Maaya And Me – The New Beginning

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Hi everyone. This is Rajath from Bangalore, working as an assistant professor in a B-School. I am back with part-4 of my real hardcore story. I got wonderful responses to the previous three parts of my story. Thank you for all those lovely and dick-rising comments which you gave.

Though this episode is Part 4, I would like to call it ‘The New Beginning.’ It was a beautiful beginning after an unusual 6 years of waiting and after so many times of breakups and reunions.

In case if you have missed previous parts of my story, kindly go to this link to read them.

Coming back to the story. After 6 long years of waiting, Maaya allowed my hard dick to enter her soft and wet vagina. It was on 19th April 2017 Maaya returned to Bangalore. A day before, she had informed me about her shifting to Bangalore.

During that time, I was staying in Nelmangala, a small town on the outskirts of Bangalore. On 19th April morning, she called me when her bus was in Kunigal. I waited for her bus in the Nelmangala toll. Finally, that moment of seeing my sexy queen arrive after 2 years.

The bus arrived at the toll, and it was a VRL sleeper bus. She was in a lower single second berth. The bus was slowly moving, and she could only talk to me from inside. As it was the lengthiest toll in Bangalore entrance, I got almost 5 minutes to talk to her.

She was wearing dark blue colored salwar kameez. Looks like she had got freshened up in the tea break halt just to look good for me. For me, she was looking amazing. Seeing her after 2 years was ecstasy for me. She was toned down in her physique.

Her face was much prettier than earlier. Her boobs were in great shape, firm and big. More than all these, what attracted me the most was her small and sexy lips. Even today, I can not forget her juicy lips. At that moment, I got an instant boner. She also noticed it.

Probably this laid the foundation for our 2 years long sex life of 198 fuck sessions. As I told in the previous story, Maaya recorded details of our every sex in detail – like the date, place, the dress which we were wearing, duration of sex, sex positions which we tried, and the number of times we reached climax.

We exchanged pleasantries, we could barely speak as both of us were in ecstasy. The bus passed the toll and started moving to Bangalore. I already started missing her. As I started walking back, I dialed her number. She picked up the call but still could not speak anything.

A strange excitement was running through my nerves. I said, “Take care, call me once you reach Rajajinagar,” and disconnected the call.

My boner was still on. I could not control it. I took a gold-flake king cigarette and moved towards my room (masturbating in the bathroom while having a smoke is the most sensational thing for me).

She got settled down in her PG. I got ready and went to college. Both were not in our senses. I called her around 12.30 PM. We discussed a few things and planned to meet on Sunday, 23rd April 2017. The day arrived. At around 11 AM, I went in my blue Suzuki Access to Rajajinagar.

We met at West of Chord road bus stand. She was wearing tight blue denim and a low neck navy blue t-shirt. She knew very well that I get tempted when I see a sexy girl in either blue or white t-shirts. Her boobs were looking much bigger than last time. I was pretty sure she was not wearing a bra, maybe to tempt me.

During those days, there was a coffee day shop just opposite Rajaji Nagar metro station. If you remember my first part, Coffee Days are the places where we get our inner wears wet through conversations. To our bad luck, that shop was closed. We sat on the steps of the Rajajinagar metro.

Our conversation started with our families, friends, jobs, etc. When I slowly moved our conversation towards romance, her face was ignited suddenly. At some point, I said I am going mad looking at her boobs. With a naughty smile, she said she knows it.

Then breaking all the barriers inside me, I said, “Maaya, I wanna have sex with you. I want to see you naked. I want to fuck you till you get tired like hell.” Listening to my words, she became silent. But there was not even the slightest expression of denial on her face. There was a strange silence for a minute.

But then her words applied break to my excitement. She said, “Rajath, I know your sex desires very well. But I am still in confusion to move ahead in that. I am scared to have sex before marriage. At least I would have agreed for sex if it is sure that we are going to get married.”

As there were so many obstacles to our marriage, I had to hold on to my excitement. I don’t want to promise her about marriage just for lust. At the same time, there was no sign of the sex monster inside me vanishing.

So I went ahead and said, “Maaya, I know it’s very difficult for us to get married. But equally, indeed, I can not survive without having sex with you. We have had foreplay many times. I have masturbated numerous times imagining of fucking you, and quite a few times I have ejected on to your photos on my phone.”

“A few of those pics were your nude pics, thanks to our horny WhatsApp chatting when we were away from Bangalore. (But I have never saved any of her pics. I used to delete them soon after jerking). But even it is not good on my part to force you.”

