Erotic Vacations – Part 2

Hi guys, this is Shiva again, with the second part of the story ‘An Erotic Vacation’. For better understanding, read the previous part of the story. Without further ado, let us get into the story of our erotic vacations.

After Charika and me having the best fuck of the decade, we went back to our rooms around 5:30 and dozed off. We woke again around 9 am, and there Lekha was standing in front of me, just a towel wrapped around her body. Her breast was significantly bigger than Charika.

So, the squeezing towel exposed her deep cleavage. She took a bath while I was sleeping. Her hair was wet, her shoulders and thighs were filled with droplets of water like a mist on the grass.

“Get ready, Shiva. We have a big day,” Lekha said, “We are going to the tea estate, hill point, and many more places. Hurry up.” She pulled my blanket as she said that. The groin part of my pajamas was wet and whiter than the rest of my pajamas. She saw it. And asked me what that was.

I could not answer anything. She knows all about a wet dream.

“Did you have a wet dream thinking about me?” she asked.

If I say no, she will ask then who it was. I cannot say Charika. That is when I had an idea. I said, “I had a wet dream thinking about Lana Rhoades.” She smiled at me, saying, “You are a naughty bastard.”

I took a bath and got ready, and we had our breakfast. I could not look into Lekha’s eyes or Charika eyes. Not even at Aravind, for a matter of fact. We had our breakfast and took a rental car. We roamed all over Kodaikanal.

I was driving, and Lekha was sitting in the front seat. Aravind and Charika were making out in the back seat. I felt so jealous. Though I had sex with Charika, seeing her fucked by someone else made me angry. I was looking in the mirror. Lekha saw that I was angry.

She thought that I was angry because I was desperate for sex. She placed her hands on my thighs and patted. She was showing an expression, meaning, “Don’t mind it, I understand.”

The day went fine, except for Aravind making out with Charika everywhere, just in my view. We came back to the hotel. They were organizing a bonfire, we joined in after dinner. I tried to sit near Charika. But Aravind grabbed her made her sit in his laps.

Then Lekha sat near me. Her hands wrapped around on my shoulders.

“Can I have a word with you?” Lekha asked.

“Now?” I replied.

“No. Before going to bed,” she said. I was a little tense. I thought she knew about Charika and me. I waited till the time came. We both went to the room and got dressed. She changed to a full sleeve sweatshirt and knee-length trousers. I wore a tracksuit and t-shirt. We both wore a jacket on top.

She asked me to join her on the terrace. I just had the instinct that she knew. I literally must beg her. I was prepared for that too. Later I went to the terrace. She was smoking. I did not know she smoked. She gave two puffs.

“I understand that you have a single for a long time, and you’re desperate for romance and sex,” she started, “But you shouldn’t be looking them like that.”

She came closer to me and placed her hand on my shoulder. She hugged me slowly. I was thinking of whether to hug her back or not. I decided why not and hugged her too. She said that we go to the room and talk because it was cold out there.

While going back, she saw a few white stains on the floor and made her assumptions on her mind. As soon as we got the room, she locked the door and pulled me closer, grabbing me by the collar of the jacket. “You fucked Charika, didn’t you?” she asked ferociously. I was so tensed.

“No, what are you talking about?” I said. She explained to me that she noticed me missing in the early morning, and Aravind mentioned that Charika was missing at the same time. But he did not know about me. There was your semen stain on the terrace, and you had a wet pant.

“Now, do not lie,” she shouted. I admitted. And begged her not to tell anyone. She pulled me from her feet and grabbed my hands and placed it on her breast. “Do what you did to her. Or else I will tell Aravind about it.” It is a cat in the pond situation.

I removed her jacket and pulled her sweatshirt apart hastily. I went near her, took her in my hips, and kissed her so hard. I always wanted her but controlled myself. I did not want to miss this chance. I carried her to the bedroom and removed my t-shirt, tracksuit, and my underwear.

And in the meanwhile, she was removing her bra, trousers, and panties. We both were naked now. She laid on the bed, revealing her clean shaved pussy, which she shaved that day morning. Her enormous soft melons were hanging. Those boobs of hers were so big to stand firm.

I went on top of her kissed her so hard on the lips, her neck, cheeks, forehead, and started licking all over her shoulders and her breast. She was gradually pushing my head down to her pussy. I kissed her breast and her hard-perky nipples.

I kissed those nipples, nibbled, softly pinched, and played with it. She started moaning while I pinched and nibbles. Then I slowly moved towards her pussy, kissing and licking all over her tummy, ribs, waist, and her abdomen. I reached her pussy and started by rubbing them with my fingers.

