Lockdown sex with a mature neighbor

Hello all, my name is Sunny, 29, from Delhi NCR. I want to share my experience with my mature neighbor aunty. It happened during the 1st lockdown in April last year.

This aunty used to live in front of my flat. There were just 2 flats on the floor, and it was a standalone building. She has been living here for the past 2 months.

Her name was Varsha, and she belongs to Rajasthan. She was fair, tall, with right curves at right places. We generally met in the morning as we left for the office simultaneously.

She had come to Noida for some official training for 6 months. She used to keep some eatable items like milk in my refrigerator as she didn’t have one due to her temporary accommodation.

Due to this, we talked and got to know about each other’s families. It was the month of March, and the holiday was about to start. I had to catch the train to my hometown. I was waiting at the lift early morning. She came from behind and said

V – Hi, good morning. Where are you up to?

Me – Railway station. I need to catch a train.

V – Come with me. I’ll drop you at the station.

I went with her. We talked about the holiday plans and reached the station. We shared our contact numbers and bid bye. I called her on Holi, but she didn’t pick up the call. So I dropped a message.

The next day, I received a message from her saying that she was busy. I said that it was fine. She came back to Noida just a day before the janta curfew. She invited me for lunch on the curfew day. She served me with the sweets she brought from her hometown.

I complimented her on the food which she prepared. After that, I came to my flat. After 2 days, the lockdown was announced. I messaged her asking about her plans. If she was leaving for her hometown, to which she replied no. I, too, replied the same since all the trains had stopped.

From the next day, work from home started. She was also attending her training from home only. Since everything was closed, I asked her if she needed anything to ping me anytime. She replied with yes.

Now we both were alone in our flats. We started chatting over the phone. By mistake, she sends one non-veg to me. I replied with a shocked emoji. She told me that it was sent by mistake.

I got the courage, and I started sending her double-meaning jokes. She used to laugh over it. Slowly slowly, I started flirting with her and complimenting everything she did.

We started cooking together sometimes in her flat and sometimes in mine. We both know that something will happen between us soon.

One afternoon, I went to her flat for lunch. She was wearing a white gown with florals. The balcony door was open. Due to the daylight, I noticed that her legs could be seen inside her gown.

I went near her and complimented her that she looked hot in this gown. She said, “Naughty boy,” with a smile. I was standing near her and seeing her making rotis. Her boobs were bouncing inside her gown.

She saw me staring at a hero. I can see the sweat coming from her neck going to her cleavage. I took my finger and ran over her hair above the ear. She left a soft moan. I got a signal that she liked it.

I went outside the kitchen, had some water and came back. I hugged her from behind and kissed her left shoulder. She got shocked, but she didn’t resist. I started sucking and biting her neck while feeling her tummy.

She was 47 years old, 5.7 feet tall and had a sexy figure of 38D-34-40. She was fair with straight hair. I was busy eating her earlobes while smelling her sweat. She closed the gas and asked me to wait outside.

She washed her hands and came outside and told me that this was wrong. I took her hand in mine and pulled her towards me. Our eyes met, and I lip-locked her. She was neither resisting nor supporting. I was finding it difficult to open her mouth.

I started pressing her boobs with my right hand and caressing her ass with my left hand. I was fingering in her ass over the gown. We got separated, and she told me that let’s go inside.

She didn’t have a bed, just a single mattress. It was here temporary accommodation. I took my lower and t-shirt out and was in my undies. She took her gown out, and she was just in her cream bra without panties.

There were hairs on her pussy. She took her bra out and was completely nude. Her boobs were really heavy. She, too, had heavy thighs. I, too, took out my undies. We both were nude.

We started kissing each other, chewing each other’s lips, exchanging saliva, licking each other’s tongue. She was caressing my dick while I was fingering her pussy which was wet.

She laid down, and I came on top of her. I was rubbing my 8-inch hard dick over her clit and pussy. I was sliding my penis over her pussy and teasing her.

I was licking her boobs. She had dark nipples and big areolas. I was switching from left boob to right, and she was moaning in pleasure.

I took her left hand and raised it straight. Her armpits were shaved, which turned me on. Without giving a second thought, my tongue was licking her armpits. Her sweet smell was intoxicating.

I got up and licked her deep navel. I kissed her stretch marks which she was not allowing me to. I told her that you are beautiful and not to be shy about it. I reached her sweaty jungle and inhaled it. The musk smell was soo intoxicating.

Her pussy lips were thick and stuck to each other due to wetness. I separated it with my fingers. Her pussy was dark, and inside, it was pink. I took her pussy lips in my mouth and sucked them.

The taste was so good that the pussy salty water and sweat mixed. I started kissing it, and she pushed my head inside her pussy. “Fuck me, Sunny. Give me your tongue.”

I spread her pussy lips wide, sucked her clit. She had a big clit. I was rubbing her clit with my fingers. Then I pressed her clit with my left thumb and inserted my tongue in her pussy.

I was fucking her pussy with my tongue. My head was between her heavy thighs. She cummed in my mouth. I sucked her creamy pussy. She was happy.

We both sat down. I was caressing her thighs, and she was playing with my hard cock. She spat on it and started giving handjob. I came in a few seconds all over her thighs.

Then we had our lunch. I went down to bring condoms from the nearby shop. I came back. She opened the door nude. I undressed, and we started kissing each other.

I lay her down and started eating her thighs, reaching her pussy. I licked it and spat some saliva on it. She was wet again. She said, “Give it to me now. I can’t wait.”

I was hard. She rolled the condom over my cock, and laid on her back. I spread her legs, rolled it and made an M. I started rubbing her pussy with my cock, and slowly entered her. She left a big moan. She was easy to enter.

I put my hands on her knees and started fucking her with slow shots. My balls were hitting her asshole, making a pach sound in the room. I started humping her hard, and she was slowly moaning.

I took both of her legs, put them on my shoulders, and started fucking her. She was pressing her boobs and moaning my name. I was caressing her heavy thighs and fucking her.

We switched to the spoon position. I tried entering from behind but couldn’t fuck her due to her big ass. Then she asked me to fuck in doggy style. She spread her legs and spit some saliva.

I placed my cock on her ass to tease her. She took the cock and placed it over the pussy. I put my thumb in her dark brown asshole.

I held her waist and fucking her hard. I was fucking her hard from behind. I slapped her ass a few times. I was about to cum, so I hugged her hard and released all my cum inside her in the condom.

We both were sweating like hell. We lay on the mattress facing each other. We were cuddling and kissing. I kissed her forehead and made her rest her face on my chest.

This was my first encounter with the neighbor lady. After that, we enjoyed the full lockdown in each other’s arms.

Do let me know how you like my story. Any girls/ladies of any age, if you want a good personal chat, you can mail me at [email protected]

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