Making Love To Beautiful Sonal – Part 2

Please read the first part to know how Sonal and I met.

Making Love To Beautiful Sonal – Part 1

Sonal and I reached Kolhapur at around 5.30 am. I gave her the address of my hotel and requested her to come to my hotel for a nice session. She agreed and said, “Today night I will be in your arms in your hotel room.” I was very glad. We departed for our destinations.

After our session on the bus, I headed towards my hotel. Sonal went to her relative’s house to attend the function. The full-day I was remembering Sonal but didn’t contact her because she told me, “I will contact you, you will never try to contact me.”

I was waiting for her call. The next day evening I got a call from Sonal.
Sonal: Sorry I didn’t get any chance in between.
Me: So when you are coming to my hotel?
Sonal: Rohit I will not come because I am feeling guilty. I should not cheat on my husband.

Me: Ok as you wish. Bye
Sonal: I thought that you will request me to come.
Me: No, Sonal it is your decision and I respect that. Because I love you. And I don’t want to force you for anything. You are my princess.

Sonal: (sobbing) I am very confused. What I will do?
We were talking almost 20 minutes over the phone, and finally she ready to meet me. But she had a condition, we will not meet in any hotel room. But instead, we will go back by bus like the same way we came here.

I agreed and packed my luggage. I was waiting for her at the bus stand.
After a few minutes, Sonal came. She looked more beautiful than the previous day. Her milky white skin tone gave a perfect contrast with her red color sari with matching the red blouse.

I was losing my control but I give respect to a woman especially Sonal and her decision. Sonal came in front of me. She looked at my eyes and blushed with shame. She felt my raging hormones from my eyes.

Sonal: Don’t look at me like this, please.
Me: What I will do? Today you are looking like an angel.
She pecked on my cheek and laughed. I was still mesmerized by her beauty. I couldn’t utter a single word but looked at her.

She asked me, “I don’t think you want to go back now.” With a smile.
Me: I want to stay in a hotel for today night with you.
Sonal: I know that. And I also. I want to taste the real pleasure of sex. My body took control of my mind. And I want to finish what we started on the bus.

I was in heaven. I didn’t believe my luck. I was going to fuck my dream girl Sonal. I didn’t waste any more time and immediately I booked a cab and we went to a 3-star hotel. We reached the hotel and wrote our name as a husband and wife.

The hotel person was looking at her and was jealous of me. We had our dinner. So without wasting time, I held her hand and we moved towards our suit. Later I came to know that Sonal told her husband that one of her old school friends lived here. She was going to stay tonight with her in her house.

Coming back to the story. We entered the room. But before I proceed further Sonal removed her mangalsutra and kept it on the nearby table. Immediately after that, I hugged her tightly and we went into a lip lock. She freed herself from my clutch after 3 to 4 minutes.

She smiled at me and asked jokingly, “What happened darling? You are looking very horny. Have some patience.” She freed herself from my clutch and went towards the other side of the room. I hugged her from behind. She was smelling like a fresh rose. I kissed on the back of her neck.

I took out a gold chain which I brought for this occasion. I tied that chain on her neck. She looked at the gold chain. I whispered, “When I will fuck you I want that you wear only this chain on your body, nothing else.” My hand was wrapped around her belly.

She was enjoying my touch and leaned back her head on my shoulder. I was licking and kissing her neck and the back of her neck. Her sweet aroma made me a mad dog. I also gave a love bite on the back of her neck. We moved to one side of the room. I pressed her on the wall. She was facing the wall.

I held her both the hands above her head and licked the back of her neck, earlobes. I kissed and licked her back. I cupped her shapely breast in my hands and start kneading them. She tried to remove my hand. But I didn’t leave her. My rockhard dick poked in her ass hole over the clothes we were wearing.

I turned her towards me. She closed her eyes with shame. Her breast was going up and down with her heavy breath. She again moved back to the side of the wall and I also moved towards the wall with her. I pressed her on the wall. I held her hands above her head and moved my lips towards her lips.

Our lips were so close. We felt the hot breath of each other. I slowly kissed her lips. I was not in a hurry. I wanted to cherish every second with Sonal. I was licking her lips with my tongue and kissing very softly on her lips. But I didn’t go for a smooch or dip lips lock. She wanted to smooch me but I didn’t allow.

