New Year Sex With Hot Girl Teju

So, this hot sexy story is about how I got laid with a super hot chick in Bangalore and kicked off my new year. This is a lengthy story, so please do read with some patience to get the feel of the entire scenario.

I and my friends decided to spend the new year eve at a famous pub in Koramangala. Since I didn’t get any action for the past few months, I was planning to hit on some random chick in the pub.

To my luck, there were only a handful of stags and a lot of single ladies and annoying couples. So, we went to the rooftop where the drinks were flowing.

The bartenders were pouring liquor directly into people’s mouths who were interested in getting drunk the hard way. I wanted to give it a try and I found a group of girls cheering. It gave me a chance to talk to them and I went on saying “you all should try this!” and went next to them.

This particular girl, Teju, was the hottest of them all – fair and tall with a bubble-butt and big titties dolled up in a white dress and a fancy choker. She was very extroverted and felt comfortable talking to me. In the meantime, her friends kept calling her to accompany them to the dance floor. So she had to leave.

I went and grabbed a few drinks for myself with my friends and went to the dance floor. I must admit that I was drunk. After struggling to find the hottie in the crowd, I finally managed to find her and asked her if she wanted to dance. She said okay with a killer smile.

We went to get a few beers for ourselves before going to the dance floor and then, we were dancing.

“You look ravishing in this dress, Teju”. She gave me another shot of her killer smile. “Thanks! You look cute too.”

She talking about how bad she was at dancing (tbh she wasn’t) and she wanted to sit on the couch as she felt dizzy. I held her by her waist and took her to the couch and sat with her for a while as I couldn’t find her friends. I didn’t want to take advantage of the situation either, so I went and asked her friend to take care of her.

After all the drama, I again went to the rooftop to get a few more drinks. I was alone as I didn’t want to be with my friends because they wanted to sabotage my plans for the evening. Cruel fuckers. So, after a while, the hot girl Teju and her friends came back to the rooftop.

I was hoping that she would notice me sitting alone and thank god, she did. She came up to me and was like “Why are you sitting alone? You mind if I give you some company?”.

I had a feeling that I just might get some action if I played my cards properly. “Yeah, please! Sit down. I wouldn’t mind spending time with a beautiful girl like you”. (I was so drunk and idk why I even blurted out something like that).

Here is the conversation:

Teju – So, you are here with your friends, right? Why are you sitting alone?
Me – If I was with them, I wouldn’t be sitting here with you right now and thank god, I didn’t go with them.

Teju – Haha okay? *confused look*
Me – So Teju, how is your night? Having fun?

Teju – Of course, yeah! What about you? Sorry. So stupid of me to ask this question.
Me – Haha chill. I wanted to get some action tonight. And I couldn’t find a way to. That spoiled the whole thing, you know?

Teju – you are looking for that type of fun. Acha. I got it. You want me to hook you up with someone, baba? My friend is also looking to hookup with someone.
Me – Which one?

She pointed at the table where her friends were sitting.

Teju – You see the girl in the black dress? Her name is Priyanka. You want me to introduce you to her?
Me – Why not? Call her.

(Priyanka was a dusky chick with an amazing structure – perfect sizes, hourglass figure. But my mind was set on Teju.)

Teju – Priyu, this person here wants to talk to you and finds you hot!
Me – I can’t deny the fact that you are hot. Anyway, hi Priyanka!

Priyanka – Hey! Why are you both sitting alone? Come, join us. We will have some tequila shots.
Teju – No, Pri. You go with him. I am done for the night.

Priyanka – Okay fine, you come.
Me – Uh, alright.

I went and sat with the other girls and soon Teju joined us. Those girls were focused on getting drunk and didn’t talk much.

Me – Listen, Teju. I am leaving. It is so awkward for me to be here and she doesn’t seem interested either. My friends would be searching too. Catch you later!
Teju – But don’t you want to have some fun, mister? Wait. Patience is the key.

Me – Haha, it is okay. I would be glad if you could help me personally though! (and then I realized what stupidity it was).

Teju – Noooo. I am having a good time already. (she got offended and it was obvious).

Me – Hey I am sorry. Bye. Have a good time.

