Make Out Session In Mahabaleshwar With Gayatri

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I landed in Mumbai and went straight to our regular CCD. Gayatri had traveled from Bangalore the previous night to drive to Mahabaleshwar on a business get-together with her team.

The previous day was a public holiday. She had called up around 2 pm to chat. I was super excited to get her call. While chatting, she sounded quite bored about going to Mahabaleshwar. She was happy that I was going to be in Mumbai too and that we could meet briefly.

Gayatri: So are we meeting tomorrow, or do you have a packed day? Where are your meetings?

Me: Gorgeous, I would find time to meet you anyways. My meeting is at Fort. But I shall come to meet you around 2 pm. Is that fine?

Gayatri: Isn’t that a long drive for you? Our bus leaves around 3:30. So yes, we could meet briefly if it is okay with you.

Me: What are you wearing now?

Gayatri: Shorts and a T. Why?

Me: I feel like being there right now and kissing your neck and shoulder.

Gayatri: Stop it, please. I won’t be able to handle it. My dad is sitting outside.

I knew her husband was traveling, and her dad had come to visit her.

Me: I shall slip my hand between your legs.

G: Please stop it.

Me: And bite your breasts over your T. Are you wearing a bra, baby?

G: Yes.

Me: I unhook your bra and am fondling your breasts, baby. I am kissing your delicious lips. I have your tongue in my mouth now, baby. I am running my hand through your hair while my other hand feels your naked back under your T.

G: Shit, stop it.

Me: I am now kissing your naked backside and am moving down. I am now onto your sexy ass. I have removed your shorts, baby. I am biting your sexy ass cheeks and have parted them, baby.

G: God, what are you doing to me?

Me: Baby, I have my dick out. It’s thick and hard and juicy.

G: Ah, yes, I want that. Give it to me now.

Me: I am rubbing your clit now, baby. I am rubbing them gently.

G: Shit, Sunny, stop, please.

Me: Baby, are you rubbing yourself now? Tell me.

G: Yeah. I am feeling myself. I wish you were here right now. Cum na, baby.

Me: Do you want me, honey?

G: Yes, yes, yes.

Me: Faster, baby. I am licking you, baby. Faster. I am licking you non-stop and fondling your breasts. I have your nipples between my thumb and middle finger and am pressing them gently. My nose is going deeper into your pussy, and my tongue is feeling the interiors of your pussy. You are so wet, honey.

G: Yes, don’t stop, don’t stop.

Me: Did you cum, baby?

There was silence, and then, in a tired voice, she said, “Yes, you are wonderful.”

Cut to Monday. I was waiting for her and then I saw her walking towards my table. She was wearing a light green shirt and a black pair of nicely fitted trousers. Her hair was let loose except for a small tuft of hair held by a clip.

As described in the earlier narratives, Gayatri is 5.5 and has a small frame but a great figure. Her 32B size had the most amazing nipples that always stood nice and erect. They were really big, especially on her small breasts. Her breasts curved gently like a ripe, juicy mango.

She had a flat stomach and then a real sexy ass – not too big, not too small. But they swayed very sexily when she walked. She had nice juicy thighs, and her toes and nails were well-manicured and painted. She used to wear a very light shade of lipstick and never had much made.

Her beautiful eyes, long hair, lovely smile all added to her sexy looks. While she looked stunning in western, I personally liked her in Indian outfits. We chatted for a while. She was blushing when I reminded her of the previous afternoon.

She had put her hand over my hand on the table while chatting. We were in a corner, so there was no issue of anyone seeing us. After placing the order, while walking back, I looked at her from behind. I felt like kissing her.

Me: Can you see my lower back? Is it swollen as it is red?

G: Yeah, sure, but where can I see it.

Me: Come to the washroom.

She was saying that I walked. She followed me at a distance. Once inside, I just held her in my arms and kissed her. She was taken aback for a second but kissed me with equal passion. I kissed her neck, knowing that it was her weak spot.

She pushed me back, saying, “Don’t start it now. I won’t be able to handle it, please.” I held her tightly and pressed her ass cheeks gently first and then tightly. She always wore thongs so her ass could be felt fully over her trousers.

Me: Do you want me, baby?

G: (blushing) Yes. You know I get aroused when you do all this.

We walked out. She could see my hard-on, and she was smiling.

G: What do you plan to do with that? Let’s have our coffee so that you cool down a bit.

Me: Are you wet as well, baby?

G: (silence first and then blushes): What do you think?

We walked back to our place. The lady behind the counter looked at us with an all-knowing smile and saw my bulge, which I was trying to hide. We spoke a bit about her trip to Mahabaleshwar

G: I don’t feel like going today. I feel like being with you tonight in your arms and making love to you. What time is your flight?

Me: I have another meeting and then shall check the night flights. Else shall take the morning flight.

We then kept chatting for a bit. It was soon time for her bus to leave for Mahabaleshwar. Reluctantly, she got up and walked back while I looked at her sexy ass.

I then called for my driver. I had not shared with Gayatri that I had no further meetings. I was planning to surprise her by reaching the same hotel before her. I had picked up a nice saree for her and sexy lingerie and a sexy nice dress, i.e., a sexy pair of shorts with a matching cotton T.

I just couldn’t wait to see her reaction and was looking forward to some intense lovemaking at night. It was raining. I was excited to be in Mahabaleshwar in the rain.

That evening, after I had checked into my room, I went out for a stroll. I saw that there were rooms on the ground level and the first floor. I had taken a corner room which was more like a suite.

It had views on both sides and a nice sit-out. The sit-out was not visible from any of the other rooms. Thus it gave privacy to its guests.

