Boobs Groped In Bus On The Way To Bangalore

The story about the boobs groped in bus dates back to February 2021. Please read and let me know if you liked it by writing to [email protected].

The bus stop in the heart of the heritage city Mysore was buzzing with activity. The buses moving towards Bangalore were almost full except for a Volvo and a semi-luxury bus. I boarded the semi-luxury bus to find the bus almost empty.

There was a family at the front. I was tempted to take the seat behind theirs but decided against it and went towards the rear. I settled down in the middle row on the right side. It was very hot that afternoon, surprisingly warm for a day in February.

I could not sit inside due to the heat, so I decided to stand outside till the bus started. I got down and observed people. I found a woman in her late 30s buying the ticket from the conductor. I observed her. She was not fair nor too dark. She was wheatish in complexion.

She bought the tickets. As she was climbing onto the bus, I observed her ass. I could make out the panty outline, and the shape of her ass made my dick stand up. I was curious to see where she would sit. So I also climbed the bus and went inside.

I was delighted when I saw that she had taken the seat in front of where I had kept my bag. I also went and sat there. As I was walking, I saw her and our eyes met for a short time. I could not see her full face as she was wearing a mask. I went and sat in my seat.

I kept praying that the journey of three hours would be filled with excitement and this would be an erotic bus journey. The bus started in a few minutes, and most of the seats were empty. I was relieved as there a breeze, and the stickiness was gone. I looked outside, watching vehicles and people out on the road.

I slowly placed my right hand on the seat in front of me where the lady was sitting. Since it was a semi-luxury bus, the seat was quite thick. I had to push my hand quite far. I intended to see if I could feel the lady’s arms or, even better, the boobs from the side.

Nothing happened for a few minutes. But when the bus took a left turn, the woman was pushed towards the window. That was when my fingers made contact with her. I did not realize what it was but later came to know it was her arm.

I kept my hand there. As the bus straightened, her arm was no longer in contact with my fingers. I had made a move. I only had to wait and watch what she would do. I was not even sure if she had realized the touch. The journey continued.

After some time, she moved slightly towards the right, and this time there was a strong contact between my fingers and her arm. She adjusted herself slightly. This time when she sat back, I could feel her bra from the dress. I knew I had hit the right chord.

I was still not sure if she was aware of the touch. I did not remove my hand, and she continued to sit in the same position. After some time, she fell asleep, and she rested her head on the window. This made her move even further to the right, making my job easy. I could now feel a lot of her right boob.

I made the most out of it. I made slight movements of my fingers to feel the entire sides of her boob. The touch of her bra was making me very horny. The journey continued for around 90 minutes, and it was getting dark outside. The woman was still asleep.

The driver took a sharp left turn, and my hand now was sandwiched between her body and the window. I could feel the flesh of her boobs but, of course, outside the dress. I realized that it was Maddur and time for a break. I got down off the bus. I wanted to take a leak and also wanted to smoke badly.

As I was smoking, something struck me. I quickly removed a piece of paper from my purse, wrote down my email id on it, and kept it in my pocket. I got back on the bus. As I reached my seat, I was surprised to see that the woman had pushed her seat completely back.

I did not know if she wanted to be comfortable or if she wanted to make my task easy. I was delighted. When the bus started, it was quite dark outside. I kept my hand back on the seat, and this time it was easy to touch her. She was sleeping in such a way that I had good access to her boob.

They were not very huge. I would say 34. I kept my hand there but did not make any further moves. The journey continued for another 30 minutes. By the time we reached Ramnagar, I had become bold and pushed my hands further. To my luck, my hand had got to such an extent that I could now feel the entire boob.

I could feel her hard nipples from outside her dress. I kept my hand there without making any moves but enjoying the touch. She suddenly got up, and I thought it was the end. But to my surprise, she pulled out a sweater from her bag and came back to the same position covering her body with the sweater.

She did not want anyone to notice my hand there on her boob. Good move. Wasn’t it? By the time we reached Bidadi, my hand was mauling her breast. I slowly moved my hand down and tried to lift the top. But it was not possible. I returned to maul the breast over the dress.

After some time, I moved my hand down again to make a second attempt to lift the top. This time, I found that it was possible. She had made it possible. I put my hand inside and started sliding my hand up her stomach feeling the soft skin as I moved my hand up.

I reached the bra-covered boob and started pressing it hard. I could feel her gold chain, and then I could feel something familiar. A metal kind of thing I realized was the mangalsutra. This woman was a married woman.

I put my hand inside the bra and started tweaking the nipple with my thumb and forefinger. I pressed the boob hard. I could hear a faint moan escape her mouth. She was thoroughly enjoying my onslaught on her boob. I brought the hand down, sliding it down the tummy.

I could feel the waistband of her leggings. I made up my mind and inserted my hand inside the leggings. All this was happening in the dark. I was sitting at the back and had put my hand through the opening between the seat and the window. I slid my hand further down and could feel the waistband of her panty.

I kept my hand there for some time and then slowly inserted my hand inside the panty. I could feel small strands of her pubic hair. I made a little more effort, and I could feel the juicy lips of her cunt. It was wet, and I put one finger inside her cunt. She let out a loud moan, but luckily no one noticed this.

We had reached Kengeri when I realized I had to get down. I remembered the piece of paper on which I had written the email id. I quickly took it out, pressed it into her hand, and whispered to her to message me. She opened the slip of paper, and she was gazing at it.

I went towards the exit door with my bag and stood there. I heard a beep sound on my mobile, and I could see an email notification. I opened the email l and read a ‘Hi.’ The email id read Sanjana Gowda. Now I knew the name of this married beauty was Sanjana Gowda.

I replied, thanking her for allowing me to devour her beautiful body. She replied, saying that she also enjoyed it. I got down and went home. After I reached home, I again got an email. The email conversation continued for some time and moved to hangouts.

We chatted till 12, and then we decided that we should take this further. She agreed but was reluctant. She was married, and she had never done this outside marriage. She told me that she never realized what made her allow me to touch her like that.

We had some hot conversations. I asked her what color bra and panty she was wearing. If she was feeling wet, and if her nipples were hard and erect. She replied to everything with ease. She was wearing a black bra and panty, my favorite color.

She asked me if she could see my dick. I took a pic of my hard dick and sent it. I asked her to send me her boob pic, but she refused, saying I would get a chance to see them live.

We slept after some time, promising to meet soon. She would frequently travel to Mysore as it was her mother’s place. She lived in Bangalore with her husband.

I hope you all enjoyed it. Women, I am sure, would have had a wet patch. If you like it, write to me. I will write the next part to narrate how Sanjana and I met and satisfied each other. You can even read my other story here.

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