neck, and the first thing I did was bite on her neck. She jumped in with a loud moan and hugged me tightly. Since the music was loud, nobody heard it.

We were so into it. That we forgot about the place, we were doing it. Her husband was just downstairs. But at that moment, we just didn’t care.

I started sucking her neck vigorously on both sides and sucking every inch of her neck. She put her hands into my tank top and was feeling my physique. I run my hands onto her huge melons over her sports bra. I gave a firm press.

She let out a moan. That’s when she came back to her senses. Soumya slowly pushed me away. I was a bit confused, and she looked at me helplessly.

R: What’s wrong?

S: We can’t do this, Ram. It’s not right. We shouldn’t do this. I am married, my husband is downstairs. It’s wrong.

I was quiet.

S: What got into me, but for a moment, I let go. I don’t blame you. It was my fault.

R: No, I am sorry, it was my fault. I am the one who kissed you. I should have never done that.

S: We both are guilty. It should have never happened, but it did. Let’s not talk about it. I’ll go and bring some water for you.

She got up and wore her t-shirt and went downstairs to the kitchen. I was confused. I felt good for makeout with a hot woman. I felt bad because it happened in such a way, and she feels bad about it now. So I was trying to figure out how to talk with Soumya from here on.

Things have changed dramatically. What happened between us was pure magic, but it didn’t end well. And she is still my client. I didn’t know how to interact with her anymore.

Soumya came back with a bottle of water in her hand. We both looked at each other, and it felt awkward. We didn’t know what to do or say. She handed me the water, and I drank some and gave it back to her. She couldn’t look at me properly.

R: Soumya, what happened happened, lets just focus on this session now, okay?

She took off her t-shirt again, looking like a peach of a woman. I was trying desperately not to do something stupid again since she said it was not right. I wanted to respect her decision. So with a heavy heart, we resumed our Zumba session.

We both got into the dancing groove and started enjoying it again like we used to. And suddenly Soumya twisted her ankle and fell. She was in a lot of pain. I quickly got down to her

R: You okay? What happened?

S: I think I twisted my ankle. It’s hurting a lot.

R: Don’t move it so much. Keep it steady. Let me see. It looks like it slipped out of its socket. Don’t worry. I’ll fix it. But it is going to hurt.

S: Don’t scare me, Ram. Just be careful.

I pulled it into that socket in a jiff, the pain was excruciating for her, but somehow, she managed it

S: You idiot, did you break my leg off?

R: Don’t worry. Your leg is still intact. I’ll go and inform your husband. We might want to apply some ointment to it.

S: No, Ram, don’t say this to Girish. If he finds out, I got injured while doing this. He won’t let me continue Zumba, and I don’t want that to happen.

R: Alright, I won’t tell him, but we need to treat this right now

S: There is an ointment in that room over there.

R: Alright, let’s get you to the room so you can take a rest.

Soumya tried to get back up, holding me. But she couldn’t stand up. So I said, “I’ll pick you up. Is that okay with you, Soumya?” She nodded. While I picked her up, I unintentionally caught her boobs. She looked at me passionately in my arms.

I apologized and said it was an accident. She said it was okay. I was still holding onto her part of the boobs. It was difficult to change the grip while she was in my arms.

I walked into the room, holding her in my arms. I was hard as a rock down there. I was thinking of ripping off that bra and sucking those huge melons. But  I am controlling myself. I put her down on the bed carefully. I looked at her. Her eyes were still fixed on me. I could also sense the tension building again.

I took the ointment in my hands. I lifted her leggings a bit higher to apply them properly. Soumya was controlling her emotions, and I started applying them. She was making some sounds because it was hurting.

I wrapped her leg tightly and sat next to her. She was looking damn hot, and her sweat smell was intoxicating. She started breathing heavily again when I sat close to her.

R: Soumya, I want to say sorry for earlier. I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy it. I have always had a huge crush on you. And when I finally got a chance to be intimate with you, I didn’t stop myself. I am sorry, Soumya.

S: Really? You had a crush on me?

R: yeah, you’re one of the hottest women I have ever seen, Soumya.

She blushed and looked at me passionately

S: Ram, I liked you too from the beginning,  I am so happy around you, and you’re someone that I always wanted as my partner.

R: Really?

S: Yeah, that’s why I got carried away earlier, but I loved it too.

I wanted to kiss her right there without having a second thought. But what happened earlier flashed through my head. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable again. But on the other hand, Soumya was losing her grip.

Her love and lust for me were erupting inside her. Our eyes were still locked on each other.

R: Well, Soumya, I’ll leave you alone now. You take a rest, okay. (with a dull, sad face)

I tried to get up from the bed and walk away. Soumya quickly grabbed my hand and looked at me passionately.

S: Are you going to leave me all alone, Ram, then leave me if you can.

She said that most sensually. Hearing that, I grabbed her head and pulled her into me and kissed her with max thrust. She hugged me tightly and kissed me back with the same wildness. My tongue started to explore her mouth.

I got onto the bed and got over her, and continued kissing her passionately. It turned into a very wet smooch. I started sucking on her neck, licking every inch on her neck. She started moaning in that pleasure. I was relentless moving from one side to the other.

Then I gave a lovebite on her neck, making her moan louder. She hugged me as tightly as she could. But this made her hornier. She just pulled me up looked into my eyes for a moment. She started kissing as hard as she could.

She pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me, and ripped off my tank top like she was an animal. She started kissing me vigorously and started sucking on my neck.

She whispered in my ears, “I wanted you the first day I saw you, babe.” She sucked on my earlobe. She kept on kissing all around my chest, and finally, she started eating my nipple. Man, that was a kickass feeling. I was mesmerized by each move of her.

