Sex In Ahmedabad City

Hello everyone. This is my first story here in ISS. It’s a real-life incident that has happened to me recently. I have been a reader of ISS for a long time now. Like when I felt like to masturbate I read a story here. Let my name be ‘V’. I am a dentist, practicing in Ahemdabad and residing in Gandhinagar.

I am new to this place. It has only been 2 months I have moved here. I forgot to tell you that I’m a South Indian. As I’m new to this place I don’t have any friends here. I recently broke my relationship before moving to Ahemdabad.  So I was bored when I had free time.

I happened to post an ad on a social networking website, mentioning that I’m looking for a physical relationship. Along with it, I posted a picture of mine without a vest. I love keeping myself fit. I used to go to the gym regularly. But now being occupied with work I go only once twice or thrice in a week.

Back into the story. Looking at the ad I posted, in which I dropped my mobile number too. Few girls and a few women too contacted me. But they were kind of nervous to go ahead. Even I was feeling a bit insecure because I am in a new place. I don’t know the people here and felt I wouldn’t have any fun in this city.

A few days later, as usual, I was at my workplace. Busy with patients. I finished my morning shift. Because of my hectic schedule, I was a little late for lunch. The moment I opened my phone I saw a call from an unknown number. I was in search of job opportunities and had contacted many doctors about the same.

I thought the call was from a doctor with a job opening. To my surprise, it was the voice of a girl. Her voice was trembling and was very hesitant to speak. I asked, “Who is this?” She hesitantly replied, “I have seen your ad in Locanto and…” Her English was good and fluent.

I felt so happy just listening to this and felt like a dream. I had never met anybody through an online ad. I had already imagined by then about fucking this polished girl. And then I too continued the conversation in decent English. I said I was the one to post the ad and asked what had she called for.

She, a bit hesitantly, replied she was looking for a one night stand. Listening to this made my day and I felt my count has started in Ahemdabad. I said, “I’m up for it. But what do you do? I mean what’s your profession? “To which she replied she was a final year MBBS student.

I felt happy to listen that even she was a doctor. Then she asked me what do I do. I told her I’m a doctor too and I’m practicing in Ahemdabad. Then she asked, “Do you want to come to my place or shall I come to yours?” I asked her surprisingly, “Is it fine at your place? I mean there’s no one else with you?”

She replied she lives all by herself in a rented apartment. That made me a bit relieved as we already got a place too. Then I told her, “I will come to your place. But I can spend only a few hours, not all night.” I had some work to do that night. To which she replied, “But I want to spend the night.”

She told she was stressed with her studies and wanted to vent it out that night. She said if it’s only for a few hours she wasn’t ready. I somehow convinced her that I will spend a night with her the next day. Let’s spend some time together today. She accepted.

She started asking about my physique. If I had a good body if I’m good in bed. I told her I work out regularly and have a muscular physique. She had seen in the picture I displayed in the ad. I told her I’m pretty good in bed. I was afraid if she didn’t look good.

I told her straight away that my biggest turn-ons are big boobs and a big ass. Did she have big boobs? To which she replied, “I’m very sexy.” I already got a hard-on by then and was growing more desperate to fuck her. I then asked her what she was wearing. She replied, “What you want me to wear?”

I said I would prefer to see her naked. She said, “It will anyways happen once you come here. I will wear a pushup bra and boxers till then.” I said fine and asked her to text me her apartment address. I immediately rushed to the hospital.

I asked the chief doctor permission to leave telling him that I had some work. To which he agreed. By then I saw a text on my phone which was her address. I went near her apartment by following the GPS. After reaching I called her. She wasn’t picking my call. I felt she was ditching me.

With the hope that I would get to have my first sex in Ahemdabad, I waited there itself for 10 minutes. Even then I didn’t receive a reply. I started back to leave and just passed a street when I received a call from her. She said, “I’m extremely sorry. I was in the shower.”

It would take her 10 more minutes to dress up. I told her I haven’t purchased condoms. So I purchased chocolate-flavored dotted condoms from a nearby pharmacy and went back to her apartment. I called her and this time she was already waiting for me on the terrace of her apartments.

As soon as we saw each other we waved hands at each other. Actually the moment I saw her I felt so happy because she looked quite fair. Her hair was loose and imagined this would be a dream fuck. She asked me to walk up to her apartment.

I went up nervously because this was the first time I met someone this way in a totally new place. As I walked halfway up, I saw a well-built girl in boxers and a push-up bra. Her hair was left loose and was wearing eyeglasses. As she was walking, saw her ass which was really huge with a mole on her right thigh. I imagined beating up that huge ass.

As I entered her home, she locked the door. We saw into each other’s eyes and started checking out each other. There was absolute silence between us. All that prevailed between us was pure lust. To describe her, she was wheatish to fair. A huge built. She was 5’9. She had apparently big boobs and a huge bottom.

We started talking with each other to ease up the situation and heat it up for the action to begin. We started to talk casually. The first thing she told me was, “You look handsome.” I said you got fat at the right places to which she gave a kinky smile.

She told she liked my body a lot in the picture in the ad and wanted to see it. I unbuttoned my shirt and she said I looked very hot. We happened to talk about casual things. I grew very horny and I told her I’m feeling like to kiss her. To which she replied, “You can.”

