XIS Writer of the Year 2021

Dear Readers,

You have chosen a writer who entertained you with their amazing and erotic Indian sex stories.

XIS writer of the year 2021! – Result:

1) Hashita (3985) (winner)
2) Munmun (2404) (runners up)
3) Raginilesbo (2179)
4) Others (1924)
5) Chloemax (1097)
6) Abhikapur (988)

Surprisingly, ‘Rudrascorner’ received (416) votes even though the name was not on the list. Unfortunately, we had (740) blank votes as well.

Congratulations to Hashita for winning the ‘Writer of The Year 2021’ award on XIS.

Hashita’s stories are about a housewife who likes to entertain men of the low class. She has written stories of erotic sex with servants and beggars.

We look forward to more stories from Hashita to keep our readers constantly horny!

Team XIS

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