Hot Reader Gets Fucked For Cash

Hello to everyone, and thanks for all the feedback on the previous story. I won’t waste much of your time, and let’s continue with this experience with my hot reader. This is as real as it gets.

Akshita (name changed) has been reading my stories on this site for a long time, and we had been in touch for almost a year now. After reading the recent story with Kirti acting like a slut for me, she pinged me yet again. One thing led to another, and we agreed to meet.

Akshita is a fair-skinned 27-year-old with a chubby built. Stats were 36B-34-38 with pinkish nipples and pussy. Her skin was so sensitive that a hard squeeze or spank on her body formed red handprints. Since the day I saw her display pic on WhatsApp, I always wanted a chance with her.

When she agreed to fuck and showed me her nudes and video call, I wanted to fuck her at any cost. Anyway, she mentioned that if I want to fuck her and have her service, then she’ll do it for some cash. It will help her pay her flat rent. I was in no mood of missing this chance. Skipping to the end, we had a deal.

We fixed the meet next Monday, and I booked the hotel room. I reached the location. All dressed up in my nicest T-shirt and denim combo, I waited with the valet for her. Soon enough, her cab reached the hotel entrance.

Akshita was looking bomb. A red, deep neck top exposing some of her boobs as she wasn’t wearing a bra, a black flared mini skirt that ended just below her butt, and high heels. She cat-walked gracefully, showing off her curves, deep cleavage, and milky thighs and ass.

We checked into our room, freshened up, and then we both got comfortable on the bed. I complimented her hairstyle and looks. She blushed and told me she took hours getting ready for this. We then got closer for a kiss, and our hands explored each other.

I pulled her closer by holding her waist. I played with her tummy and belly button before sliding my other hand in her top to get hold of her soft boobs. She pulled my head more for a deeper, passionate kiss as I kneaded her nipples.

Before we knew it, our tongues were fighting each other. We were groping and pulling on each other’s clothes, trying to get them off. I let her lick my fingers and then slipped my hand inside the skirt and up her thighs. I kept going till I felt her hot pussy behind her panty.

She parted her legs open, and I teased her pussy from above the panty. Just as she felt me pulling her panty to the side, she closed her legs shut and bit my lower lip.

Akshita – You haven’t paid the toll tax, love.

Me – You don’t trust me, ha?

I paid her, and she counted them before hiding them inside her clutch.

Akshita- Never did, never will.

She then jumps over me, and we smooch deeply. My hands naturally find themselves on her big bubble butt. I was below her, and she was bent over on top of me. My hands played with her butt cheeks for a couple of minutes, and then I spanked her few times. She moaned and kissed me harder.

I pulled her panties down to her knees, and she lifted her one leg. I slid the panty off, leaving it to dangle on her other foot’s ankle. Akshita was doing her best to tease me with her lips on my cheeks, neck, ears, etc. All the while, I slowly massaged her bare clit making her pussy wet.

I could feel her hands rubbing over my boner in denim. She unbuckled my belt and then my button, followed by the zipper. Her cold hands slid inside my boxers and gripped on my semi-hard cock. Her touch was too cold. But I moaned as she wrapped her fingers on my dick, moving the skin to and fro.

She pulled off my denim and boxers and threw them on the floor. The AC was indeed making it all chilled and cozy. She lifted herself a little, pulled the top, and did the best titty drop I have ever seen up close. Her boobs were huge and firm – pointy pinkish nipples and areola.

Akshita shivered, and her nipples got more hard with the cold air blowing on them. She slowly bent forward, dropping them on my face. I got a hold of the big boobies and proceeded to rub my face between them. They were so warm and squishy.

Ah! I took turns and sucked them one by one while massaging her clit at the same time. Soon I took both her titties in my hands. Akshita rubbed her pussy on my throbbing cock. I nibbled on her perky nipples with occasional love bites and circled them with my tongue teasing her more.

