‘A’ For Anisha

Hi everyone, this is Alpha here! I’m up to explain my first experience with a Malayali girl. Before starting here are a few notes about me, I’m a college student with a well-built physique and a dusky color, with a height of 5’11.

I’ve made out with a couple of girls before, but this is one of my favorites. So I am thinking of sharing it with you all. This was when I was doing my UG course. I was a silent kid back then. But only the ones who are close to me knew the real me.

I was very active in dating websites and social media in those days. So I came across a girl named Anisha (name changed), she was a Mallu girl. She was a short girl around 5’4 and her size was 30-28-32. Her boobs were looking small but still would be cute for her height.

She was a Mallu and the way she speaks itself was very nice to listen to. We matched through a dating app and our chats were pretty normal in the initial stages. As it went good, we exchanged numbers and our chats continued on WhatsApp.

Occasionally I would get calls from her. She used to study in a girl’s college in Chennai and I was also from Chennai. And she was staying at a hostel which had a curfew of 10.30 PM.

One day she called up and asked me if I was free on Saturday. I said yes and she asked me if I could take her out for a movie. I said ok and we planned for a 3 PM show. When I saw her for the first time, I was taken back!

She had an awesome structure and her boobs and hip lines were so curvy. She was wearing a tight red t-shirt and black leggings which were highlighting her assets.

We went for a Tamil movie. And as soon as the movie got over, we were going back to her hostel. It was 8’o clock by then. She asked me if I had any work, I said no. So she said she wants to hang out with me for some more time and go for dinner. So we had dinner.

I was sitting on my bike and waiting for her. I was having a normal water bottle in my hand, and as soon as she came in gave her the bottle to drink water. I pushed the bottle into her mouth while the cap was closed. She took the bottle away and said, “My mouth can take bigger things than this inside!”

I asked naughtily, “How about something big, around 6.5 inches?” She replied laughing saying, “That 6.5 inches will have a good time,” with a wink. We both made some naughty statements and decided to go to a park. It was 9 PM and I knew a park which was very deserted.

We went over there. There was a spot in the park which nobody could notice. To my surprise, she went exactly to that place! We sat down at a bench there and she asked me

Anisha: Is your dick really 6.5 inches big?
Me: Yup, why is that doubt?
Anisha: I’ve never seen a big tool like that before, so it’s a kind of amusement I have!

Me: Haha, the bigger it is, the better it would be. (with a wink)
Anisha: Big guy’s got big toys (with a wicked smile)

While talking I was caressing my fingers through her hair. She was feeling ticklish and asked me to stop. I was finding her reactions and the responses to the tickles funny and didn’t stop. At one point she held my dick and that froze me!

She was looking into my eyes as I was astonished about it. She then moved closer towards me and her face could feel my breath becoming warm. It touched her face and her hands could feel my dick getting harder.

She gently places a kiss over my lips. It was so sweet, feeling soft lips over mine gave a good feeling. We continued to kiss each other and it went on for about 10 minutes. While liplocks I was playing with her boobs with my fingers. They were inviting me to ponder upon.

To my surprise, she took both my hands and placed it over her breasts and it turned me on more! I was pressing her bosoms hard and I could feel her moan through the kiss. I pushed her onto the bench, and she was lying on the bench and I was upon her kissing.

While kissing I unhooked my pant and lowered it a little. I took out my dick and was spanking it around her face, she was so horny and started jerking off my dick instantly. She was enjoying it while doing as my dick was getting bigger with her strokes

I took my dick near her mouth and asked her to suck it. She was afraid of it and said no. I was telling her that this would be the best and the longest one she’d be blowing in her life. Those words made her give a try. She slowly took it inside her mouth, while the tip was touching her tongue I felt the warmth.

She then gradually started taking the cock inside, it was heaven when she was continuing it slow and steadily. She was trying for the deep throat as my cock was gagging inside the mouth. The pleasure I was receiving was incredible! I was simultaneously fingering her as she was giving me a blowjob.

I said I was feeling ecstatic and wanted to cum. She opened her mouth wide open and said, “I’m ready!” In no time I cum inside her mouth, she drank it. After that, I dropped her off at the hostel. We used to make out when we both were free.

I will be uploading my other experiences in upcoming parts. Feedbacks are welcome; account: [email protected] People in and around Chennai, text me for fun and collabs.

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