Movie Date Leads To Unexpected Sex – Part 2

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Neha was completely nude on top of me, breathing heavily. Dry-humping her wet pussy on my dick shaft with her horny look was driving me crazy.

I held her by her waist, and we rolled over, so now she was below me, and I was on top. Our bodies were pressed against each other tightly with her boobs squished against my chest and my Rock hard cock rubbing on her pussy.

Neha – This feels so good, right?

Me – Maybe if you watch my cock slowly disappear into your pussy you’ll feel better!

Neha – No kidding. I’m a slut for your dick. Ugh! Of course, that will feel better. But I’m waiting for you to stop talking and fuck my pussy. I want you to ruin it for my poor boyfriend.

Me – Ah? You know how to play with me.

I then pulled her towards me for a kiss. I pulled back my pelvis enough to align my cock at the entrance to her pussy. My dick tip now pressing hard between the lips. I wanted to tease her more before fucking her brains out. And kept making out with her with my dick pressed on her pussy.

We were lost in love bites and smooches. Our hands playing with each other’s body trying to pull ourselves closer and closer. I could feel her nipples poking and her body getting heated and restless for a good fucking.

Neha – Ah! Baby. You know I want you. Fuck you for teasing me so much. I can feel your cock throbbing to tear me apart. Just do it and end my misery right now.

Me – I, too, can’t wait to fuck you really hard. Now put your legs on my shoulders so I can take what’s mine, baby girl.

Neha – Umm. Whatever you want, Aman! Make me yours. Fuck this cock hungry slutty baby girl.

Neha lifts up her legs and puts them on my shoulders. I kiss her one more time. I pin her to the bed and felt my dick slide between her wet tight, velvety pussy walls. It was super hot with deep eye contact.

We both were moaning with every thrust and push. Her nails scratched and dug into my back as I pulled back and thrust it deeper in her.

Neha – Oh Fuck!! I feel it. Ah! Fuck.

Me – I know you like to be used and cared for. You’re such a slut on the inside.

Neha – I am! I feel like such a good slut only for you. I don’t care how much more is left. Just start fucking me now. Don’t hesitate to go hard.

I just pulled back completely and kept giving her thrust after thrust. Her legs now wrapped around my waist. She complimented my thrust with a pull to my every push. Neha loved it like a happy girl. A mix of horny, innocent, but slutty emotions, along with her erotic moans, got me more into it.

I just kept increasing my pace to make her moan even louder. The bed was squeaking with every push and pull. We were moaning as we enjoyed raw sex. Now the ‘Thap Thap’ sound of my thighs clapping on her sweaty ass joined in.

I could feel her cum flowing on my dick. She had her mini orgasms while her pussy muscles were literally trying to milk my cock. It was making it harder for me to pull out because that pussy was heavenly. We both were sweating, but non of us wanted to tone it down.

We were fucking like rabbits at this point. Her big tits were bouncing with every stroke, and it was amazing. I sucked, pressed, and massaged her boobs, kneaded her nipples in between. Smooching her with some intense tongue action with some slow fucking.

I was pulling out real slow till the tip and slammed the whole thing back inside her in one go. She was getting wilder, needy, and wet with this slow pull and hard push. I then held her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Flipped her around and spanked her ass.

Me – Bend over, baby!

Neha – We will have rough sex and take care of each other if you want to fuck me hard.

Me – Do you wanna repeat yourself?

Neha – Fuck. Me. Hard. Rough like a Slut. Please. I want it.

She knew what I wanted and bent forward in face down ass up position. She was super wet, and her pussy was really glistening in the dim lighting. I pressed my dick tip on her pussy till the tip and crown of the dick did not pass her tight pussy lips. It was still feeling like an iron rod stuck inside a burning tandoor.

Then I held her waist and started fucking her. Spanking her ass in the middle, randomly enjoying the view and her moans along with her pussy hugging my dick in a death grip.

Soon enough, I was fucking her at a good pace and making her cum flow all over my dick. I rolled her hair in one fist and pulled her towards me. Her lips inch away from mine while cupping one breast with my other palm. Kneading her nipples and fucking her pussy senseless at the same time.

Neha – Ah Fuck me. Fuck me, keep fucking this slut. Go harder.

Me – Harder?

Neha – Yes! I’m gonna cum soon. I don’t want this to stop. Fuck it like it’s yours.

Me – Fuck! This is so good. I’m gonna cum too if we keep fucking like this.

I started going deeper and harder on her before she could finish her sentence. But stopped right before she could reach orgasm.

Neha – Oh God, No! Fuck me, why are you stopping? God, I’m so close. Let me come once!

Me – You’re such a sensitive baby doll. You get wet so easily. It’s quite a game. I turn you on, and then boom, you’re wet and ready to be used again.

Neha – I love it. Oh God, I love it. Don’t stop. Cum in me. I don’t care. Fuck! Let me cum!

That was it, and I flipped her over again, pinned her to the bed. I slammed my hard cock inside her pussy deeper in one shot. I fucked her really rough, hard and senseless for a couple of minutes straight.

Neha – Ah! Ahh! Ugh! I’m gonna cum. I can’t wait for this. I wanna cum all over. Let me, please.

Me – Cum for me, baby girl. Now!

Her eyes rolled back a little. Her whole body stiffened along with her pussy as she cummed hard for few seconds before falling back on the bed. I kept fucking her through it. I finally somehow pulled out just in time to shower her belly, boobs, and face with load after a load of my hot thick cum.

Neha – I’m covered with hickeys and your cum. It’s mildly turning me on again. It’s like I tested positive.

Me – Tested positive?

Neha – I tested positive for wanting to be fucked senseless again.

Me – How about if we cuddle instead, and then I make you cum by fucking you senseless?

Neha – Good plan. I like how we come to such mutual understanding.

We cuddle and make out for some more time before I lift her up and fuck her by the main entrance of the room. Pinning her against the cold walls as I stretched her pussy some more.

We did it on the bed in few positions. Then finished it off with a hardcore cowgirl style in the bathtub. My face was buried between her soft milky boobies. She bounced on my dick and fucked till she orgasmed again, and I cummed all over her gorgeous tits and face.

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