I could feel her getting wet and hear her soft moans with every move. Every time she tried to slip my cock tip inside her pussy, I pulled her closer and back on my cock shaft.

She was a bitch in heat, and I just lifted her slightly enough to get my erect dick between her pussy lips. Akshita guided my fat cock inside her tight pussy. She was now riding me slow but deep. She was increasing her pace as I squeezed and teased her milky tits more.

I soon felt her body stiffen as she orgasmed with a sexy moan. Her pussy tightened its grip on my dick as she hugged me. But I was not done with her. I hugged her waist, lifting her ass, and started fucking her in the same position.

She was on bouncing in my lap facing me, and her pussy getting fucked real hard. Her moans were getting louder and erotic. The room was filled with our sex soundtrack – her ass clapping on my thighs and our grunts and moans. She was super tight, and we kissed yet again.

I was increasing my pace now, and she was matching my strokes. Whenever I thrust upwards, Akshita pushed her ass down. The raw skin-to-skin feel was amazing. I felt my cum building up. I fucked her harder now.

Akshita – Yes, that’s it. That’s it, baby, ah!

I was just moaning slightly, focusing on not cumming early. Akshita took the support of my shoulders and fucked me harder till she orgasmed again. Her boobs were crushed against my chest. The boiling hot cum was gushing all over my cock and made its way down my waist before pooling on the bedsheet.

Me – Come on! Stay with me, baby. I’m gonna cum too!

I spanked her fat ass as I kept fucking her.

Akshita- Not in my pussy, Dumbo!

She got off me and came between my legs.

Akshita – These lips are gonna make your money worth, honey.

She gives a trail of kisses from the bottom of the shaft till the tip and then back till the base, sucking on my balls as well. She was spitting on my dick and slowly spreading it over the shaft with her hands.

Followed by a slow blowjob and balls sucking. She was doing amazing stuff with her tongue on my balls. God knows what it was, but sensations were super hot.

After teasing my balls, Akshita was now focused fully on the rock-hard dick. She held the base of the dick with both hands. She kissed gently on the tip, licking the whole shaft from the base to the tip. She finally slowly, inch by inch, took more and more of it inside her mouth.

Her hand twisted and turned around my cock shaft. She sucked on the upper sensitive part of the dick, going crazy like a pornstar. Licking below the tip and around the crown of dick. I wanted to push her face on my dick and drain my balls. But that feeling was something I didn’t want to stop.

She was testing my patience. Her lusty eyes were locked with mine as her red rosy lips sucked on my cock, licking it, occasionally biting it. Kissing all while her hands kept on stroking my dick. Akshita picked up her pace with every suck.

Sucking with more pressure than the last one, taking the full length of my dick and playing with my balls and deepthroat it, gagging on my cock. But it was too much for me. I was going to burst, and she knew it too.

Akshita removed her lips from my cock for few seconds, took a deep breath, and held my dick firmly in her hand. Stroking it gently while she licked below the dick tip again nonstop, showing no mercy.

I moaned and groaned loudly. I felt myself shooting ropes after ropes of thick sperm with my dick throbbing between her lips. Her other hand was massaging my balls. I barely lasted 10 minutes with her going crazy over a blowjob. We rested for a while.

She gave an awesome body massage with her naked body rubbing against me. After the sensual massage, we were giving each other a hot 69 position. She suggested taking a shower to clean off the oil and cum from each other, and we did exactly the same.

Even under the shower, we were smooching. We had a hot make-out session, groping and teasing each other. She took some oil in her hands, rubbing it all on my dick, jerking it. She dirty talked in a very sexy tone about how badly she wants me to make her feel like a woman again.

Fucking her poor pussy like it’s no tomorrow and ruining her for other men and something more like that. And my dick got super hard in no time. Saluting her beauty and ready for fucking Akshita’s brains out.

There will be another part coming soon about our second exotic sex. Till then, take care. Feel free to drop your query, views, and feedback on [email protected] (hangout and email).

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