She was moving her face towards me to going for a lip lock but I teased her. After, 4 to 5 minutes she became very desperate and freed her hand from my clutch and held my hair. She pulled my head towards her face and pressed her lips on mine. We were smooching like two hungry wolves.

We were taking each other lips in our mouth and sucking them with full intensity. Our tongues were fighting with each other. Some times in her mouth, sometimes in mine. I took her tongue and was sucking. Her saliva was very tasty. She also sucked my tongue.

We were behaving like college students as if that was our first time. After around 30 minutes our lips parted. We both were gasping for breath. Her red lipstick was no more on her lips. I ate them all. I was kissing her cheek, eyes, chin, and nose everywhere. Her face was glistening with my saliva.

I moved down a little and kissed her shoulder and licked there. I moved her sari from her shoulder and removed her sari from her body. She was trying to stop me but failed. She was standing in her maroon red blouse and petticoat. It was a sight to watch. She was looking like a sex goddess.

She covered her chest with her hands. I was checking out thoroughly from her head to toe. She was a real beauty. She couldn’t take this and uttered, “Please switch off the light first.” I switch off the light and switch on the night lamp. It was in pink color. AC was on.

All the room was glistening with a soft pink color. The room atmosphere was perfect to make love with your partner. I took off my clothes and stand in my brief. My erection was visible above the brief. I took her in my arms and went towards the bed. I kept her on the bed. She was lying on the bed on her back.

I brought one ice cream tub and placed it on the bedside table. Now I got up on the bed. I saw her from head to toe. In that pink dim light, she looked like an angel, so beautiful, so gorgeous. I was lucky to have her. I came closer and resume my work from where I left.

I was licking and kissing her neck and upper chest which area was not covered with her blouse. I also licked her upper cleavage. She was lying and took pleasure in my gentle touch.
Again I pressed my lips on her lips. She was ready to take my lips in her. We were again kissing each other and sucking each other lips. We forgot about the rest of the world. I slowly opened her blouse hook one by one. And took off her blouse from her body and threw it on the corner of the room.

She didn’t stop, rather she cooperated with me to take off her blouse. She was wearing a black bra. It was very small and couldn’t hold her juicy melons properly. I again licked and kissed all over her bare skin. I licked her cleavage for several minutes. I licked her armpit. It was cleaned.

She was moaning with pleasure. I went further down and licked her belly. I inserted my tongue in her belly button and pocked it. She was screaming with pleasure. I opened her petticoat and removed it from her body. She was now in her matching black bra and panty.

Her milky white complexion gave a total mind-blowing view with her lacy black lingerie. I couldn’t believe my luck. I moved up and turned her. Now, she was lying face down. I unclasped her bra hook. Her fair smooth back was just amazing. I bent down my head and started to worship her back.

I kissed licked gave small love bite and sucked her back. She was moaning loudly. I ran my tongue on her spine from neck to ass and ass to neck. Several times I did this. I gave small byte on her but which made her butt red and my byte mark. Her pussy was licking with her love juices.

I took some ice cream in my hand and spread it on her back. The cold sensation gave her an unusual feel. She was moaning softly. Then I licked and sucked entire ice cream from her back. I again turned her. I reach her bra strap and bite on it. I took off her bra.

Now her two magnificent globes were in front of my eyes with two poking nipples. Her nipples were a minimum of 1 inch long and stood hard. Her juicy melons were very beautiful and attractive. I bent down and kissed, licked and sucked her both the milk jugs. But I didn’t touch her nipples.

I tasted the sweat between her cleavage. I drop my saliva between the valleys of lust. I was carefully licking and sucking her entire breast but never touched her nipples. She was trying to give her nipples in my mouth but I skipped. I wanted to tease her more.

Almost 20 minutes I was sucking and licking her entire upper portion of the body, her boobs, belly, armpits but never touched her nipples. Took her melons in my hand squeezed them, fondle them but didn’t touch her nipples. Her body was glistening with my saliva. She was moving left and right with excitement.

She was moaning very loudly. She held my hair tightly and dragged my mouth on her nipples. I looked at her. She smiled at me weakly and kept on pulling my face towards the nipples. I put some ice cream on her nipples. She screamed due to the cold sensation on her nipples.

I licked the area around the areola, took her right nipples in my mouth and sucked it with full intensity and eat all ice cream. I mercilessly bite and sucked her nipples. She jerked her body in the air and reached her first orgasm. I continuously sucked and licked her both the nipples one by one alternatively.