“I feel it is better if we stay apart. Otherwise, our confused minds will not let us live in peace.” She did not say anything. Then I only changed the topic, We had juice in a near-by juice shop. Asked her if I can drop her to PG. But she denied. It was around 2 PM, and we started moving back to our places.

Throughout the day, I was not in my sense. The lust inside me was growing bigger and bigger. My underwear was tired of withholding precum from my dick. At around 7.30 PM, Maaya called me. She started with a casual conversation. I went on to my building terrace.

As I was talking and walking in a cool breeze, my mind was boiling in love-sick. Finally, she only arrived at the topic.

She said, “Rajath, after coming back, I am not able to control myself. I am slowly inclining towards you. I know it’s very difficult to get married to you. But at the same time, I can not deny what you are asking for. Even if we don’t get married in the future, I want to give you something which you remember for the rest of your life. This is the least I can do for the real bonding we share.”

Listening to her, my mind was blown away. Blood was rushing through my dick. Still, I retained my calm and composer and asked, “So?”

Maaya: I wanna have sex with you. Sex in real… wanna shed all my clothes and stand bare naked in front of your eyes.

Me (With swallowing my saliva profusely in excitement): Then?

Maaya: I want to have sex with you like hell. I wanna feel like being your wife. Touch me everywhere. Lick my naked body, bite my lips, boobs.

As she completed saying this, there was no sound from her side. I asked what happened.

Maaya: As of now, I am the only person in this room of my PG. I locked the door and sleeping on the bed while talking to you.

Me (with a naughty smile): Sleeping with the clothes on?

Maaya: Why you want all these details when I am ready to give you a very big gift? As soon as possible, arrange for our sex.

As she was saying this, she let out a soft moan. Later I got to know that she was sleeping naked and fingering herself. I got the approval for my first sex ever with this Mangalore beauty after 6 long years of waiting. I was horny and excited to the core.

At the same time, there was a big challenge to arrange an ideal place for our fuck fest. I had never done this before. My room was not suitable, and hers is a PG.

Finally, after 15-20 days of the circus on 10th May 2017, I met my college friend Eshwar near BMS college in Basvanagudi. Eshwar is a kind of silent guy who always supported me in college days. Though he was not in regular touch was well aware of my love affair with Maaya.

I told him that I want his flat to spend some time with Maaya. Without asking anything he said on Saturday, 13th May 2017, he is going to Chinnaswamy stadium to watch an IPL match. We can stay in his flat. He even said if I want, he will stay that night in his colleague’s flat, letting his for Maaya and me.

I was super excited and immediately went to Rajajinagar. I called Maaya to the same park where we started our lust life and told about the arrangement. Her face turned red in excitement. We hugged and had few pecks on our cheeks.

From that day, we went shopping for what to wear on our 1st sexual encounter. We planned extensively for the session. She even purchased a dairy book to keep a record of our sex adventures.

See how obstacles come in the way of your desires. A day before our session, my HOD asked me to be the coordinator for a seminar. Maaya was upset at the core. I somehow pacified her and said that there is no change in our plan. On that day, I excused myself by giving a mundane reason.

The D-day arrived. We had fixed evening at 6 o’clock for the session. Maaya thought its ideal for her to become completely naked in front of me for the first time when the sun goes off, and moon rises. She wanted our lives honeymoon to begin with the rising of the moon.

At around 3.30 PM, I started from Nelmangala. As I approached Maaya’s PG, she was already waiting for me outside. She was wearing black skin-tight jeans and a white low neck t-shirt. The gap between the lower part of her t-shirt and upper part of jeans was playing hide and seek with her navel region.

Her breasts were firmly guarded inside her bra. The lining of her skin-colored bra strap on her right shoulder was slightly visible to me. Seeing the bra strap and navel region of a girl turns on any potent boy, so do was my case. I got an instant boner. She was carrying the dairy book also.

The moment I parked my scooter in front of her, she was blushing. Her face turned red in ecstasy. She immediately sat on the back seat of the scooter. She had told her PG owner that she is going to stay that night in her cousin’s house. As the scooter moved towards the Basvangudi area, my heartbeat increased.

She slowly wrapped her hands around my waist and rested her face on my right shoulder. I could feel the up-down moment of her chest on my back.

By around 5.45 PM, we reached Eshwar’s flat. He had already informed me that the key is hidden in a plant pot. We entered the hall of the flat. I switched on the lights and closed the door. Maaya was in some trans-mood. Her breast had become firm, and her nipples were projected through the t-shirt.

My jeans had a huge bulge, and I was scanning Maaya’s body from top to bottom. I slowly moved towards Maaya and held her shoulders. She regained her sense and started looking into my eyes. There was so much of lust in her eyes, her lips were slightly trembling.