I rolled over with her getting me on top.  I pushed up her bra, grabbed her boobs with my hands, and gave a hard squeeze. I smooched her again. I bit her lower lip hard and continued locking our tongues together while I was squeezing her boobs hard.

Suddenly the music stopped, and we both got into our senses. The door was wide open. If someone came in, we would have been caught red-handed. Her husband is just downstairs. I ran to the hall and started playing another playlist again.

I sneaked down the stairs a bit to check things downstairs. Girish and his dad were watching a movie on TV. His mom was busy in the kitchen. I rushed back into the room. I closed the door but partially to see if someone was coming.

S: What happened?

R: Nothing, I check downstairs. Everybody is busy, and your husband is enjoying a film with his dad.

S: Well, let him enjoy the film. I am going to enjoy you.

She pulled down my pants and underwear in a go. I was a bit shocked seeing her so wild and spontaneous. “Wow, you have a nice dick. Much bigger than my hubby’s.”

“Well, it’s all yours, my lady.”

She gulped my dick into her mouth even without using her hand. She kept one hand on my abs and grabbed my balls with the other. She started sucking my dick at a steady pace while massaging my balls. I was standing there, butt naked pants down to my knees.

I was enjoying every stroke of suck. She was sucking the life out of it. I was on cloud 9. Then she started deep throating it. Lord, that was a hell of a feeling. She was ramping my dick into her mouth while holding onto my butt, pushing it in furthermore. I was holding on desperately not to cum.

But Soumya was a blowjob pro. I said I was going to cum. Hearing that, she doubled the pace of sucking. I moaned loud and emptied my balls in her mouth. She drank every ounce of my cum and licked her lips. I was so turned on by that response from her.

I choked her and pushed her into the bed. “You’re one wild naughty woman, babe.” She said, “I am for you.” I pressed my lip onto her petals. I was kissing her madly. I run my hands down to her leggings.

I started rubbing over her leggings on her pussy. I slowly slid my hands into her leggings. To my surprise, she was not wearing a panty. I whispered, “Someone came prepared.” She giggled, and I suddenly rubbed her clit. That giggle turned into a sensual moan.

I started sucking on her neck again while rubbing her pussy vigorously. She was moaning heavily. Her legs were trembling. I pushed in a finger and started fingering her hard. I turned my head and looked to see if someone was coming. I guess luck was with me that day.

She holds on to my hair firmly while moaning in absolute pleasure. “It’s time to return the favor,” I said in her ears. I went down, kissing her neck. I stopped on her boobs and started sucking it hard while gropping the other one as hard as possible.

Soumya was pulling on the sheets, making it a mess because of the pleasure. I bit hard on the boob. Soumya moaned, “Oh Ram, I wanted this so badly. You are an animal. Just keep sucking, suck it, hard, baby.”

I moved to the other boob. I chewed her nipple like candy. I pinched on her other boob. Soumya looked at me, biting her lips and slammed her head back into the bed in pleasure.

I went down to her navel, started licking all around her navel. I put my tongue into her belly button and started wiggling inside it. Then I pulled down her leggings. Without wasting time, I dug my face into her pussy. I started eating it like I was a mad dog.

I was not showing any mercy at all. I widened her pussy lips and started licking at high speed. She was moaning in such a loud voice I had to stop and check if someone heard us. Luckily because of the music and tv sound, no one did.

She jumped onto my dick and started sucking again. “Well, you nearly got us caught, wild woman.” She grinned while sucking. “Ram, I need you inside now. I can’t wait anymore. Please fuck me.”

“Are you sure? You want to go that far?”

“Yes I want you now, please.”

I spat on my hand, rubbed it on her pussy, and pushed my dick inside slowly. She gasped as I penetrated her. I slowly started ramping. I leaned onto her and started kissing to suppress her moans. I slowly started to gain speed to fuck her hard.

“Yes, yes. Fuck me, Ram, fuck me hard.”

I kept looking outside to see if someone was there.

“Ram fuck me looking into my eyes.”

She cupped my butts with her hand and pushed it in with me to go deeper. I dropped the pace and started fucking with a big hard thrust. “Omg, Ram, wow, you’re amazing. Keep fucking me, please.”

“We don’t have much time left, babe. So we need to hurry.”

We changed to doggy. I licked her pussy for behind and spanked her ass.

“I like that very much, Ram.”

I shoved my dick in one go, and we kept fucking for a few minutes. Then she grabbed me by my neck, and we kissed wildly. I want to ride you now. I lay down on the bed. She got on top of me and started fucking. I kept groping her bouncing big boobs.

I said I was going to cum. She took it out and started blowing me like its the end of the world. That was one hell of a blowjob. I blasted my thick load into her mouth. She drank it without wasting a single drop. And she falls, drained onto my chest. She hugged me tightly with tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling guilty about what we did?”

“No, I feel fulfilled. Thank you, Ram.”

She kissed me hard. That was the most passionate smooch I ever had.

“Let us get dressed before your husband catches us.”

We got up wore our pants. I saw her boobs again, and I planted my face onto them and wiggled hard. Soumya laughed and smooched me. “Somebody loves my boobs.” We laughed.

We got dressed. I went downstairs and said Soumya slipped down the steps and hurt her ankle to her husband. He came up to check on where she was resting, the same room we fucked. I said I did first aid. Soumya gave a slutty look when I said that.

Then I said goodbye to them and left the place thinking how lucky I was. She messaged me saying, ‘He has no doubts and is looking forward to more Zumba sessions like this.’

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