My First Real Encounter With Mallu Girl

Hello! I’m a 24 years old Mumbai guy currently living in Pune.

This is the story of the first encounter I had in Pune. So I met this girl in my class, Sayli. She was a Keralite, living in Pune for some months. She was gorgeous. A bit petite, but with good boobs. She, I believe, worked out in the gym, just like I do. In the first week itself, I befriended her.

Not a day went by when I wouldn’t think about holding her in my arms. She was that bubbly! On the afternoon of May 20, 2019, Sayli and I happened to be in a room, alone. Since the exam was approaching, we decided to do a group study with our friends. As in any group planned events, no one showed up.

Only this time, I liked that. Sayli came to my house on a scooty. She was looking stunning! She smiled as she came near the door. “Where’s everyone else?” She said. I told her we got ditched. I asked, “Should we reschedule?” She replied, No, we could study together.”

She bent to remove her sandals when I got to look at her cleavage! Damn! Round and white. She was wearing a Calvin Klein push up inside. I couldn’t stop looking at it! She caught me. I was ashamed. I was all alone at home. Alone and horny.

I had been single for a couple of months by now, and all I did was fapping. I would fantasize about Sayli. While fapping my 7-inch black cock. Sayli came inside and greeted me with a smile. We sat down to study. As she was studying, I was yet eyeing her boobs.

They were so round! She caught me looking at them again. “What?” She said. I said nothing. I was really ashamed at this point. After some time, she had a doubt, so she sat beside me. She was unsure of how to apply differentiation to a certain problem.

Me, being good at maths, got excited and hurriedly started turning pages to explain her the point. In the process, my elbow pressed her breast-deep. This time, Sayli didn’t stay quiet. “Really?” She said in an annoyed voice. “You want to press them?” She said angrily. I was dumbstruck.

She then proceeded to pull my hand and put it on her breast and press it, “Do it for once and get done with it,” she said annoyedly. I took the chance and pressed them. As she was looking at me annoyedly, I went to her lips and kissed her. She resisted at first, but then started kissing me back vigorously.

I put her hand on my dick, and she started to feel it. Suddenly, she retracted her hand and apologized to me. She was ashamed. I said fuck it, as I lifted her in my arms. “What are you doing?” She shouted. I put her on top of the table and began kissing her vigorously.

She resisted at first, but then gave in and kissed me back. “We should stop,” she kept saying. But then it only made me kiss her harder. I went down on her and lifted her skirt up. “No, Alok! Please no,” she said. I promised her she will love it and removed her dotted underwear in a swoop.

I kissed on her thighs, and slowly made my way up to her pussy, but didn’t kiss there. I kept teasing by kissing and licking her around the pussy. She got extremely aroused and pressed my mouth in her vagina. I played with it using my tongue, licked it around, then put it in a bit.

I sucked it gently, then put my tongue deep in there. She had become an animal by now. She kept pushing my head in. So I kept licking her for a good amount of time. Then I stood up. The bulge in my shorts could be seen by a blind man by now. “What next?” I asked.

She pulled down my pants in one stroke and saw the rise of the Dark Knight. She held my dick in her hand and pulled me in the bedroom. I followed. She slept on the bed and placed my dick on her pussy. “Not so fast,” I said. I sat on my knees, with my black dick hanging over her face.

She understood and started to kiss me on my dick. She spat on it, spread it with the tongue, and began to suck it. I was hot. She kept sucking my dick, stroking it, until I couldn’t handle it anymore. I began skullfucking her hard. As I was about to cum, she sucked it the hardest.

All the cum came out in one go. It was beautiful. I lay on the bed, happy. She came close to me and rested on my chest. She was smiling. That made me very happy. We took some rest for a while. It was evening, and I was hungry. “Let’s go eat something,” I said.

“Ok,” she said. So we got up, I wore my pants, and she, her skirt. She was beautiful, I could look at her all day. Like, not sex. Just look at her. Her face, tits, I loved her. So just as we were about to leave. I suddenly realized this might not happen ever again. So I decided to go all in.

I pulled her near me and kissed her while pressing her breasts. I sat on the sofa and made her sit on my lap. She removed her top. She kept kissing my lips, while she slid down her bra. A pink nipple popped out and she took my lips to it. I started licking it, slightly first. Then I began to suck it like a baby.

She removed the rest of her bra. I was lightly holding her nipple between my teeth, and when she’d moan, I would sick it with my spit. I kept sucking it, and she kept moaning and pulling me. After 10 minutes, she took away my head. I thought she had had enough. But she hadn’t.

She took my lips to her other nipple and kissed my forehead. I kept sucking them hard for the next 15 minutes. She then proceeded to remove her underwear and my pants. She gave me a handjob, and when the batman rose, she sat on it. It slid in like a key.

She took my arms and placed them on her waist, and started fucking me. Slowly, at first. I was addicted to her boobs, so I kept sucking her boobs meanwhile. As she went on, I was nearing orgasm. So I lifted her in my arms, and pushed her against the wall, cause she was not fucking fast enough.

I started to fuck her like a mad dog, then. My balls were making so much tapping, she was in pain. But deep down, she wanted it, so I didn’t stop. I fucked her like a dog for some time, then I came in her mouth. She drank it all. She wore her skirt and said it was time to go.

So I kissed her while pressing her boobs, ofc. Said goodbye. We’ve fucked a lot after that, until recently, when she left Pune to go back to Bangalore.

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