My Hot Live-in Girlfriend

Introduction –

It all started when I and my ex met in college. When I saw her the first time, she was slim but tall and a flat-chested girl with tiny boobs but she was hot.

Whenever she wore a tight t-shirt you could tell that she probably has gorgeous boobs hidden in the bra. I liked her a lot and probably loved her too but only after spending years with her, I realized that she was a slut and not marriage material.

So, I will not share the boring love story details because she turned out to be a bitch, but shall share all the physical encounters we had.

Right from our first kiss till when we met after her engagement when she told me, that she has been naked with others while she was in a live-in with me.

First kiss –

The college mess food sucked, and we used to go out for dinner every now and then. 3-4 months of doing so, we made a ritual visit to a nearby lake after dinner.

On one such night, she was feeling a bit horny, because she was flirting more than usual during the day and we were very free with each other. We talked very openly to a point, where I told her that I feel her boobs are lemon-sized, but they are hot because they are boobs of course.

We left for dinner, she was wearing a hoodie with a zipper and shorts, and I was like okay usual dinner ride and then to the lake. We finished our dinner, and I was riding the bike to the lake, it was chilly so she grabbed me from behind so tight that I could feel her boobies trying to get the heat from my body.

We reached the lake and were sitting on the bike facing each other, she was sitting at the back, and I was on the front seat. She first told me to rub my hands on her thighs because it was chilly.

I first hesitated, but then I was like what the hell, she wants it, so I started rubbing her thighs because I knew she was horny. Oh, her white and soft thighs were just so soft that I started enjoying them and got a little hard.

After a few minutes, she asked me for real to tell her if I have kissed a girl before. I said, “No, but I know that it needs a lot of tonguing and I like it.”

Then to my shock, she said, “So we have been fooling around for a few months. Why don’t you kiss me, like never before?” So then I kissed her on the cheek very tightly.

She repeated, “Like never before,” so I kissed her hard on the other cheek. She repeated, “Like never before,” so I kissed her cheek with some tongue to make it wet and licked her cheek for some time, and she started moaning a bit.

I continued doing this to her second cheek, and this went on for a few minutes. Then she said, “Like never before you pussy,” and that made me angry, that I put my hand in her hair, pulled her face near me, and kissed on her lips.

Oh, it was like a lightning strike for me. Her lips were soft and juicy, and she was kissing me back. Very quickly our tongues started the action.

I rubbed my tongue on both her lips that tasted like strawberries due to her lip balm. I put my tongue down her mouth and began tasting her inside and out. She did the same, after she gained more confidence, her tongue went deep into my mouth. It was hot, we did not feel the cold anymore.

I started licking her cheeks and her neck. When she kissed my neck, I got very, very, hard. I was telling myself what the fuck was happening? I didn’t even know her, and I had my tongue down her mouth. But in the heat of the moment, it felt good. She kept her hands on my legs as I was holding her face and we kissed.

Then slightly she unzipped her hoodie which I thought was an indication for me to lick her shoulders, and I did exactly that. I slowly moved from licking her neck to licking her shoulders.

While licking both her shoulders, I was thinking what was she wearing? And where was the t-shirt, because I could only feel bra strips and nothing else.

But what the hell, I continued and the heat kept increasing. Her lips and my lips were super wet because of the tongue sucking and licking. Slowly, I moved my hand to feel her boobies and to my surprise, she grabbed my hands and pulled them away. I thought she did not like it, so I just said, “Okay, no second base, let’s just keep kissing.”

She said, “I know what you are trying to do, you want to fondle my boobs,” and I said, “Not boobs, boobies,” and then she said, “Oh yes, according to you, I have lemon boobs.”

I knew that she was horny so she would not stop, but she was angry about me saying lemon boobs. Then she quickly unzipped her hoodie and removed it.

I was right, she was only wearing a push-up bra, and immediately I thought this was her plan, she always wanted to get here and prove a point that she has boobs and not boobies through this.

Once she removed her hoodie, she said, “Now look at me, and my body as clearly as possible, and tell me boobs or boobies?” Now, here is a girl with whom I just had my first kiss and a super-hot, licking, sucking time.

She was now sitting in front of me in just her bra. I asked her, “How horny are you?” She said, “Very, and I want to prove a point today.”

I told her that I always had a fetish for under-arms. She got the message and began rubbing her arms through her boobs, then face, then hair. She slowly raised her arms so that her underarms are seen. I stared at the underarms, and slowly move my eyes to her boobs.

Since she was in a push-up bra, the boobs looked hot, a bit pink and I could see her pointed nipples. I finally said, “These are the hottest and most beautiful boobs that I have ever seen. Not even Mia Khalifa comes close.”

This made her happy. She pulled me with my collar and started the kisses again. While kissing this time she closed her eyes, and said, “I am half-naked and it’s chilly, grab me.”

I slowly started moving my arms from her elbow to her shoulders and hugged her while we kissed. She said, “Tighter please,” so I grabbed her so tightly that I could feel her boobs pressing against my chest.

Holding a half-naked lady in her bra, and kissing her with lots of tongue and lips sucking was so hot. She said, “I know you are hard baby, we can play more next time.”

I rubbed her long back from her shoulders to her waist, soft and hot, slowly touched her belly too, and as I did that she just stretched her tongue in my mouth, and moaned the hardest so far.

Her tongue was in my mouth. I was licking it, and she started breathing heavily, and finally, she was like, “Aahhhhhhhhh..” and then the breathing was calm and silent.

I could tell that she had cummed. I finally told her you are in your bra can I just give you a kiss on your boobs? She again raised her arms slightly behind her head.

Oh, that was so hot and felt like the most beautiful invitation. I kissed each of her boobs. To each kiss, she responded, “Aahhh..and then ahhh.. give me my hoodie,” she said with a smile and then we left.

Conclusion –

So, when she had her first kiss with me, she got half-naked in front of me. I put my tongue deep in her mouth and raised her arms.

My eyes were enjoying looking at her underarms, and then letting me kiss on her boobs. I thought it was love, but probably I should have read that, as a sign of a slut, where a girl on her first kiss, goes naked and licks someone like never before.

Anyway, the next physical encounter, a drum hump session will appear in chapter 2.

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