I was kissing inside of her thighs and around her pussy. I started inserting my fingers into her vagina, moved my fingers in her pussy like drawing a circle, then I was doing it in anticlockwise. She was moaning irregularly. Then I started licking her pussy.

My tongue rolled in slowly, then I was licking and eating her pussy. She started moaning harder and louder, she tried to close her mouth. Within a minute, she squirted her juice in my face. Her juice was all over my face and on the bed.

She pulled me towards her and started licking my face and kissing my lips often. She tasted her juice by licking my face. I kissed her lips, and my tongue found its way inside her mouth. She was responding by licking and sucking my tongue. Minutes later, she spat on my face.

Her thick load of saliva hit near my nose and cheeks. I was on top of her. So, the saliva dripped back on her face. She did not wait till that; she pulled my head closer and sucked all her saliva back. She opened her mouth, asking me to spit in her mouth. I dripped drops of saliva into her mouth. She swallowed it.

“Did she drink your saliva?” Lekha asked. I did not answer. Instead, I asked her, “Do you have a condom, or are you in pills?”

“Doesn’t matter, just fuck me,” she said and kissed my lips. Her hands went into my mouth and pulled my tongue out and started licking and sucking it. I always thought Lekha was a decent and innocent sister. But she was opposite to what I thought.

I tried to insert my 6 inches long hard dick, but her pussy was wet but still so tight. She held my penis and tried to insert it, but it could not. She kneeled and started to suck my dick, then she took the entire ball sack in her mouth. Then she was sucking and stroking my dick.

She pulled my foreskin forward and sucked. She held my foreskin her hand and inserted her tongue, between my dick and foreskin. She was sucking my penis inside and out. After a few minutes, I felt like cumming. I held her head and pulled towards me.

I hugged tight, as her milky boobs with those perky nipples pressed against my chest. And I kissed her hard and played with her tongue, till my dick was ready to drill. Her hands were running through my hair. My hands were pressing her ass and spanking it red.

I pressed her soft white ass hard, leaving traces of my hand on her milky white ass. I inserted my finger in her asshole and started finger fucking it. Meanwhile, her hands crawled to my ass, and she started playing with my asshole as well.

Her other hand came forward and gently massaged my ball sack and started stroking my dick softly to and fro. The tip of my penis was filled with pre-cum, and Lekha’s saliva. Then she laid on the bed and pulled down. I was on top of her, he held my dick and inserted it in her pussy.

I slowly pushed further in. She screamed, “Are you a virgin?” I whispered near her ears. She said yes. That was not shocking, but it felt good to deflower my senior Lekha sister. I pushed my penis in her pussy slowly and pulled out slowly for the initial phase.

I was fucking her in a missionary position. Then soon, her painful scream turned out to a moan with pleasure. I realized that my penis was covered with her blood, but we did not mind as it was usual for virgins. Meanwhile, she was moaning out louder in my face, seeing her moans made me hornier.

My left hand was wrapped around her waist, reaching to her ass and squeezing it. My other hand was on her left boob pressing and crushing, and my mouth on her right boob, sucking and nibbling it. Every second her moan became harder and louder.

A few minutes later, she whispered in my face while biting my lips. “I am going to cum, I am going to fuckin cum, oh god,” she said, her body was shivering. Her voice made me go hornier than ever. As I heard her voice and I cummed in her pussy a few seconds after her orgasm.

I laid on her breast, her hands were running through my hair, my lips were on her nipples. I was happy that I was the one who took her virginity. But I wanted more of her. So, my hand crawled up to her pussy again, started rubbing again.

And inserted my fingers into her pussy and then increased the number of fingers. She was trying to stop me, she resisted for a few seconds. I gently bit her nipples, making her horny again. My five fingers were inside her pussy, moving in and out.

I went on top of her, kissing her neck, lips, and licking her face all over. I was fingering her again. I was biting her lips gently, and my fingers going deep in her pussy, she was shivering, her breath hit my face, it gave me a hard-on for another round.

A few seconds later, she tried to resist me again. She tried to pull my hands back. I did not want to stop. I wanted her more, I wanted her to experience the best sex of her life. I pulled her over me, she was on top of me.

I made her sit on my hard-erect dick, and she sat slowly as my dick disappeared in her pussy. She started humping on dick soon. My hands reached for her boobs, pressing and squeezing them. She bent forward and kissed my neck and lips and sucked my tongue.

We held her hands as she was humping. A few minutes later, she noticed her hands tremble, and she fell on my chest as she had her orgasm. I rolled her over, she went to her knees and bent, as I fucked her from behind. I was fucking her in a doggy style.

