Seduced By Chubby Maid – Part 1

It was in April 2014 that I first lost my virginity. I was 18 years old back then. I won’t tell much about myself.

My parents had started to travel a lot every month since they wanted to expand their garment business. Because of this, they were away from home for a week or so.

It was during this period that they would hire a temporary maid who would stay in our home and take care of me. Each month, a different maid was hired and you will know about them in the upcoming parts.

The first temporary maid was Avantika. She was 22 years old and 5″8′ tall. She had a chubby body of fair complexion which I always love over skinny bodies. Her measurements were 36-28-34. Anyone would die for a body like that.

However, I had no feelings like that for her in the beginning. I was a shy guy at the college. I would very rarely talk to girls.

Even though I was from a mixed college, I still didn’t have the courage to talk to the new chubby maid Avantika. It was perhaps because of the bullying by my female schoolmates that I had lost confidence in myself.

The day before my parents were to leave our hometown, Ava (I used to call her ‘Ava’ later on) was introduced by the maid agency and she started to live in our house from that day.

The next day, my parents left for their business to another town, and now only I and Ava were in the house. I was so shy of her that I would not even look at her when she would come to my room for wiping the floor or when she would serve me food. On the first day, I barely talked to her.

She was maybe starting to feel lonely and frustrated because of my silence because of which she pursued me the next morning. She made tea for me in the morning and came to my room to serve me. I was still not looking at her.

The young and chubby maid served the tea but didn’t give it to me as she was angry with me because I wasn’t talking to her. She wasn’t hesitant to behave like that at all. I didn’t say anything and kept mum.

She now kept gave the cup to me and walked out of my room in a very sad mood. I was repeatedly thinking about her bad mood while having my tea. I couldn’t bear the guilt of making a girl sad and rushed to her room allotted by my parents.

She was sitting there with a very sad face. I said nothing and sat by her side. I now said her about my life and she also understood my viewpoint. She apologized to me for her behavior and made me another cup of tea as the earlier cup had gone cold.

It was during breakfast that she talked to me again. She said that to shoo away my fear, I have to face it no matter what. I denied what she said but she was very much willing to help me.

She asked me to trust her and believe in whatever she was doing to make my fear go away. Saying this, the temporary chubby maid took my hand in her hand and said me to look into her eyes.

I was shocked at the new maid’s action and ran into my room. She followed me and sat near me on my bed. She now slowly took my hand and held it for some minutes. I was now feeling a bit confident in front of her. After that, I started to look into her eyes for a lot of time.

She was happy that she was helping me in winning over my fears. Even I was happy that after a long time I was looking face to face to a girl and that too while holding her hand.

(The sex part is coming very soon so do have patience. It’s always the build-up that counts.)

Since it was a vacation period as our semesters had finished, I was free throughout the day. When Ava came to know about it, she asked me to spend the day with her as that would help me gain my confidence and she would have company as well.

The beautiful maid gave me so much confidence that I started to talk to her with eye to eye contact. She was also smiling regularly since I was gaining from her help. She would also occasionally hold my hands to boost my confidence.

She had now prepared the lunch and was free till lunchtime. So we started to watch TV. She was holding my hands while watching it. Suddenly, she kept her head on my shoulder and asked if I was okay. I replied in affirmative and she was now watching the TV.

After half an hour, she started to feel a bit tired and decided to take a nap on my lap. I was hugely surprised but she wanted to increase my confidence so I didn’t deny her. My dick was now starting to get hard as her hair bun was touching my Prince.

She didn’t notice it but I was afraid by the thought of her reaction when she would see a boner. Because of this, I told her that I had some work to do and left the hall. By then she had noticed my boner but didn’t say anything.

The lunchtime arrived but I kept mum during that time since I was worried about her reaction. Seeing my silence, the chubby housemaid asked me what was going on and I said nothing.

She understood my tension and asked whether I was worried about her reaction to my boner. I was shocked at her question but then she said that it was ok for a guy to have a boner when a girl sleeps on his lap and said me not to worry about it.

After lunch was over and she finished washing the utensils, she came to my room and gave me a tight hug. The chubby maid’s huge boobs were now pressing against my chest and I was now getting a boner yet again. But still, she persisted with the hug.

