Couple Goals – Part 2

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We were so exhausted from our last sexual encounter that I decided to take a quick shower. But as fate would have it or, more accurately as Rohan would have it, he couldn’t let me get naked and let slip that opportunity to do me.

So there we were in his room at 9 in the night. After a long day of fucking, inside his bathtub, both of us were completely naked.

He had already prepared the hot water, and the bath was waiting for two luscious meaty humans to have sex right then and there. We first dipped our feet in the bathtub and let the warmth go all the way up to our bodies.

Rohan started kissing me on the lips and held me with his softest touch. He bit my lower lip slightly and felt the bruise with his tongue. He pulled me yet closer. Our mouths were moving in synchrony with each other.

And soon, we both were pulled under and soaked ourselves completely. The warm water and bubbles lathered up my skin so much that Rohan could hardly grab my boobs. It kept slipping off his hands, but he wouldn’t let go.

He took the sugar soap out of its boxing and started to run it slowly, all over me. He began with my neck and chin and sensually moved lower. There was just a bar of soap between his palm and my rock-hard nipples.

But he still kept on lathering my boobs. A thorough cleaning, as he likes to call it. He massaged my huge boobs from one side to another, making me wet all over.

He kept moving lower and rested at my hips. With his fingertips, he felt every curve of my waist and back. He pressed them lightly to relieve any pressure. His work on my navel was getting me really high. So I turned back and kissed him fully on the lips.

My wet soapy boobs rubbed against his chest, and he was getting bubbled up too. Suddenly, he took the bar of soap and attacked my ass right away. He grabbed them and rubbed his hands all over my ass cheeks.

With his wet hands, he even inserted a finger inside and started fucking me hard. As I was moaning inside his mouth, he whipped out his dick and entered my pussy.

Oh, sweet heavens! I wanted him inside me, for God’s sake. There he was fucking both my holes together with his hot tongue attacking my mouth. As I pulled him closer to me, every sensation was amplified.

I could feel every movement of his dick, the touch of his fingers, the wetness of his tongue in mine. I wanted him to keep doing me and never stop. This went on for quite a while.

Since we both had cummed several times previously, we could thoroughly enjoy this at a slow pace without finishing too quickly. For half an hour, we fucked each other in the bath. Tongue, teeth, boobs, dick, balls, pussy- you name it, we used them all. Soon, I had the longest orgasm of my life.

With each thrust, he could feel the waves of my orgasm. As I contracted my muscles down there in pleasure, the hold over his dick tightened, and he came crashing down. We both were done at the same time.

My pussy was now sore from all the fucking, and I needed some moisturizer for help. Rohan took care of that, though. The moment we were out of the bath and had dried ourselves, he flung me on the bed. He always wanted to be on top, that wild guy.

He started licking my inner thighs first to prepare me for what was to come. He sucked and traced with his tongue my thigh line. He then went on to lick the outer skin of my clean-shaven pussy.

Oh, Rahul was such a tease! He wet me completely from outside while my inside was already throbbing. That’s when he went headfirst into my pussy. He stuck his tongue deep inside and licked up every bit of wetness my pussy had produced.

My vagina was getting wetter and wetter as he went down on me, but he kept drinking it all. This went on for a good twenty minutes. I couldn’t take it anymore, and my previously sore pussy was completely ready to fuck him ten more times.

He immediately obliged. His dick was really hard by now, waiting for some attention. But to my surprise, he turned around and stuck his dick inside my mouth. Oh, God! I couldn’t take another second of his tongue fucking.

But his cock inside my mouth helped greatly. As he went deeper with his tongue, I was lapping away at his cock like a hungry dog. I sucked his balls from time to time while he focused all his attention on my wet pussy. By now, even he started to squirm, and I couldn’t take it any longer.

I pushed him off me and went all cowgirl on him. His eyes closed tight shut when I first sat in his dick, and soon I had gotten ourselves into a steady pace. I was contracting and relaxing my pussy way too much, trying to take in as much of his cock as I could.

He gripped my hips tight and let me ride him hard and fast. He was touching all my sensitive spots, and I was in a mad rush. Everything happened quickly, and he shot his load inside my pussy. I could feel the warm stickiness inside me.

Just the feeling of his cum inside me pushed me over the edge.  In one loud moan, I released my juices all over his dick. We both were completely wet from each others’ hot cum after the amazing fuck with my hot boyfriend.

We were both so exhausted. Then I lay down beside him and placed myself as the little spoon. He hugged me from behind, one arm on my boobs and the other on my waist. We slept a peaceful sleep that night.

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