I bent forward and grabbed her boobs and fucking her, gradually increasing the pace. My ball sack was slapping against her ass. Then I felt like I was going to cum. She noticed the speed and turned towards me, and sucked my penis as I cummed in her mouth.

She swallowed the load. She was sucking for more cum stuck between the foreskin, I laid beside her on the bed. Later, she got dressed in a purple velvet robe. I was still lying there naked. I sat near me and pulled the foreskin behind and stood up.

“You didn’t fuck me as you fucked her. Did you?” she said.

“Honestly, this was the best sex of my entire life. I get turned on by your breath,” I said.

“You didn’t do what I said. So, I am going to tell Aravind. Bye,” saying this, she ran to the door. I wore the tracksuit and ran behind her to catch her, but she was already in Aravind’s room.

“Shiva fucked Charika yesterday,” Lekha said to Aravind. He was pissed at me. He came near me and tried to choke me. Charika came and stopped him. “So, it was a mutual decision?” he said and left me. He pulled Charika by his hair and threw her on the couch as we were all gathered in the living room.

“Do you want to see how I fuck her? I can satisfy her more than you could,” he screamed at me. He went toward Charika. She was wearing a white top, she was braless, I could say because her nipples were poking out. And a small pantie.

He went near her, made Charika kneel, and he removed his shorts, he was already shirtless. He pulled Charika towards his dick and made her suck. He buried his 6-inch dick in her mouth. She was choking with his dick deep in her throat. Then he pulled his dick out after 30 seconds.

He pushed Charika on the bed and made her bend. He looked at me, I was looking down the floor. He held my chin up and asked me to watch him fuck her.

He pushed his dick in her pussy, and moved his hip to and fro. He was fucking her in the doggy style. A few minutes later, he made her stand up. Held her left leg up and fucked her in ballet dancer position.

He fucked for more than 10 minutes in that position, then, he turned her over, she was facing me, they came forward to me, Charika was just 2 inches away from me.

He fucked her from behind, his right hand was rummaging her pussy, and his left hand was pressing and caressing her boobs and nipples. Seconds later, he started finger fucking her so hard, she started to moan, right on my face.

I had a hard-on. But I managed to control it, thinking of the consequences. She had her orgasm. He was still fucking her more than 10 minutes from behind. He turned her over again, he held her mouth open and spat in her mouth and her face.

“You little whore,” he said on her face. Then he bent her down, fucked her again in the doggy style. He was about to cum, just a few seconds before that. He pulled out his dick, grabbed Charika by her hair, and cummed on her mouth and face.

Charika’s face was wet and nasty with his cum and saliva, dripping by the edges of her jaw. Then, he sat on the couch for a few minutes, looking at me. Lekha and I were watching this the entire time. Lekha walked towards me, her hands slipped under my tracksuit.

I was not wearing any underwear as I came near here hastily. She pulled my dick out. And was stroking in front of him. “You fucked her long, but I bet Shiva fucked her good. Because he fucked me very well. I cummed almost 4 times,” Lekha said, stroking my dick in front of them.

I was confused about what is happening.

“Is it so?” Aravind asked and came towards me. He pulled Lekha away from me by grabbing her hair. He tore her robe away from Lekha instantly. He made her lie on the floor. I was not able to watch both Lekha and Charika being fucked in front of me.

He went on top of her and pressed his lips on her nipples. She was trying to push him away. Then as his hands reached her pussy and started finger fucking her, she no longer resisted. Instead, she was moaning. Her moan with a sweet voice of hers made me horny.

A few minutes later, Lekha had her 1st orgasm, then he right away went to fuck her. He inserted his penis in her pussy and fucked her in missionary position. He fucked Lekha for more than 15 minutes, kissed her lips, licked, and sucked her tongue, pressed, and caressed her boobs and nipples.

He finally cummed in her pussy. I felt irritated, looking at him cumming in Lekha’s pussy. Lekha was crying, her tears were flowing. After that, she slapped Aravind, got up, and asked me to join her. We went to our room. She was crying. I felt bad for myself.

She laid naked on the bed. I laid beside her, cuddled her, and she asked me to remove my tracksuit before that. We both slept naked, cuddling, and spooning each other. My dick was rubbing with her ass cheeks and her pussy when she slept facing me.

The next morning, we both took a shower together. We had a good fuck session in the shower. “Aravind doesn’t know how to satisfy women. He just knows to fuck. But you do,” she said as we were having anal sex. I was fucking her asshole.

We both got ready and went to the railway station, leaving Aravind and Charika behind. I felt bad for Charika. Then Lekha and I got committed, we are still committed. She always turns me when she breaths near my face.

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