Love and lust from a rich Hyderabad aunty

Hi, everyone. I am Harish, age 25, from Visakhapatnam, with a story of love and lust. I am currently residing in Hyderabad for job purposes. I enjoy my sex life king size. I had many encounters with both aunties and girls. Few of them are published on this site.

I didn’t believe I would get an opportunity like this. A few days back, I have published a story. I got some feedback on the website as well as my mail.

Some of them ask for pictures of my friend’s mom, and some are just interested in knowing things. From all the emails, I got one person named Swetha. She started the conversation in hangouts. We enquired about each other details and tried to get to know each other.

Her name is Swetha, aged 45, tall and sexy by looks. She resides in Hyderabad. From her talks, I understand that she is open-minded and a rich lady. She read all my stories. At first, she was interested in knowing how I fucked my friend’s mom and others.

It became a daily routine for us to have a small chat in the morning and night. In the first ten days, we came to know about each other. She is a rich lady with a college-going daughter and a busy business husband. She feels lonely and never socializes with people much.

Being comfortable with her, I started an intimate conversation. The entire conversation went in Telugu.

Me: Aunty, with how many people you had slept with other than your husband?

Aunty: Two.

Me: Who are those?

Aunty: Please don’t ask me, beta. Those are just one-time happenings.

Me: Okay. Does uncle (her husband) fuck you daily?

Aunty: No, beta. He is always busy in the business.

Me: Then how do you manage yourself, aunty?

Aunty: I control myself. I am an introverted lady. I can’t mingle with people so fast. I feel alone sometimes. But, what to do? This is my life.

Me: I know.

Aunty: How?

Me: I just felt it. You are not uttering a single useless word. You are so gentle and kind. I don’t know much about your personal life, but I can feel your character. You are an awesome person and a loving mother.

She was silent.

Me: Aunty, Can I ask you something?

Aunty: Yeah, ask me.

Me: Please don’t take me in the wrong way.

Aunty: We have been talking for almost 10 days. You never misbehaved nor disrespected me. Even if you ask something wrong, I will correct you. I don’t get offended.

Me: Thank you, aunty. Your words mean a lot.

Aunty: Ask me, Harish.

Me: Can I meet you once?

She thought for a while

Aunty: Why?

Me: I don’t know why. But, I want to see you once – no wrong intention.

Aunty: We will see when time permits.

We talked for another four days. I didn’t force her to meet me again. One day, she asked me at 8 am, “Are you free today?”

Me: No, aunty, I have a class to attend.

Aunty: At what time?

Me: 10 am. I will leave my hostel at 9:45 am.

Aunty: Send me your location.

I sent it. I don’t understand why she was asking my location.

Me: Why, aunty?

She didn’t reply to me. I took it easy and got ready to attend my class. I got hangouts to call at 9:40. This is the first time we are speaking on the phone. I was excited to talk.

She: Where are you?

Her voice is so sweet and dignified.

Me: Hostel, aunty.

Aunty: Ready for the class?

Me: Yes, aunty. I am about to leave.

Aunty: Okay, do one thing. There is a black Mercedes outside your hostel. Go and get into the car. Car number is 1111.

I was shocked and confused why she was doing all these. Why did she send me a car? Is it necessary for her? While talking to her, I walked to the balcony. There is a Benz car waiting on the road. She disconnected the call asking me to get into the car.

I reached the car, and the driver opened the door. “Are you Harish?” he asked me. Yes, I answered. He replied, “Get inside, sir.” I was totally confused. I got into the car. The driver started, and we were going somewhere.

I don’t know much about Hyderabad. I asked him where we were going. He said, “Madam told to bring you to her home, sir.” Now I understand. As I asked her to meet me, she planned for this today.

After half an hour journey with Hyderabad traffic, we reached her home. It was a big villa. Driver asked me to go inside. With a pale face, I started entering her house. I rang the bell. There she is with a smile inviting me.

She was wearing a light green chiffon sari with a dark green blouse. She is beautiful. She has lovely eyes and a good smile. I was dumbstruck when I entered her living room, watching her. We greeted each other.

She made me sit on the sofa and went to the kitchen to bring me some water. She handed me the water and sat beside me. I was in a dream with a rich sexy aunty sitting beside me. We both feel a little embarrassed as we are meeting for the first time.

We initiated to talk about general things. After half an hour, she asked, “Come; let me show my house to you.” She stood up and gave her hand to hold. I held her hand, and I followed her steps.

I noticed her seductive waistline in her sari. She was damn sexy. Her ass is swinging when we are climbing the steps. She has excellent pair of boobs. She wrapped all her assets well in a sari.

She is showing all the places in the house. My part is to nod my head and watch her beauty. I am sure she is also noticing me admiring her assets. Finally, she took me to her bedroom. It was a big room with a king-sized bed and a well-designed room.

Aunty: So, this is my house. How is it?

Me: Beautiful, like you, aunty.

Aunty: (With a naughty smile) Abbaa!

Me: Really, aunty. I didn’t expect you will be this much beautiful.

Aunty: Then what did you expect?

Me: (We are standing in the bedroom) Is there anyone in the house?

Aunty: No one is there. That’s why I called you.

Me: For what?

Aunty: You asked that to meet me.

Me: Hmm. Aunty, you are beautiful.

Aunty: Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.

Me: You wore a nice sari. I love this color (Pointing to her boobs)

Aunty: (She saw where my finger is pointing) Which color?

Me: (Sliding her sari on the right boob to the middle of the boobs) This sari color and blouse color.

Her cleavage is visible, and I was watching it with much attention. She was watching me and did not oppose me in any form. By that time, I knew I would fuck this beautiful rich aunty. We slowly moved towards the wall.

