Sexy Babe From Omegle

This is the story of my first encounter with a girl on Omegle. My name is Joseph, 21 years of age from Bangalore. I’m a typical student doing my degree and having a boring life. This is when I came across Omegle. But as usual, the app was so fucked up.

Most of the people online were guys looking for the same thing as I was. It was a holiday. I was tired of scrolling through Omegle tired of seeing all that usual ‘m’ and disconnect message. I felt like my life was getting wasted. Now the clock hit half past midnight.

And boom. The word ‘f’ pops up. I was in joy but was unsure of keeping the chat in line. Through further chat, I came to know that she was interested in roleplay. Her name was Roshni (name changed). She was 24, older than me. But she was ok with the age and I decided to test my luck.

I tried my classic bro sis roleplay and she loved it. I took her to the heavens in the roleplay. She felt so good and complimented me telling that I was the best guy she had ever done the best roleplay with. I was glad that she enjoyed it and loved it. But she wanted more.

So we exchanged our kik id (my id: jroyawesome) then she pinged me there. But it was late. So I told her that I would text her the next day. So I got up the next day late as I had a holiday. I could see that she was already messaging me on kik. She was craving for more.

We did more chats and exchanged our pics and also a few nudes. God, she was hot as fuck. Her body was perfectly shaped and of appropriate size. She was a sexy babe. And she was in love with my 7-inch thick dick. We talked for a few days and one day she was ready to meet me.

The next day we decided to meet up in a café in the morning at 10:30. I hurried from home and went to the café sharp at 10:30. I started to wait for her and looking on my kik messenger for any signs of her. After 10 minutes I thought I was wasting my time and decided to leave.

Then I saw her coming up to me. I had seen her pics but she looked gorgeous in real. Oh, my god that ass. And her boobs popping out through the thin-looking pink top shoulderless top. My, my. She was amazing. She came up to me and said, “Hi joseph, its finally nice to meet you.”

I replied, “The pleasure is all mine.” Now my boner had started to come. She sat in front of me and we started chatting random stuff. I complimented her looks and she told me how she liked my lean muscular body. Then I told her to come to sit on the chair next to me.

She was hesitant but finally agreed to come to sit next to me. It was a big café and the crowd was very less. There were probably 4 people there including us. She was now sitting close to me. Oh my. Her boobs were big roughly 34d. Imagine that. I was in shock.

Now I turned towards her and asked, “Are you feeling uneasy?” She nodded her head accepting it as she was shy. I told her it was alright and I made sure no one was watching her and softly grabbed her boobs. She looked at me and I could tell she was shy.

The waiter was approaching so I stopped touching her. We ordered 2 coffees. And as soon as the waiter was gone, I grabbed her boob again. The place we sat in was actually for a family area. So the table was surrounded by walls on 3 sides for privacy.

Now I was holding her boobs on top of the dress she was wearing. She was extremely sexy as she was wearing an off the shoulder top. She whispered, “Stop it, Joe. Not here what if someone sees.” I reassured her that I won’t expose ourselves. And then I stopped and took my hand off her boobs.

Now she was relieved. And the waiter returned with 2 cups of coffee. He placed it on the table and went away. As she was grabbing her coffee and was drinking her coffee, I suddenly held her boobs in my hands. Out of surprise, she started to cough after choking on her coffee.

Then we both started laughing. Now we started to drink tea and chat. She told me she was free the whole and we could go anywhere we wanted. Next, we went to a shopping mall. I told her I will buy her a top of her choice. Hence she chose a crop top of pink color.

I understood that pink was her favorite color. I asked her to try it out in the dressing room. And after 5 minutes she came her wearing the pink crop top. Damn. She was looking bomb. Her body is damn good.

I told her that I was lucky to meet her. Then while she went in to change, I also entered the dressing room. She was surprised. I shut the door and told her that she can change in front of me. She instantly started to undress in front of me. As soon as she removed the top I saw her boobs enclosed in the bra.

I couldn’t wait to touch it. I grabbed both of her boobs and started to press. She said, “ What are you doing, Joe? Not here,” and she was moaning lightly. Now I pushed her bra up and started to suck on her tits. They were so sweet and I could feel her tight nipples on my tongue.

She was feeling the urge now and started to feel my crotch. Seeing this I knew she wanted it. I opened my pants and pulled my dick out and she immediately started to suck on my 7 inch monster. “Oh, it’s huge,” she was surprised and started to suck from the tip.

Now, after 5 minutes, she started sucking like a real pro. I was pressing her boobs all the while she was sucking. After 10 minutes of total blowjob, I was about to cum. She said that she didn’t like to drink cum so I dumped all the cum on the floor. Then again I mouthfucked her for 5 more minutes.

We couldn’t stay inside for too long or people would suspect. So after a nice session of titfuck and blowjob, we came out. Thank god nobody was outside or suspected. We adjusted our dress and she was telling how much she liked the day so far. She wanted to do more adventures.

But unfortunately, she wanted to go home as she received a call from her dad. She gave me her number. Then she told me she would like to meet up the coming Sunday and have some more fun. She wanted my dick inside her.

So, guys, this is the first part of my encounter and the rest will be coming up soon in the next part. So guys and girls if you liked it you can send me the reviews and regards on [email protected] or you can kik me on my id: ‘jroyawesome’.

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