Holding her shoulders, I slowly brought my lips in front of her sexy short pink lips. She closed her eyes and raised her chin slightly to give me the good access of her lips. In no time, our lips met each other. I was sucking her juicy lips. She wrapped her hands around my waist region.

As I continued kissing, her hands moved up my shoulders. At one point, I started biting her lower lips. With that, her grip on my shoulders increased, and she let out a soft moan. Now I slowly started lifting her t-shirt. She stopped me and said she wants to see the sunset as I remove her clothes one by one.

I was mesmerized by her fantasy. I had to open the window curtains to fulfill her fantasy. But that was a bit risky as others could see us from outside. Still, she insisted on it. Hence I slightly opened the curtains in such a way that its almost impossible for outsiders to see us.

Now I started lifting her white t-shirt. As it was going up, the sight of her sexy deep navel, the lower lining of her bra, the firm, and big boobs inside those sexy lacy bra cups. Finally, the shining bra straps were rising the length of my dick. I went into a crazy mood and started kissing her cleavage.

Without my knowledge, my hands cupped her both the boobs and started pressing them hard. She was both in pain and joy. She was letting out continuous moans. I squeezed her boobs like a pro and started moving towards her navel region. To have a better view of her navel, I kneeled down.

Her deep navel, curves at her waist region and the softness of her skin was making me wild. I wrapped my hands around her waist and started kissing and biting her deep fleshy navel. She bent forward in pleasure and pain. She was into masochism.

My lips and tongue played profusely with her navel. Now right above her pant zip, I held the tip of her jeans in my mouth and slightly pulled it out. I could see that she was wearing a dark blue panty with pink flowers printed on it. I always loved to remove Maaya’s clothes using my mouth. She liked it a lot, too.

Now I released her jeans just to get that sexy sound, which it makes while hitting on to her skin. I slowly moved down and, with some difficulty mixed ecstasy, removed the zip of her jeans. The sexy aroma from her pussy made me wild. With every act of mine, Maaya was going wild.

She turned around in pleasure. Now her ass cheeks are right in front of me. My mouth wasted no time in biting her sexy right ass cheek. My left hand started squeezing her left ass. This wild act lowered her jeans by 1-2 cms. Now I could see the lining of her sexy panty.

Guys, for me, the strap of a gal’s bra and lining of her panty drives crazy. Blood rushed through my dick, and I straightway shifted to top gear. I stood up and put my mouth on to Maaya’s bra hooks. I removed them like a hungry lion and started moving my lips all over her milky white back.

Now I held her shoulders and started moving my tongue from the top of her spinal cord to the tip and ended tongue moment once I reached the panty lining. Now again, I pulled, but this time it was not jeans rather her panty itself. For the first time, I see Maaya’s naked ass cheeks in real.

Wow, what a sight it was! Without my knowledge, saliva dripped off my mouth and fell on her ass crack. The wetness of my saliva made her so horny that she started moaning. In that moment of excitement, Maaya turned around, lifted me up, and hugged me with all the force.

Her hug was so powerful that my body moved a step back. She held me very firmly and started breathing heavily. Then I clearly understood that she had her first orgasm.

Guys, All this is happening right next to the flat door in the mid of the hall. Every bit of thing mentioned above is still very much fresh in my mind even after three years. Just imagine what could be my mood when my girl has real-time orgasm after 6 years of waiting.

So far, I have removed only her t-shirt, and bra hooks are open. But bra cups are still covering her boobs. I could not control it anymore. I lifted Maaya in my arms and took her to the bedroom. I placed her on the bed, and for the first time, I am seeing my gal sleeping on the bed.

She was right in front of my eyes, with the full visibility of her deep navel and sexy boobs covered in a lacy bra. Seeing your girl in that position is heavenly feeling for any guy. Right at that moment, I removed all my clothes except underwear, and I was standing like a superman in front of my gal.

She smiled in ecstasy and covered her face in her hands. I went to the top, and again in my same style, pulled her bra through my mouth. She slightly lifted her hands and helped me to remove the bra completely.

OMG! Finally, I see Maaya’s sexy and firm boobs after the park incident. Its been almost 3 years by then. I was in no mood to slow down. I started kissing her boobs. I put my mouth on to her left boob and started pressing her right boob. She was so aroused by it.

She arched her body and let out a long moan. The sound and tone of that moan will only die when I die. Every time I remember this incident, this particular moan keeps reverberating in my ears. Like that, I played with her boobs for the next 2-3 minutes and then moved to her navel region.