Aunty: Haa. What else do you love?

Me: Your skin color.

My finger went to her cleavage. I looked into her eyes. Her eyes are filled with lust and love. She was leaning on the wall, and I was leaning on her. Slowly, I leaned my head forward and tried to kiss her lips. She didn’t object. I kissed her on juicy lips with light lipstick. She also started responding.

I held her bare waist with my right hand and her hair with my left hand. We are kissing like lovers. Heat is generating between us. I moved to her neck and started kissing all over. Meanwhile, my hand is exploring her navel area.

“I love you, aunty. You are so beautiful.” I unpinned her sari pallu and dropped her sari. I put my head in between her boobs and enjoyed the cleavage. I was pressing her boobs softly with both my hands. I removed her petticoat knot, and she became bottom nude all of a sudden.

She was not wearing any panty. She became a little shy and hugged me tightly. I was slowly massaging both her boobs, for which she was moaning very softly. I started removing her blouse hooks and next bra. She is completely nude, standing in front of me.

I lifted her in my arms and rolled her smoothly on the king-sized bed. I became fully nude and locked the door. I started sucking her nipples. She is holding my head and pushing towards her breasts. Her boobs and body will not determine her age. She is perfect in every inch.

I moved to her belly region. I was surprised. She doesn’t have any birthmarks on her stomach. I asked her about that. She said that she did not give birth to any child. The daughter she was saying these days is an adopted child. Her body is perfect to fuck, which is not much used.

I am a fan of the belly button. I sucked her navel area till I was satisfied. She doesn’t have a single mark on her body. Her pussy is also clean-shaven and neat. I kissed her pussy lips to which she enjoyed the most.

I inserted my middle finger in the pussy. It is very tight. I thought this lady was not used by men. I finger fucked her till she released her juices. She moaned very softly for the finger fuck.

I came to the top, and we kissed each other. I was pressing her boobs. I said, “Aunty, your body is so nice. You are still like a young girl. Your pussy is very tight.” I was rubbing my fully erected rod on her pussy lips. She knew I was trying to enter.

Finally, I started inserting my dick in her tight love hole. She started screaming. Her pussy juices made it easy to enter smoothly. She asked me to stop for a while as she got some pain. I asked, “When did uncle fuck you?” She replies, “It’s been two months.”

Now, I started moving my dick smoothly. The feeling was awesome. She is like a young girl. Holding her boobs, I increased my pace of fucking. She is screaming even to my mild strokes. She was moaning.

There is no fear of getting heard by someone. The villa is empty. I stopped my strokes got down from the bed. She is watching me surprisingly that what I was doing. I made her get down from the bed and turned her around.

I made her place her left leg on the bed and bent slightly forward. She understood what I was doing. I inserted her pussy from the back in a standing position. Now I became wild on her. She is pleading with me to stop.

But I didn’t listen to her words. I held her jumping boobs with my left hand and hip with my right hand. This is my favorite position. I fucked her in this position for 10 minutes. She said her hip is starting pain.

Now, again we made in missionary position. After fucking her five more minutes, she said she was about to cum. I also felt like cumming, and we both did almost simultaneously. She was trying to get the air. I stopped my fucking and fell on her chest. Mission accomplished.

She was holding me tight and kissed my forehead. I also kissed her forehead and said, “I love you, aunty. Thank you for giving me a chance to fuck you.”

She replied, “Actually, I have to thank you. You have given me the utmost pleasure in my life. My husband will not fuck me this long and hard. You are so wild and rough. Even I was saying to stop, but you never listened. You know what I meant. Thank you, Harish. Thanks for coming into my life.”

She took her clothes and went to the washroom to clean her and get dressed. I also dressed up and cleaned myself after her. She took me to the kitchen and gave me some fresh juice. I drank some and gave it to her. She drank the remaining juice.

We came to the hall. She was sitting, and I laid myself on the sofa, placing my head in her lap and relaxing.

Aunty: You like this, right? After the fuck?

Me: What, aunty?

Aunty: Sleeping in the lap. I observed in your stories.

Me: Yes, aunty. But, all women cannot give this.

She is combing my hair. I removed her blouse hooks and put out her right boob. She is watching me suck her boob like a newborn baby. After some time, I asked for another session. She denied politely as I was very hard before.

Me: I will leave aunty.

Aunty: Wait, Let me call the driver. He will drop you.

Me: No, aunty, it’s fine. I will book a cab.

Aunty: Why book a cab. We have many cars.

She called her driver and asked him to drop me

Aunty: Don’t talk anything with the driver. If he asks about you, say I am your relative. Okay?

Me: Okay, aunty. When will we meet again?

Aunty: We will see when time permits. But be careful and take care of yourself. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Me: Okay, aunty.

Me: Then, shall I ask you something?

Aunty: You can ask me anything without hesitation.

Me: Can we share our numbers?

Aunty: Yes. But, it should be very confidential.

Me: okay. (Then we exchanged our contacts and some of her pictures later)

Aunty: Harish, wait! (She went to take her wallet and search for something) Take these.

She is giving me the money. I guess around five thousand. She didn’t count. She just took all the notes from the wallet. I refused to take the money. She even forced me.

Me: Aunty, this is not nice. If you give me money, I feel like charging you for fulfilling your desires. Please don’t make me feel that way. You are so sweet. I love you because you are kind, caring, and not showing much superiority even you are rich. That’s all I need.

She was convinced and put her money back. She kissed my lips with love, and I left her home. The driver dropped me at my hostel. I don’t judge her for what she did. She feels alone, and I feel like I got a best friend. That’s all.

I am publishing this with her consent only as this is an anonymous site. She will also read this story with you guys. You can give me your response at [email protected] Thank you for reading about my experience.

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