It was so tasty. I squeezed her boobs very hard and sucked them. I was sucking like a small baby. Chewed her nipples. I held both the melons and pressed from two sides. Her nipples came closer. I took both nipples in my mouth at the same time and sucked very hard. She cried with pain and pleasure.

I didn’t leave her boobs until I was fully satisfied. Her boobs became red due to my continue invasion on her soft mound. Several bites mark visible on her soft melons. I loved them. Almost 1 hour over. It was time for the final action. I removed her panty. Her pussy was very beautiful.

Pussy hair was trimmed and gave a perfect look. I went down and spread her legs wide. I started kissing her thighs. The inner portion of her thigh was very sensitive. I took some ice cream and spread it on her feet. I moved my tongue down to her leg finger and sucked them one by one and cleaned ice cream.

I put my tongue in between her two leg fingers and licked there. She was shivering with pleasure. Slowly I moved up and kissed and bite on her cup muscle of the leg. I gave a small bite on her inner thigh and then slowly moved to her pussy. The pussy was wet and the juices were oozing out of it.

I loved that view and slowly I kissed her pussy lips. She said, “Rohit, don’t tease me anymore, give your dick.” I simply ignored her words. I took some ice cream and spread it on her pussy and pushed my tongue inside her pussy and started licking it.

I was tasting her juice mixed with ice cream. While licking her pussy I was pinching her nipples and moving my fingers on her nipples and playing with her boobs. She was moaning even harder. Her hands were on my hair and she was moaning with pleasure constantly.

I bit her clit and kept sucking on her clit while I pushed my middle finger inside her pussy. As I was fingering her pussy she was lifting her back out of excitement. I could see that she was reaching her second orgasm. I continued my action.

Within 5 minutes she was jerking her whole body and came a lot in my mouth. I ate all her juices and made it clean with my tongue. She said, “Oh god, you are an expert. You still didn’t enter me and I reached my orgasm second time. Rohit you are too good.”

I again turned her. Now she was facing the bed. I held her both the butt and spread it. Then I was licking her ass hole. And the area between her ass hole and pussy. She was moaning loudly and screamed with immense pleasure. The room was filled with her screaming and moaning.

I moved upward and kissed on her lips and pressing her boobs. She was tasting her pussy juices from my lips. She didn’t have any power to lift her body from the bed. I removed my brief and my 8 inches long thick hard cock sprang out. It was dancing in the air with its full glory.

Little Rohit was very happy to get a cunt like that. I told, “Sonal sweetheart now ready for the final action. This night you will never forget in your life.” I put my dick in her pussy entrance and rubbed her clit with my dick head. She was pushing back her bottom to take my monster in her but she failed.

She looked at me and understood my intention. She held my cock and put it at the entrance of her glory whole. “Please, Rohit now fuck me with your dick. I am dying for it.” I smiled at her. “But do it very gently because your dick is very big. Enter into me very slowly.”

I pushed a little and my dick head entered in her cunt. She was crying with pain. I took my dick out and again pushed a little more. Half of my dick, my mushroom head entered her cunt. She was crying with pain, “Please leave me I can’t take it, it is huge.”

I stopped my movement and sucked her nipples one by one so that she felt comfortable. A few minutes later her crying turns into sobbing. I understood and without gave her any indication I took my dick fully out and gave her a very hard push. My entire dick went into her cunt and pressed my lips on her.

She couldn’t tolerate the pain as well as couldn’t be screamed because I pressed my lips on her. She bites my lips very hard. blood was coming from my lips. I continued with full force. Every time I took out my dick fully out and pushed hard into her cunt completely. Slowly my dick was adjusted in her pussy.

Now she was also enjoying it. The room was filled with our grunting and moaning sound. After a few minutes, I changed our position. I made her sit like a dog with my body over her back. I made her position in such a way that I could see her face from the mirror hanging on the wall.

Sonal with her big beautiful eyes looked at me from the mirror and said softly, “Don’t stop, I want you to fuck me, Rohit. I want you to fuck me with that cock until I cum. Fuck me now and fuck me hard.” I placed my monster cock again inside her pussy, held her hips with my arm.

I started messaging Sonal’s fair ass globe as I started pushing my cock inside her. She lay her head on the bed raising her hips and moaning as she started feeling my hard flesh going deep inside her. I caught hold of Sonal’s cheek from behind.