I slightly lifted my face and poured my saliva on to her deep navel. Maaya liked getting her body parts wet in my saliva. In one go, I kissed her navel and started biting it. Then I went down and pulled her jeans off.

The beautiful gal whom I saw in my college bus in a sexy saree is lying only one piece of cloth that too in a wet panty right in front of my eyes. It’s the fruit that I am getting after 6 years of waiting.

Now we both are left out in only one piece of cloth. She is in her wet and drenching panty. I am in my brown jacky with lots of precum on it. I went over her, brought my dick close to her lips. She kissed my hard rock dick over the underwear. And without waiting, she lowered my underwear in one go.

Looking at her sudden act, my erect dick touched her pink, sexy small lips. Man, what a feeling it was for both of us. There was all the chance that Maaya would suck my dick. But for a first-timer like me with so much of foreplay, the pressure was already building up within my dick.

I don’t want to spoil the mood by ejecting. So I slowly started moving down her body. As I was moving like that, my dick touched her chin, throat, cleavage part, navel. Finally, her pussy covered in wet panty. The moment it touched her pussy part, she again hugged me firmly.

With heavy breathing, she had her second orgasm of the evening. As it was the month of May, the summer was adding to our heated moment. We both were sweating like anything. Maaya was exhausted, but I was not done yet. I looked into her eyes. She understood that I am not done yet.

She voluntarily removed her panty and opened her legs with an invitation for my dick to enter her glory hole. I moved my body over her. Now my lips are in front of her horizontal lips, and my dick is in front of her vertical lips.

Guys, believe me, I had never and ever had the chance of taking my dick close to pussy of a gal. In such a moment, even my dick got confused. It was not able to exactly locate her pussy hole. As I was trying to locate and insert my dick in her pussy, she started becoming nervous.

Finally, somehow my dick entered her pussy. As it was halfway through, she had a kind of pain. She stopped me there itself and said, “Rajat, what if I become pregnant before marriage?” I said, “Don’t worry, bangara, there are many contraceptive pills.”

Maaya: I do not want to take pills, Rajath.

Me: Then, what you want to do now?

Maaya: Please don’t fuck me now. Give me some time.

I was completely pissed off, and my mood started dripping down. Seeing this, even Maaya felt bad. She offered me to do boobs fucking instead. As I wanted our first sex to be consensual, I did not force her for vaginal sex and rather agreed to fuck her boobs.

Now my dick again started rising. Brought it near her boobs. I recalled one of the scenes of boobs fucking from an Indian BF and asked Maaya to press her boobs against each other. Now with that position, I inserted my lengthy dick between her boobs and started fucking them.

Even this act of boobs fucking was making me thrilled. We both were enjoying every moment of my dick going in and out of the cave formed of her boobs. Finally, I had reached my peak and was giving all the sexy expressions. In one go, I ejected my semen.

It went like a jet stream hitting her chin. Some amount of it spread over her throat and upper chest. The remaining portion jumped over her chin and landed on her forehead and hair. And finally, with so many ups and downs in our 6 years love, I ejected on to Maaya.

I was exhausted but still not satisfied. Rolled on to the bed and slept next to her. We both were completely naked, wet, and looking at the ceiling fan in a strange mood. We slept there for a few minutes, then woke up.

Maaya wrote every detail of the event in the dairy. It was around 8 PM, and we got freshened up. I wanted to stay back that night there, but Maaya was a bit scared. So we decided to go back to our places. We had our dinner in the Swathi hotel near the Rajajinagar metro station.

Finally, when I reached Nelmangala and called her, she was in a happy mood. She apologized for not doing the last thing. I just said it was completely fine, and I am ready to wait for her to come back with a fully ready mind. But I never thought her mind will be ready in the next two days only.

We met again in the same place on Monday, 15th May 2017. A gal who had become nervous and stopped me from deflowering her was getting banged and banged for four sessions in one day between 9.30 AM and 4 PM.

Except for the bit of pain in the first session, the next three were amazing. It was marathon sex. In between these horny moments, I even cooked food, and we had lunch together, like love birds. I remember that one of these four sessions was in the bathroom under the shower.

Guys, when I started writing this episode, I thought of bringing Monday’s story also in this episode. But I could not as the narration of this story itself went for such a long length.

I promise you that very soon will come up with my next episode, where I will give full details of Monday’s marathon sex. I will also introduce you to the further part where we rented a flat near my college and started living together.

It is in this live-in relationship we had the most amazing 198 sex sessions, where one of them was fucking on the rooftop under the full moon.

I apologize for the lengthy narration and ask for valuable feedback at [email protected]

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