She hugged me for around 10 minutes and it was the best hug of my life. After the hug was over, she said that she was concerned about me because of the boner issue and wanted to make me feel better for which she hugged me. I said it was okay and I liked the hug. Listening to this, she hugged me again.

Ava then went to her room and I went to sleep for the afternoon. It was evening when I woke up and found that she was making tea for me in the kitchen. We then talked a lot over tea and it was during this time that I checked her out.

Our maid was wearing a half skirt and a tight t-shirt because of which her upper half was totally attracting me. Occasionally, her skirt would move an inch upwards and her juicy thighs would attract me so much that I wished to suck them right at that moment. But I controlled myself and focused on what she was saying.

After some talks, I found out that she was a virgin just like me and hardly had many friends because of her job.

Listening to this, I hugged her tightly and said that I will always stay her friend. She then smiled and left for the kitchen to make dinner. The dinner was over and I was going to my bed when Ava stopped me and asked whether she could sleep with me.

I hesitated but she said that she was afraid of sleeping alone at night and started to cry because of which I gave away.

I was very nervous while sleeping beside her. I was awake for most of the night but got up early in the morning. As soon as I opened my eyes, I found that her t-shirt had moved a bit up because of which her boobs were partially visible. I wanted to suck those juicy mangoes right at that moment but controlled myself.

I put a bedsheet over her and then went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I returned, I saw that the maid had woken up. I was nervous as to what she might think. She however got up from her bed and hugged me. After that, she gave me a cheek kiss.

She said that she liked the fact that instead of exploiting her state, I respected her modesty. I was happy that my new friend didn’t get angry.

Because of my gesture, the chubby maid now upped her game. Instead of holding my hands, she now asked me to sleep on her lap after we had our breakfast. I was nervous but she kept on insisting so I had to give in.

While sleeping on her lap, some parts of her thigh skin were touching me and I wanted to kiss them badly but my fears stopped me. I got up after 5 minutes as I wasn’t feeling great. She understood and didn’t force me.

My gesture now made her like me and she wanted more of my touch. She was in her room when she made a loud scream. I went in and found her in her inners only! She said that she was unable to unhook her bra and wanted me to unhook it. It was very shocking and I was now sweating like hell.

The maid kept on insisting and was now yet again crying due to which I was forced to unhook the bra. She turned towards me and threw her bra. Seeing this, I ran into my room and locked myself. However, she kept on making new plans to lure me.

After an hour or so, I was watching a movie when she entered my room in a bath towel. I didn’t notice till 5 minutes that she was standing in front of me. As soon as I looked at her, she threw her towel and stood naked in front of me! She wanted me to make the first move due to which she just stood there.

I was still not ready and went to the terrace this time.

It was lunchtime now. I took my food and went into my room. I didn’t even look at her. Seeing this, she got furious and wanted me even more. She now devised a plan which will always work with me.

Ava called my mother and asked what my favorite food was. She went to the market to bring the ingredients and started cooking them. By the smell, I got to know that she was making Gajar ka Halwa.

After half an hour, I heard a loud scream from the kitchen and ran towards it. I was shocked at what I saw in there. Ava was topless and her boobs were coated with Halwa. I couldn’t bear the sight but still didn’t make a move.

I waited for her to move. She said that if I wanted to have my favorite delicacy, then I have to eat it from her territory or else I would get none.

It was now getting hard to control and I just latched on her right boob to eat all the Halwa. She made a loud moan and kept on moaning since she had waited for almost a day now.

I was now sucking the young naughty maid’s right boob as hard as I could and kissing her all over her body. I now moved to the left boob and ate all the halwa. I gave a huge bite on her left nipple and she was almost crying with moans this time.

After eating the halwa, I stopped and moved to my room. She couldn’t tolerate this behavior and jumped onto me like a lioness on my bed. She kissed me passionately and occasionally bit my lips and tongue as well.

We kissed for around 15 minutes and then she moved towards my Prince. She took my pant off and kissed my dick. I shivered like hell since it was my first time. It was already hard as a rock and the kiss hardened it further.

Ava now took my dick into the chubby maid’s mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. She sucked it so well that I cummed in just a few minutes. She sucked all the cum and started to suck my cock yet again. Her blowjob was so awesome that my Prince stood up in no time for the second encounter.