Within a second I pulled her close and started sucking her lips and sucked her tongue out. Her saliva tasted good. We were already heated up. She was too horny. She was pulling up her bra. So I pulled it up and started sucking her boobs and squeezing them. Biting her nipples.

Her boobs were the size of mangoes with dark nipples and areolae. Also, they were stiff. She asked me to handle them roughly. I started to squeeze them very hard and was biting them really hard. While I was doing this I put one hand over her pussy from above the boxer she wore. It was all wet.

I at once pulled it out and started to finger her pussy. She had shaven her pubic hair clean except for a few strands of hair above the pussy. Her pussy was dark. Very wet by then and was giving the aroma of a cock hungry pussy. I immediately made her lie down started to finger her pussy.

The moment I started that she was in extreme pleasure pushing my hand with her deeper. I understood she was enjoying it. I started to insert more fingers. She grew very horny and was screaming out of pleasure. When I was fingering her very roughly with all the energy I got.

She was crunching her legs and torso with loud screams out of pleasure. The sight of which made me even hornier. And tears started to roll down her cheeks. I stopped and asked if it was paining. To which she replied it felt heavenly. Then I buried my face in between her legs.

I started eating her labia and sucking it one by one. She was in extreme pleasure and tears kept rolling down her cheeks. After I did this for a while I could see her pussy quivering by itself. Which I supposed was her orgasm. She just kept her eyes closed and took deep gasps of breath. Tears rolling down her eyes.

My cock was rock hard by then. I wanted to smack her pussy. Immediately I pulled out a condom and put it on. I started rubbing my cock over her pussy. I gave as if I’m entering her but didn’t. I put the full length of my cock in her pussy with a forceful thrust and held it deep in there for a few seconds.

She started to scratch my back with her nails and hugged me tightly. I was all licking her and kissing her. Sucking her tongue. I kept thrusting her for a long time in missionary. After that my cock was very erect and pulsating for more action. Now I lay down and asked her to sit over me.

She was huge and the moment she sat. All the length of my cock was inside in one stroke. She closed her eyes for a second and started to bounce off my cock. We fucked in this position too for a very long time. While she was bouncing on my cock, I was biting her tits every time she came close.

I held her waist and rocked her hard. I slapped her ass so hard. I just enjoyed it. She was tired. I asked her to be on all fours as I wanted to fuck her in the doggy style. The moment she bent and spread her legs wide, I was spanking her ass. She asked me to hit it harder.

I just couldn’t control myself and in no time I put my rock hard cock in her pussy. I was continuously banging her like there’s no tomorrow. I was spanking her ass with all the energy I got. I pulled her hair. Held her boobs bit her back and was enjoying every second.

The moment I put in my cock she told this was the first time she did doggy style. It was the most pleasurable position. She kept on screaming, “Mera chut faad diya.” I too was shouting, “You bitch. I will fuck you hard. Rip your pussy. Tear it apart. Saali randi.”

I asked her if she was fine with the dirty talk and wouldn’t mind ‘gaalis’. I tend to say them when I’m in full swing. She said she liked it. I stroked her for a long time in that position. She was totally tired and lay down. But my cock was pulsating for more.

She said, “How come you stay so long, man? It’s already more than 30 minutes you have fucked. You seriously are a pro.” I told her I’m having a lucky day today. She replied she loved every second spent with me and I’ve made her day. She finally said your wife is going to be very lucky taking deep gasps of air.

We were all wet by sweat. We really had a steamy session. I asked her I wanted to fuck her in missionary now. She said, “You can still stay?” and she spread her legs. I quickly put in my cock and started to thrust her with all my body weight. She was loving it and my sweat was dripping all over her body.

I kept sucking her saliva all the time I was fucking her in that position. After some time she said I can’t do it anymore. I’m really tired. Please let’s lay down for some time. I wasn’t done yet but would have been aggressive if I continued. So I said please stroke my cock and give me a blowjob to which she agreed.

She said, “I seriously can’t believe this. You have been continuously fucking for more than 40 minutes. Guys I have been with earlier didn’t last for more than a 10-15 minutes.” I smiled and said, “Well I’m an experienced guy.” She started to suck my cock and my balls.

In a few minutes, I was about to cum. When I told her, she wanted to get it in her mouth. I screamed loud and fired my cum in her mouth. She cleaned all of it over my cock and took it in her mouth. She then rushed to the washroom, cleaned herself and said it was hot and salty.

We cuddled for some time in the bed and then I left for work. Before I left she said she wanted this every day and asked me to plan to stay with her for a night. I said I will and left the place. After we finished the steamy session she said, “A one-time with you is like having sex for a couple of times.”

It made me feel happy. All the while I was banging her she was admiring my arms and kept saying I was looking really hot. After this, we planned to meet many times. But because of the hectic work of mine and her exams, we couldn’t meet.

Well ISS readers this is my first story in here which is a true experience. I hope you guys like it. Any interested females who want to spend some quality intimate time with me can mail me at [email protected]

I will be coming up with a few more life experiences of mine. Till then. Bye.

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