My Experience With My Aunt

Hi friends, this is Rahul, 22 years old from Kengeri, Bangalore. I hope all of you will enjoy my story and support me in writing many more. I will not drag you much. Let us just get into the story.  I have elaborated this story to dive into each scene of this story and make you feel it is your own story.

This incident took place during my junior college holidays. It was summer vacation, and I had to attend a marriage in a place near to mine. It was my mom’s birthplace. She had an elder brother, and he had a daughter who is 5 years younger than me. He also had a son, 8 months old.

Mom and I went 3 days earlier just to spend time there and also attend a marriage. Once we reached there, we just rested that night. Uncle left for office in the morning, and mom went to cousins’ house near bs house nearby. I was still in bed, and my aunt came to wake me up.

We both started speaking about some general topics. I asked about her daughter, and she said she will be returning from the hostel after marriage. I was not having any bad intentions with my aunt. And then the baby started crying. She asked me to get the baby and started feeding her in front of me.

I was about to leave the room. She asked me if I have not seen feeding a baby before this. I said I have seen it, but when I was a kid. She laughed and said, “When Shreya was born, you always asked naughty questions when your mom left you here.”

I said, “I am still naughty but just grown. So I could not speak naughty things.” We both laughed. She just hit on my head and asked me to freshen up and come for breakfast. I have a habit of not wearing inners at home. So I wore boxer and topless. I went to have breakfast.

After breakfast, we were sitting on the sofa. I saw the English movie ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’ There was a sex scene in the movie. After seeing that, I went into the bathroom and started shagging. Suddenly my aunt opened the door, and I was afraid of what she would say.

But she started laughing and said, “You have a small one!” But she did not know it was not yet erected. I just put my pants on and went back to the sofa. She sat beside me and asked, “How often do you masturbate?” I was shocked by the question. But answered whenever I feel like doing it, I do.

I started thinking if she is trying to make me get into bed. So I asked her if she had any boyfriend before marriage. She said my uncle was her only boyfriend till now. She said how they were enjoying their college days, and while saying all these, she started feeding her baby.

After around 5 or 10 minutes, she shifted to another boob. She didn’t cover the first one. My penis got erect by seeing her nipple. It was pointing out like a bullet. She saw my erection and said, “I saw it was small in the bathroom. How come it grew now?”

I just bent my head down. She asked me, “Have you never seen any girls’ boobs, even in porn.” I said, “I have seen many boobs but not only in porn but in reality also.” She asked, “Have you tasted breast milk any time recently?”

I just shook my head, indicating no. She asked me to taste a few drops. I knew now completely what was going on. I said that I will taste it after the baby sleeps. It was 11 in the morning, and the baby was asleep.

I reached her room. She was about to go to bath and was only in her towel without anything under it. I went into the room and asked her if I can taste it now. She said she was about to bathe. I didn’t listen to her. I made her sit on the bed and pulled her towel, and started sucking her boobs.

The taste of milk is the best thing you will taste. And as I was sucking one boob, I started pressing the other boob. I started slightly biting her nipples and running my tongue around them. Now I slowly moved my hand over her stomach.

I tried to touch her vagina, but she stopped me and moved to the bathroom. I got naked and went into the bathroom along with her. She asked me to go out, but I said, “You have bathed me many times. You bath me again today.” She called me naughty and came closer to me, and turned the shower on.

We both were completely wet in water. I was sitting there, and she started washing my head and came in front of me. I just grabbed her thighs and started sucking her vagina. She was shocked but could not push me back. Instead, she started pulling me closer.

I started sucking her deep and deep she was breathing heavily, and I stood up and made her sit down. I asked her if she ever sucked before. She said, “Your uncle does not like all this. So I have not tried until now.” I said, “Just try now and pulled her by her hair.”

She inserted my penis inside her mouth. For her first time sucking, she was a good sucker. She was enjoying the sucking, and I made her stand and turned her around. I bent her and started fingering her, and rubbed my penis on her vagina. She could not control more.

She was moving back to get it entered. But I was teasing her, and when she was not ready, I suddenly pushed my dick inside. But it slid inside easily without any barrier. But the heat inside was so enough to give me every pleasure I need.

We fucked and kissed each other for more than 20 minutes and then got out of the bathroom. We just got completely dressed and slept in her room.

When I woke up, it was already 4. Everyone had returned home, and we both did not get any chance the next three days. We just were looking at each other and smiling at one another.

Then whenever I go to their place and have a chance, we just do love and enjoy ourselves. We have not got that chance many times, but we never left any chance that we have got. We have tried many different things, which you will be known in my future stories.

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