This time, I wanted to take the charge and so pushed her onto the bed. I decided to go slow on her since I had read that girls like intimacy and foreplay. I kissed her for 5 minutes and moved onto her ear. I had read about eargasm and luckily enough, my licking gave her an eargasm. She was moaning and gasping for breath desperately. But I decided to carry on.

I was now kissing her neck and boobs. I was at her right boob, moving my tongue around the area without touching her nipples. I was also kissing her boob without going near the Nipples.

After 5 minutes of kissing, she held my hair and pushed her nipples into my mouth as she could not bear more. I sucked them so hard that she got a boobgasm. Now it was time for her left boob but this time I directly attacked the nipples and she instantly gave a moan when I bit those light brown nipples.

Ava was moaning and taking heavy breaths now. I just stopped for a while and started to take a look at her gorgeous figure. After a while, I ran to the kitchen to give her more pleasure.

As I returned, I had a honey bottle, an ice tray, and a Nutella Jar in my hand. Seeing these stuff, she couldn’t control herself anymore and pulled me towards her. We kissed again for a few minutes and then I pushed her. At first, I moved the Ice on her naval area and then slowly moved on to the nipple region.

She was hugely turned on as well as taking heavy breaths throughout. Her nipples had become hard by now. I now applied honey on those hard nipples and started sucking them hard. She gave soft moans repeatedly and was holding my hair tight.

After the honey session, I applied Nutella over the chubby maid’s belly and boobs. I first licked the navel area and belly portion. She was shuddering and arching her back at this point and I was enjoying every bit of her loud moans.

I then moved upwards to suck and lick the Nutella over her melons. Her moans were getting louder as my sucking intensity increased. We decided to rest for a while after that since she was tired after all those moans and shudders.

In just two minutes, I decided to resume our session as I was waiting for this act for eternity and couldn’t bear the break. I now removed her panty even though her skirt was on. I tried to emulate the Murder movie scene because that’s hugely sexy to me.

I tried to kiss her thighs the way Emraan did in the movie. She also gave soft moans just like Mallika. Since this trick started to work exactly like the movie, I decided to pursue it till the end. I was very slowly moving towards her pussy and meanwhile, I was also kissing and sucking her thighs.

Ava was kind of hissing, moaning, and shuddering, all at the same time. I was getting hornier with each passing second and could barely wait to kiss her pussy. Finally, the moment came when I took off her skirt and saw her awesome clean-shaven pussy. I didn’t directly attack it. Instead, I made her wait by just breathing over it for few seconds.

It was getting unbearable for her so she was pleading with me to eat her vagina. I was still going slow and just kissed the new servant’s pussy suddenly. She gave a soft moan and arched her body.

After a few kisses, I started to lick her pussy. Slowly and steadily, I put my tongue inside her juicy pussy which was completely wet by now. I sucked and licked it for some minutes and she reached her orgasm.

I now entered my index finger into her without informing. She gave a shrill pitched moan which made me mad. Now I was fingering her with one finger. She was enjoying every bit of it.

Yet again, without informing, I put 2 fingers into her which led to her giving a loud moan. I fingered her softly as I didn’t want to go the hardcore way in the very first sex adventure.

After some fingering, she said me to fuck her. I was quite nervous but then she held my dick and tried to put it in her. I had seen in porn how girls get turned on when the dick is rubbed on their pussy.

I tried the same thing and she was now breathing heavily. Ava wanted me to put it in her but I was in the mood of teasing her a lot. After a lot of rubbing, I finally put it in her and she gasped for breath. It was painful for her but still, she was enjoying it. I always love the missionary position so I continued in that position till I cummed on her belly.

After that, I wiped her and slept near her before going into the bathroom to clean ourselves. During the cleaning time, I fucked the chubby maid yet again and loved every bit of it.

After the bath, I requested her to stay topless and she did that. In the dinner, I had gajar ka halwa (not on the plate of course), She lied on the dining table and I served the Halwa on her belly and boobs. She was moaning all the while I had my halwa.

I fucked her yet again since her moans made me hornier in no time. Ava now sat on my dick and I fed her the halwa.

After this, I was hugely tired and went on to sleep with her boobs by my side.

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