I told her, “Look at the mirror. I want to see your face when I fuck you.” She continued watching me through the mirror with her gold chain hanging between her boobs. I stuffed the head of my penis over Sonal’s labia.
Me: “Now look at me.”

I gave a huge push from my hip and my full cock went inside Sonal. She cried and closed her eyes, holding the bedsheet with her hand. There were tears in Sonal’s eyes and she looked at me from the mirror. I again pulled my cock till the head and counted one two three and pushed it back to Sonal pussy.

I continued it a few more times, each time enjoying the pain mixed pleasurable expression of Sonal. Finally, I began my methodical fucking. Sonal was not struggling anymore and her hips swaying with every thrusts that she was receiving from me.

Her grunts were more moans now and her eyes never left me as I was fucking her. I bent down and her boobs in my two hands and pressed. At the same time licked her back with my tongue. She stared me straight from the mirror reflection as I fucked her mercilessly.

Her nostrils were flared and her breathing was labored as she had gone through a lot of physical work. “Oh, Babe! You are so fucking tight and hot inside. A really good fucking cunt, tell me how you feel,” I said. I leaned closer to her face, held her both juicy melons and pressed hard.

I began to fuck her in earnest. She hesitated for an instant and my black hips started slamming her faster and harder. She lifted her head off the bed meeting his every thrust and turned her face towards me. “You are too good. Oh god, oh yes! you are tearing me apart. I never took a big cock like this. Oh, God!”

She said as sweat ran down her neck, between her tits and from her face. Sonal gold chain started swaying to and fro with our body movement. “Kiss me, baby!” I said and leaned down to her face. Sonal moved her face on the backside. I brought my face near her mouth and then both our lips met.

Sonal opened her mouth full to welcome my tongue inside. There was a lot of passion and wetness in our kiss. Like we kissed the first time earlier. “I love you, Rohit! I love you very much. I love what your cock is doing to me. I am going crazy. Your cock has explored the places which have never been touched.”

I pulled her nipple downward from her hanging boobs with my finger. And with the other hand massaged her clit. I stopped fucking, “Sonal baby I love you.”

Sonal: Yes baby I am yours. Love me. Do whatever you want to do with me. But I can’t take this anymore. I am very tired. How many women have you fucked? You are an expert in the love game.

Me: Sonal I want to make love with you. I want you for my entire life. Whenever we get a chance we will fuck each other.
Sonal: Ok, done. But now you release your load and leave me. I am going to faint, with pleasure and pain.

Me: I will make today’s night most memorable for you.
I started my fucking and Sonal started shaking again.
Me: What happened sweetheart? Are you going to have the third one?
Sonal: Yes. Rohit, I am cumming again.

I laughed and pushed my cock deeper and harder. Sonal started cumming on my cock again. She put down her head on the bedsheet crying in ecstasy as she clenched the bedsheet. I was still pounding so hard into her pussy the whole bed was rocking back and forth.

Sonal’s hips were driving forward to meet my monstrous thrusts. Sonal was screaming and throwing her head back and forth. The veins in her neck stood out as she came hard on my cock. She started moaning and calling me by my name and ejaculating her love juices over my cock.

I saw all her love juices were dripping from her thigh and also seeing a few drops falling on the bed sheet directly.
Me: You should see how much you are cumming for my cock.
After coming for a minute or two, Sonal with tired voice: Are you done?

Me: No babe, we are not done yet. Your lover Rohit has a gallon of cum for you. You got yours and now I am going to get mine.
Sonal: Please Rohit, cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your love juices.
Me: Don’t worry, Babe.

Now I made Sonal sit on my lap and again inserted my penis deep inside her vagina. I started fucking her and that time Sonal was facing me. I locked Sonal by my strong arm and muscular chest. Her body was getting sandwiched between my arm and chest.

Sometimes I sucked her boobs, sometimes licked her neck and shoulder. Sometimes sucked her lips. I continued my fucking on Sonal’s fully wet glory hole. There was a sense of desperation and discomfort again on Sonal’s face as I continued my prolong fucking.

Sonal: Oh God! When you will be done? It seems there is no ending to this.
Sonal was getting equally strong thrust again on her pussy from my cock from bottoms. Her ass globe was dancing and her hips getting raised with each blows that she was receiving from my iron rod.

Me: Do you love it, Jaan?
Sonal breathing heavily and said: You are not a man but a monster.
I held Sonal’s cheek and put my tongue inside her mouth. I gave a full mouth to mouth kiss: Monster like me deserve a Princess like you.