I walked away from the table and went to my friends as it was almost 12 am. My friends were asking me what happened and they were making fun of me for the whole saga.

We started drinking again and when it was time for the countdown, all of us were shouting and dancing. When the clock struck 12, I could see couples kissing and lucky guys who picked up a chick.

I searched for Teju and I wished her. She hugged me and said, “Happy New Year, cutie” . It surprised me because after all that happened, she acted all chill.

Then we smiled at each other and she went to the restroom. I thought to myself, “This is the last chance” and followed her.

She gave me a surprised look when she came out. I was near the washbasin. “Too bad you didn’t want to help me out, Teju” and winked at her. Next thing she did literally blew my mind. She went and checked if the bouncer was standing near the entrance and pulled me into the ladies’ washroom and took me to an empty cubicle.

Before I could realize what was happening, she was all over me!

I started kissing all over the neck and grabbed her hair and whispered into her ear, “I was waiting for this for a long time”.

She put her hands inside my shirt and moving all over my body.

I sat on the toilet seat and made her sit over my lap and started kissing her like there was no tomorrow. Our tongues were entwined in the never-ending battle. I could feel her saliva all over my mouth. I kissed her all the way from her neck till her collarbone and then over her cleavage.

She was giving soft moans and her voice was such a turn on. I lifted her arms and started sucking her armpit which made her moan a bit loud. I then made her stand and removed her panty in one go.

I stood up and started fondling her amazing 33B tits. I put my hand inside her dress from the top and felt her erect nipples and started pinching her left nipple and rub her pussy simultaneously. She couldn’t control her moaning so I started kissing her.

I rubbed her shaved pussy so fast that she started dripping in a few minutes. I lifted her dress, made her sit on the toilet and spread her legs. What a sight it was! Clean-shaven moist pink pussy glistening with her juices.

I started sucking her pussy like crazy. I could feel my tongue going inside her pussy and started making circular motions. I felt her entire pussy tighten around my tongue and kept sucking on her pussy lips and her clitoris. She cummed so much that her juices were flowing down over her thighs.

She removed my jeans and pulled out my dick and started sucking it hard. Trust me guys, it was one hell of a BJ! She was grabbing my balls and deepthroating me. The sounds of her gagging were such a turn on.

When I was about to cum, I asked her to stop and made her stand next to the wall. I spread her legs and pushed my dick slowly into her pussy. God, that feeling was just amazing.

I didn’t want to finish off with this hot Indian chick soon and so, I took it very slowly. I gave her slow strokes and squeezed her tits in a rhythm with every stroke. I could feel my entire dick getting sucked in by her pussy.

I pulled her dress down and removed her strapless bra. Those beautiful tits were a sight to behold.

I kept rubbing my palms on her nipples while I was still fucking her from behind. She wanted to ride me and we sat on the toilet. She took my dick inside and started jumping. Her round titties were jumping, inviting me to suck them.

I kissed her while she was riding me as I didn’t want to get caught any kind of trouble. Then she forced me to suck her nipples by pushing my head towards her tits.

I held both her tits together and licked both the nipples together – pinching and twisting each nipple at a time. She had a cute brown areola and I made circles around her areoles with my tongue and started kissing on the sides of her tits.

After 20 minutes of some intense fucking, she moaned loudly and came all over my thighs and started kissing me. I was a bit scared as someone might have heard.

We stopped for a while and continued after a few minutes. Teju started to ride me. I told her that I was about to cum and she came down on me. She gave me an unforgettable head and I ended up cumming hard inside her mouth. She swallowed it and we started kissing again.

Later, we stopped as we heard a group of women coming inside the washroom.

“So, tell me. How was your night?”
“Best night ever” and I kissed her on her cheek.

“I am sorry I didn’t use a condom, everything happened so suddenly.”
“Chill, it is okay, I will take the pills” and she gave me a peck on my cheeks.

I helped her in getting dressed up and she went out to make sure no one was there. We came out of the washroom and went back to our friends.

It still surprises me that we didn’t get caught. Then while everyone was leaving the pub, I went to her and asked her for her phone number. She asked me to stay in touch and gave me a hug and left the pub.

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