Neighbour’s Hot Wife Fucked Inside Car

I moved to a new place with my family in 2016 in a high rise top floor flat. There were 4 flats on the floor.

The flat exactly opposite to ours was of a family with 2 college-going kids. The lady there didn’t look like the mother of 2 teenage kids. Her husband is a government servant. He was an always-smiling and pleasant personality. The daughter had just completed her 10th and the son was doing his graduation.

Gradually, our family got to know each other more.

We were new to locality and this neighbour family helped us a lot to settle down. Gradually, our interaction became more and more and we use to have dinner together.

Mrs. Neighbour (let’s call her ‘Anu’) was a fitness freak and had a very well-maintained body. She was short in height with a simple face and somewhat curly hair.

Soon we exchanged numbers and started with simple messages about society issues. On one weekend, my family had gone out and I was alone at home. As expected, I was invited to dinner by my neighbour.

But on weekends, I generally drink and hence I politely declined. But my wife had told Anu about my habit. Anu immediately informed her husband and he informed me he will come with the food for both of us and have it at my home.

Seeing this, gesture I had to accept. Anu’s husband was an occasional drinker and as a good gesture, I invited him to join.

We started with beer and soon our talks went on to about college, office politics and family.

Soon 2 beer each were down and Anu’s husband was fully happy. Suddenly, Anu came and asked if anything more was required. Her hubby was surprised and so was she.

I calmly signaled that he is okay and there is nothing to worry.

I made him have some food and ask him to sleep at my place. I informed Anu through message. I like to smoke after dinner but there was no cigarettes left at my home. So I messaged Anu saying that I am going down for a fag and was taking the keys with me.

I was smoking on the ground floor in my society received a message from Anu asking my whereabouts.

Me: Downstairs, smoking. Wanna join?
Anu – Shut up, finish and come up fast.

I continued my flirting and messaged back.

Me – Come back where?
Anu – Home, idiot!

Me – Whose? Mine or yours?

There was a pause and I thought I crossed the limit. I finished my cigarette and was waiting for the lift. Then I received my neighbour’s wife’s message.

Anu – I am coming downstairs.
Me – I don’t have any more cigarettes.

Anu – Shut up.

She came down but she was nervous and upset.

I smiled and said, “Cool down, I was joking. Maybe because of the alcohol.”

Anu – Shut up, let’s go for a drive.
Me – Would love to, but you should drive.

Anu showed me the keys and asked me to wait at some distance from the society.

I went while thinking why and what can be the reason. She came and I got inside the car.

We started. There was silence for some time. I tried to break it and asked my neighbour’s wife, “Can we go and eat ice cream?” Still, no reply. I was getting worried.

After a minute or so she asked, “Why did you ask that question?”

I immediately understood and to avoid any further problems, I said, “Sorry, I was joking. Maybe because of the alcohol like I said.”

Anu looked at me and smiled and continued to drive. Again she looked at me and asked, “Is that true or are you hiding something?” (with a smile).

I looked at her and then avoided eye contact and said, “Honestly, you are a damn desirable woman – perfect curves and cute face”. And immediately, I added, “Please take it as a compliment”.

She started laughing loudly and parked the car on the roadside. She was still laughing. She looked at me, winked and said, “Okay, I will take it as a compliment”.

We then went to the ice cream parlor. It was about to close. We ordered chocolate shakes.

While having it, I was watching my neighbour’s wife and was trying to guess what her wink meant. I decided to play safe and broke the ice asking about her fitness regime.

She started sharing the details. We got out of the car and threw the mugs in the dustbin and stood outside the car close to each other.

She was telling me more details about her regime and I was observing her hot lips and her sexy ass. She had a wonderful ass, perfectly shaped.

All the while, Anu was noticing my acts but still, she continued telling her daily schedule. Then I tapped on her shoulder and said, “Let’s go back?”

She nodded and we were back on the car. We drove back and she parked the car in the parking place. She looked at me and asked, “Are you happy?”

I was surprised to hear such a question but replied boldly, “Yes, but looking to change” and winked.

She giggled and I immediately asked, “What about you?”

There was a pause and then she nodded with a half-hearted smile. She was about to get out of the car but I held her hand and asked, “Are you really happy?”

Anu looked at me, we held hands more firmly. I pulled her back in the car and moved closer to her. We were feeling each other’s breathe.

I kissed on her forehead and she immediately rested her head on my shoulder. I pushed my seat back and reclined it. She understood what I was doing. She came over me and our lips locked. Slowly, Anu opened her lips. We exchanged saliva and were caressing each other’s body.

In no time, my hands were inside my married neighbour’s t-shirt, unbuckling her bra strap. My nails were buried in her back. Then our lips parted and we pulled down our tracks and shorts.

I was hard already. She grabbed it, looked at me and shagged. It was getting hot in the car and a bit uncomfortable as we were not able to move freely. I asked her to move to the back seat and without any further delay, we were naked in the car’s back seat.

I started fingering my neighbour’s wife’s cunt and she was slowly opening up. Her moans were very arousing and her cunt was getting lubricated.

Then Anu got a call on her phone. It was her daughter. She told her that she was driving and will be reaching home in 15 minutes. That was the signal to waste no more time.

I pushed my hard tool into my Indian married neighbour’s pussy. She gave a loud moan but I covered her mouth quickly!

I started pumping Anu. She was holding my bump and applying pressure with my each inward moment. I slapped her occasionally. We kissed passionately in between. Anu wrapped her legs around me and dug her nails on my back.

I whispered, “I want to fuck you in the doggy style, I love your ass”. Anu agreed immediately.

I slapped, licked and pinched her ass and entered with a hard push. Then I started pumping faster, harder and deeper. On my every hard thrust, her head was pressing to the car door firmly. I pressed her breasts from the back and kissed her back. I sucked her shoulder and told her to get ready.

Then I started banging my neighbor harder and was the approaching climax. She was also about to orgasm. Then she shivered and said, “Cummm inside”.

I was excited and started pumping more fast. The fucking noises and our sweating bodies made the whole environment so erotic.

After a few more rapid and hard pushes, I finally filled Anu’s cunt will all my juices.

We were tired and sweating so much. We fell on the back seat.

Coming up – our next session.

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