I continued my fucking.
Me: Sonal, Sonal. It is happening. I am going to shower my love juices in your pussy.
Sonal comes to sense: What are you saying, Rohit?

Me: I am going to cum.
Sonal screamed, “Ok baby come inside me. I want to feel your hot juices deep inside me.” I laughed and threw her on the bed with me on her top and my penis glued inside her vagina-“Ok darling, I want to empty my ball deep inside you.”

Sonal closed her eyes and waited to feel my hot juices in her cunt. I held her tight and pressed my hips against her. I was now fucking her in missionary position. Her legs were dangling in the air. I was pumping her at full speed.

Me: Are you sure? I release my juices deep inside you?
Sonal: Yes baby. Spray your hot juices inside me.
After 2 to 3 minutes I pressed my lips on her lips held her hands with my hands. Her juicy buttery melons were pressed under my chest.

I gave her my final thrust and pushed my entire dick deep inside her pussy. I entered my dick as much as possible in her cunt and started empty my ball. Sonal was screaming with pleasure, “Ok you cum inside me I want to feel your hot juices in my pussy don’t take it out.”

I started grunting like a beast and cum inside Sonal for almost five minutes. Sonal was sobbing and moaning with pleasure all the time I was filling her glory hole with my seeds. Suddenly Sonal jerked her body and moved up her butt in the air.

With a loud scream released her juices for the final time. I laid on her and put my head on her soft round melons. We were taking long breaths and tried to gasp our breath. Sonal was lying like a dead log with her leg spread. My juice was finally running down to her ass and falling on the bedsheet.

Me: I never cum like this before. It is the best experience I had, tell me truly Sonal darling, Did you like this?”
Sonal was not in a condition to speak or move. I moved down from her and laid beside her. We both were exhausted and took rest.

Around 2 hours later, I kissed on her lips. She opened her eyes. She understood that I wanted to fuck her again. I put some lubricant oil on her ass hole. I entered my one finger in her ass hole. Sonal understood that I was going to fuck her ass.

She whispered, “Please, Rohit I was never fucked in my ass.” I got excited to know that her ass was still virgin. I kissed on her cheek and whispered, “Sweetheart just give it a try. If it pains a lot then I will take it out. Don’t worry.” Sonal agreed to try anal.

I put some lubricant oil on my cock and positioned it on her asshole. Slowly I pushed my cock in her ass. I gave a strong thrust and she was now gasping for breath. Slowly I rammed her virgin ass. In starting she was screaming with pain. I put my finger on her pussy and messaged it while fucked her ass.

It was very tight but we both enjoyed now. Then I was kneading her breast and nipples with my left hand and tickling her clitoris with my right hand. I licked her back with my tongue. And my hot rod was pounding her ass hard. After around half an hour my cock was adjusted in her ass hole.

After around 1 hour I released my load in her ass hole. Now from both of her holes, my juices were flowing. Rest of the night we slept in each other arms completely nude. I was cuddling her soft body. Sonal got into sleep into my arms. We slept like a newly married honeymoon couple.

It was one of the best experiences of my life. In the morning, I woke up and saw Sonal lying by my side completely nude. I held her boobs and kneaded them gently. Sonal woke up and saw my monster. She took my hard dick in her mouth and gave me a nice blowjob.

After that, she came into the cowgirl position. It was her fantasy which she never experienced. The sight was mind-blowing. Her milky skin was visible in the morning light. She was jumping on my cock. Her soft tender juicy milky white boobs were dancing in front of my eyes.

I held her boobs from time to time and pressed them. Pinched her nipples. A few minutes later she bent down and sucked my manly nipples one by one. It was too good. She even bit on my nipples. At the same time jumping on my cock. I could not hold my juices more this time.

Within a few minutes, we came at the same time. We were now relaxing on the bed. After a few minutes later we went to the bathroom together. There we both hugged and soaped each other under the shower. Sonal knelt down and took my rod in her mouth. She was a pro in blowjob.

I released in her mouth and she drank all my juices. Later that day before leaving that hotel she gave me another blowjob. We were now going back to Mumbai. But on the bus, nothing happened because we both were very tired. I just pressed her boobs and kissed on her lips.

After that incident, we keep in touch today and fuck each other whenever we get the opportunity. That episode I will tell you some other day which is also very interesting and arousing. So, guys, this is the story of me and Sonal. Please send your feedback on [email protected]

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