NRI Wives And Need For Physical Love

This is Mohan Reddy with a story that happened on the 26th Jan 3 years back. I am 51 years old and have a dick of 6″. You may have read a number of my stories.

I live alone in Indore MP and so had the chance of meeting some married women whose husbands were abroad. One such married woman was staying in my building and she had quite a nice structure.

My neighbor lady had 3 friends from her school time and their husbands were also in the gulf. So there were rich. The only thing they miss was physical love.

They generally meet on weekends at each other’s place and I have had the opportunity to meet them on 2 occasions before this and they have become friendly with me. I have never been to any of the other women’s houses as they live with their in-laws.

This year, they decided to go to one of their farm houses. As it was big, they took me along. Since it was a long weekend, we went for 3 days.

The farm was 20 acres near the river. The house had a lovely terrace. They had a family staying on the farm and the other workers came during the day.

Since we were all going, she gave them off for 2 days and so there was no disturbance. The family who stayed there had 2 daughters and the parents left both of them to look after us while they went to the grandmother’s house.

We reached there at 11 am and the girls prepared bhajiyas and tea. Then the 2 girls went to have their bath and our four ladies went to their rooms to relax.

I went up to the terrace to look around. I did not know that they had built a pond beside the house and the girls used to bath beside that and wash their clothes.

Knowing that we were all relaxing and their parents were not there and they were alone, they stripped and started washing their clothes. I had a top view of their tits! I enjoyed the view without them realizing it.

One of them while washing up took a carrot, soaped it up, and dipped it into her vagina! She had her orgasm during the bath and they both got dressed and came out.

We then had lunch and were sunbathing on the terrace. We all wore our swimsuits and was lying down on the beach benches they had. The ladies decided to have a massage so they asked the girls to give them a massage.

Both the girls went warmed up some olive oil and came. They started massaging the ladies. But as the bra straps and the panties came in the way of the massage, they took out their bikinis and were lying nude down now. The girls had full excess to their bodies.

While massaging, the oil was getting on the girls’ clothes and so they took off their tops and let their boobs free as they saw the ladies were that way. All the ladies had a good massage. They sent the girls down and locked the terrace.

After the massage, all four of them were nude.

Let me tell you their names. Madhu was my neighbor with 34-sized tits and a clean-shaven pussy. Her tall friend with a slim body and small tits with a trimmed pussy was Sonia. Her friend who was 5’6” tall with big tits and bushy pussy was Aries and the short one – 5 ft with a bit of tummy, big bum and a shaven pussy was Aruna.

Seeing me in my shorts, my married neighbour Madhu came and started massaging me. I was lying on my stomach so she massaged my back and legs.

She came to massage my hands when I felt another pair massaging my arse and the crack of my bums! It felt so nice. My hand was between Madhu’s legs as she massaged my shoulders and upper arms.

I felt fingers playing so smoothly with my bum as Madhu parted the cheeks and played with the hole. Then, one of them came forward and blindfolded me. Then they turned me around. My dick was at 90 degree up! I felt a pair of lips sucking the tip of my dick and licking it.

While that was happening, another woman sucked my balls while Madhu and the third sucked my nipples.

My married neighbour Madhu then said they will play a game and I was to tell who is who as I was blindfolded. Then, each one in turns will put their tits in my mouth and I recognized them accurately by their size. Then they told me I had to tell who it was by the taste.

Each one kissed me and gave me a deep smooch which I found difficult to tell as I had only kissed Madhu before. Now was the test I had to pass. After the horizontal lips, they gave me the vertical to taste.

First came Madhu and it was easy as I knew the taste. Then Aries sat on my face. As I got hair in my mouth, I knew it was either Sonia or Aries.

I licked further and made out the thick bush was of Airies’s. Then Aruna sat. As she sat, I almost got suffocated as her legs were thick and she was short. Then Sonia came. It was easy. At that time, Aruna went and started to suck me and make me hard. The feeling was good to have a pair of lips on your dick and your tongue at the same time.

Very soon, she had me hard and was riding me. Madhu and Aries then came to my each hand and inserted my middle finger in. So now I had 4 pussies making love to me! All pussies wet and dripping. They all rode me on the tongue, dick, and two fingers and came almost the same time.

Then I came with Sonia. She flooded my mouth as I flooded the cunt of Aries.

It was a nice evening when each of the ladies took their chance in riding me and having an orgasm as I ate their clits.

In the night, we went to sleep early after dinner. Since my room had a door to the outside, at 11 pm I heard a knock and opened the door. I found both the girls outside with towels wrapped around. They came in and closed the doors.

I spoke to them and asked about their age, etc. One was 19 and the other one was 20. They had good figures as they work hard in the field.

I asked them for a drink which they both had 2 glasses each. Then they got up and removed the towels and I saw their sexy bodies. Both had lovely shaved pussies which I did not expect assuming them to be villagers.

When I asked them if they were virgins, they said, yes to man but both enjoy lesbian sex.

And that day they wanted their virginity taken and enjoy sex with a man as they often see their parents enjoying sex.

I shall continue in the next story [email protected] Mail me if you like it.

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