Fuck-Dance With My Girlfriend In Hotel Room

Hello friends, I am very excited to share my sex experience for the first time on the ISS. I am Shreyash, 6 ft tall, age 21 from Maharashtra, fair complexion and well-built body. I have a 7 inch long and 4-inch thick tool which enough for any pussy.

The heroine of the story is my girlfriend Chikuu – 5 ft height, age 21, very fair complexion with nice shaped boobs (32B-24-35 figure) and ass which anyone would die for. Just imagine Yami Gautam for the best imagination for my girlfriend.

We are in the relationship for almost 3 years (2014 to 2017) but we get separated due to some family problems. But we met again last year and somehow restarted our relationship.

I love Chikuu very much and she also loves me. Due to the big gap without having any other partners in our life, we both were desperate for good sex. So, we went to a movie theatre and indulged in oral sex there. But my girlfriend was not satisfied with that (neither was I).

So we decided to book a room in a decent hotel for 2 days (money wasn’t a problem as I am settled in my business now.)

I booked a room in a 5-star hotel to have the ultimate sex experience and without any interruptions.

We decided to check into the hotel in the evening because of the summer heat.

The exciting story starts begins here..

My girlfriend made an excuse at home saying she had an interview in an MNC in Mumbai for a job. Then I picked her up a little far from her house.

Chikuu was wearing tight black jeans and a red top. While she was walking toward my bike, she intentionally bent forward to show me her cleavage! Wow, my dick got hard in seconds and she noticed it too. My gf then sat on the back seat of my bike with her hand on my waist.

Chikuu – Your snake got excited just seeing my cleavage?

I smiled and said –

Me – I can see you naked with my X-ray vision.

She laughed and gave me a tight hug from behind. The hotel was outside the city. As we continued to travel through the dark road, she rubbed her pussy on my back by adjusting her hip.

Me – Stop teasing me! Otherwise, I am going to fuck you on the road itself!

Chikuu – Nahi baba, mala laj vatte (No, I am felling shy).

Now we reached the hotel, we rush to your room after completing check in procedure. I am able to see the shine in the eyes of my girlfriend as she was very excited for fucking.
While entering in the room

Me – Get ready for the adventure of your life.

We were inside the hotel room and immediately, I locked the door and started kissing my girlfriend. Both of us were on fire! She was pressing my tool above the jeans and I was pressing her boobs with full force. Then I removed her top and then her bra. I started sucking my girlfriend’s boobs and biting her nipples. Chikuu was moaning in pleasure.

After a few minutes, I pushed her on the bed and removed her jeans and panty in the one go and threw it away.

Me (biting her nipples) – Don’t you dare to wear any clothes for the next 2 days.

Chikuu – Ahhh janu..dukhte n re.. (It’s paining but I am all yours for the next two days).

Then I went down on my girlfriend and started sucking her pussy like mad. She was playing with my hair and moaning in pleasure.

I put a finger inside her pussy, it was tight because she didn’t have sex for more than two years. Then I started fingering my girlfriend with two fingers and looked at her.

Chikuu (with a lusty smile) – Ata majhi bari.. (now my chance).

I got up and immediately remove my clothes. She was on her knees on the bed and suddenly took my cock in her mouth. My girlfriend was a good cock-sucker.

Then we got in the 69 position. Chikuu was giving me a great blowjob using her tongue and lips in sync and I was licking her pussy. Suddenly, I put a whole finger in my girlfriend’s asshole. Surprisingly, it went inside easily as it was wet my saliva. My girlfriend was shocked as she never expected this and bite my cock unknowingly!

It pained but I didn’t care. I got up. She lied in the same position. I adjusted her butt to get the full view of her pussy and spat on it. Then I took my cock near her pussy and start rubbing it on her pussy.

Chikuu (with a pouting face) – Tak na lavkar andar (put it inside now!)

The next moment, I pushed my entire cock in her pussy in one stroke

Chikuu – Ahhhh janu..Please, do slowly. I am here for two days.

Then I started stroking her slowly with gentle thrusts. Guys, it was an amazing feeling – the wet and tight pussy of your lover around your cock – I was straight in heaven at that time.

Me – Ooh shit, I forgot about my plan!

Chikuu – What happened, janu? Why did you stop? And what plan?

Me – I have a surprise for you.

Chikuu – First you complete what you are doing and then give me the surprise!

With the cock inside my girlfriend’s pussy, I took a pendrive out of my pants, dragged both of us and then inserted in the home theater of the room. By then, she moving back and forth to get fucked by my cock and squeezing her pussy on my cock.

I had customized a song “Tamma Tamma” from the “Badrinath ki dulaniya” to do fuck-dance on the song’s rhythm. I played it on full volume.

Now I was fucking my gf in synchronous with the song beats and rhythms! It was a new feel for both of us and we both were enjoying it very well.

Then I was taking my whole dick out and putting it inside my girlfriend again in random successions according to the song lyrics and beats! (Guys, I swear it will be really an unbelievable experience while you fuck a girl with a song).

After a few minutes, I changed to missionary position and started stroking deep inside my girlfriend. She closed her eyes to enjoy this moment fully. It was the next level fucking experience for us. I was fucking my gf non-stop for over 40 minutes with the song on loop!

Then I was about to come and she said she wanted it in her mouth.

I immediately got up and started mouth fucking her. After 3 minutes, I unloaded my cum in her mouth and she drank it fully like a good girl and gave a kiss on my cock. Then we both rested. She lied on my chest.

Chikuu – Thank you januu for this great surprise. I had 7 orgasms during your new fucking game!

Me – Let’s call it “fuck dance” or “sex dance”

Chikuu – Whatever you say, but I loved it very much.

The story of the next two days will be told in my next story.

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