Unexpected Sex With A Friend

Hello, everyone, I am Manu and here I am with a true incident that happened with me last month. Before coming to the story for those who don’t know me I am Manu from Delhi I am 6’1″ average looking guy. This story is with a friend whose name is Shefali (name changed).

We were very good friends for the last few months and use to hang out together a lot. This time we were just roaming in a car in Delhi and we decided to go to Murthal Sukhdev. We went there had food and then we were drinking in parking. And then we decided to watch a movie.

Since it was getting late she proposed to take a room and watch a movie. We both didn’t have any wrong intentions. I booked an Oyo room nearby, bought more alcohol and checked in to the room. It was a decent room. Since it was a spontaneous plan so we didn’t have clothes to change.

We sat on the bed and started drinking and chit-chatting. After some time we switched off the light and started watching a movie. We didn’t complete the movie and slept in between. We cuddled and slept. After some time I don’t know how but we were kissing and then it all started.

Sorry, I forgot to tell about her. Shaifali is a short good looking girl with big boobs and really good ass. While kissing I entered my hand inside her top from back and started rolling it on her back. Slowly I took it to her boobs and she wasn’t wearing a bra. I started pressing her boobs while kissing.

Then I got up and entered her top and started kissing and licking her stomach followed by her boobs. I started sucking her boobs and pressing them she also started moaning. Alongside I took one of my hand to her pussy. I started playing with it over her jeans.

Then after some time opened the button of her jeans and entered my hand inside her panty. She was damm wet and I liked it. I started playing with her pussy lips and was also kissing her lips and neck at the same time. Then I took off her top and dere she was half-naked in front of me.

Then I started sucking her boobs neck down till her naval area again. She was moaning very loudly. Then I changed my position and got down from her and again hugged tight. I took her hand to my dick. She started playing with it over the jeans.

After sometime enter it inside the jeans and started giving me a handjob. After this, I went down on her and took off her jeans and panty in one go. I started licking her pussy and I kissed her pussy lips for long. I was licking her and alongside pressing her boobs.

She was liking the way I was doing it a lot. (This she told me later). After this, she took off my jeans and underwear. I was really shocked to see such a big dick. She mentioned that I have done it with others also earlier But kabhi itna bada Ni dekha. She was happy.

She started giving me a blow job but couldn’t take the entire dick in her mouth. I was enjoying it now. Then I changed my position and brought her in 69 position and again started licking her pussy. Then I even entered my tongue inside her pussy. Very soon she had her first orgasm.

She was really happy as she rarely used to reach orgasm. I was also about to cum so she stopped. We again started kissing. She was sitting on my dick and was rubbing her pussy with my dick. I was liking it. She then asked me if I have a condom.

But since it wasn’t planned so I didn’t have it. I wasn’t expecting that she will agree for sex without a condom. But since she had got so much pleasure during the foreplay. So she didn’t want to miss this opportunity and she asked me to enter her. I again confirmed it and she ordered me to get inside.

I entered her in one go in cowgirl position. She started jumping very fast. She was really enjoying it and was moaning very loudly. I was rather scared that no one hears. But I didn’t care much and continued. We then switched to reverse cowgirl followed by doggy style.

And she had her other orgasm in the doggy position. Since I wasn’t done and she was also not in a mood to stop we continued fucking. We fucked for about 45 minutes in many positions including missionary, lotus. Then I took her to the couch and we tried many things there.

When I was about to cum I asked her where does she want it. Since we didn’t have a condom, she asked me that she wants to drink it. She started blowing me and I came in her mouth. We both were damm tired and we just fell on the bed. But since she wasn’t done again.

I started fingering her and very soon she had her third orgasm. It was for the first time that she had 3 orgasms in one round. We then cleaned ourselves and slept. Then while we were talking we agreed that let’s not made it a habit. It might spoil our friendship and fir us that was most important.

The best things for me were her compliments about the level of pleasure she got. I am really happy to get this opportunity to spend that night with her. We both are very good friends now also but have promised that we won’t repeat it.

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I apologize for the grammatical errors.

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