After a long stroll, I came back and made myself some tea, and sat out. It was slightly nippy after the rains. I pinged Gayatri to check where she had reached. Instantly her response came that they were about 10 minutes away from the property. The property had nice views and was well spread out.

Gayatri and her team had a get-together in the evening. It was more of a team bonding than anything else. So it was going to food, music, drinks, etc., for them. I intended to whisk Gayatri away from all that.

Soon she was at the property, and she started sending me pics of the place around. I asked about her room and if it was comfortable.

G: The room is nice and cozy. I wish you were here. It’s raining now and is looking so romantic.

Me: So is there a balcony where you could sit and relax?

G: No, these rooms don’t have a balcony, but there is a garden below. I shall go there and call you.

She was describing the scenery around. I had been hard since the afternoon when I had kissed her. I couldn’t hold back any longer. That is when I came down and walked towards the garden from another direction. She was standing in a secluded corner near a bench while texting me.

The bench was wet from the rain. She had changed into a pair of jeans, but her green shirt was still on. Soon it started drizzling again. We were cut out from the resort’s direct view. The plantation and trees around the bench gave some respite from the drizzle.

G: (texting) Oh, it’s so lovely here. It’s drizzling now. The views are nice, and the place is so quiet. I guess the rainy season is the right time to be here with not much of a crowd.

Me: Yes, even I have a lovely view here. I can’t seem to take my eyes of this view!

G: Is it? Where are you now? What time is your flight?

Me: If I were there with you in this rain, would you have kissed me?

G: Yes.

Me: And what else?

G: I would have kissed you so hard that you would have asked me to stop!

Me: Why would I want you to stop, baby? What if we get wet while kissing?

G: I would have continued kissing nevertheless.

Me: And what if I hugged you then?

G: I would have been in your arms.

Me: and what if I felt your ass like I felt you in the afternoon.

G: I don’t know. You tell me what you would have done.

Me: Are you wearing the same light green shirt and trousers?

G: Yes, the same shirt but I changed into a pair of jeans.

Me: What if you are getting wet and I hug you and start undoing your shirt buttons, baby?

G: And then?

Me: And I take off your shirt.

G: Then?

Me: You are now in your bra! I hope no one can see you.

G: No, I am in a secluded spot, so no one could have seen if you had kissed me and taken off my shirt. How romantic!

Me: And if I started pulling your jeans down?

G: No!

Me: Okay, what if I pull it down slightly and feel your naked ass.

G: I don’t know. I would be melting in your arms.

Me: I feel your pussy. Would it be wet by now, baby?

G: (silence and then breathing hard): Yes.

Me: do you want me, doll?

I walked up to her from behind. She turned around and gasped. The rain was coming down harder. We were both wet. But we kissed, and what a kiss that was. I felt her ass, and I undid the buttons off her shirt. She pulled my t-shirt. I undid her bra and pulled her towards a large tree cover.

Her bra and shirt were still on her. She felt my member and undid my zip. I pulled out my dick. She held my dick while I unzipped her jeans and felt her pussy. Her pussy was gooey and wet. We were hungry for each other but were mindful of our surroundings.

We were still kissing, and then we decided to move to our room. I clasped her bra and buttoned her up while she pulled her jeans back. We ran towards the building block. I yelled out my room number told her to come to my room. As we neared the building area, I moved away from her.

I took the stairs and reached my floor, and moved towards my room. I left the door open. In a matter of few minutes, she was inside as well. We were hungry and desperate for each other. We quickly got out of our clothes and kissed. I unclasped her bra and went for luscious nipples.

Each of her nipples was the size of a big grape. She still had her thongs on. I kissed her and then pulled her g string down. Since we were wet, we went for a quick shower. My dick was rock hard while we kissed and applied soap on each other.

While running my hand through the crack of her ass, I went down on my knees and started eating her. I couldn’t hold it any longer and just thrust my tongue and nose deep into her pussy. In a matter of seconds, she had a massive orgasm and cum on my face. It was simply yummy and delicious.

She held onto the railing of the shower area while she caught her breath. I wiped her hair and body and then myself. I lifted her in my arms and moved towards the bed. She started kissing me all over and took my cock in her mouth. I pulled her legs towards my face as we went 69 position.

She wanted me to come as she already had an orgasm in the bathroom. But when I started eating her again, she left my dick and just put her face down on my leg. Her silky hair was now on my other leg while her hands were lying towards the front towards my feet.

Her sexy ass was on my face. I ate her pussy and tried putting my nose into her asshole. She had a very tight hole. I tried putting my finger in, and she moaned.

G: Don’t put it in there, please. I have not done anal.

Me: Doll, your ass is to die for. I want to put it in there tonight.

G: Sunny, your tongue is driving me crazy.

Saying this, she dug her nails on my thighs and came again. I wanted to scream as her nails dug in deep. But then I was also very aroused seeing her condition, so I turned her around and pinned her and shoved my dick into her. She was so wet that it went in smoothly. We were now fucking, and we were kissing.

G: Yes, kiss me all over. Yes, lick me all over, please.

Me: Yes, doll. I am biting you. I am giving you love bites all over.

G: No, don’t give me any marks, please. I won’t be able to explain.

As she said this, I came inside her. She had put her legs around my back to get a better grip, and she didn’t let me go when I was cuming.

G: Yes, I wanted you in me. I wanted your cum in me.

Me: Did you cum?

G: I came twice earlier.

I rolled over and held her, kissed her neck, then her navel. I went for her pussy again. I licked it for a couple of minutes till she had a series of mini orgasms. She was quivering and holding me tight.

I too hugged her tight after 30 odd hours since we had spoken over the phone, arousing each other. We then slept for an hour, naked in each other’s arms. It was still pouring outside.

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