My Wife Leena And My Kinky Sexual Fantasies – Part 1

I just got married. I looked for a bride who was thick and soft-skinned. And I was very lucky to say that I got a wife with a perfect figure. Her name was Leena. It was an arranged marriage. I spoke to her only a few times over the phone and the marriage got finalized so fast.

In a blink of an eye, I got married and brought her back to the USA where I primarily worked.

I always had a fantasy of having crazy sex fun with my future wife. My fantasies included exhibiting her beauty in a sexy transparent saree with a sleeveless jacket, making her pose for nude photos to post online, and if it was all possible, then getting her fucked by someone and watching her enjoying the fun ride!

My wife looked gorgeous with sexy curves. She had beautiful boobs, medium-sized perfect nipples, good-sized ass, and thick thighs – all the things I wanted my wife to have. I always spend at least 10 minutes sucking her ass and thighs during every sex.

Once she jokingly asked –

Leena: Why are you spending so much time down there?

But I knew that my wife enjoyed my every move – especially when I lick her pussy and play with it.

A few weeks went by after we arrived in the USA. She had a lot of things to catch up on. But we always had good, normal sex every day. I did not open up my fantasies with her as I thought it would scare her away. Also, I wanted to make sure that she was of that type who enjoys sexual fun.

So, to test that, I ordered a few transparent sarees and sexy blouses online for my wife.

A few days went by and the package had finally arrived. I noticed the package on the doorstep when I got back from work. I picked that up before entering my house. As always, she was fresh and ready for action.

Leena greeted me nicely. I refreshed and relaxed, and then started watching tv for some time.

Me: The package that got delivered contains some office stuff, please keep it in the closet.

I was thinking wildly in my mind that if my wife would agree to wear those, she would look like a slut. So, I decided to try some nasty conversations during the foreplay about explaining how sexy she looked and how men crave for such women to have sex with.

Interestingly, my wife enjoyed that a lot. That day, I gave her a rim-job. She was in heaven when I sucked her ass hole. She started moaning wildly and I felt like I was fucking a different woman, lol.

I wanted to try fucking my wife’s ass that day and I put her by the side and inserted my 8-inch black cock in her ass. Then I put two fingers in her pussy by one hand, while squeezing her boobs with the other hand. I was sucking her tongue while fucking her ass all along. She had a heavenly experience for sure that evening. I was wondering how blessed I was to get such women who got sexy curves.

Still, I was not sure about opening up my fantasies with her. So, I was waiting for the right moment. Then I decided to watch how she reacted when other men watched her beauty. When I ordered sarees, I ordered three types of designs.

Type 1: Very slutty transparent saree with a very thin jacket that had large back open. And a sleeveless tiny jacket that will squeeze her boobs to show inner curves.

Type 2: Halfback opening with semi-transparent material, enough to see bra lining and also sleeveless.

Type 3: Regular homely saree and blouse.

It was a weekend. I wanted to wake her slutty feelings again because it was so far going successfully. So, I secretly opened the package and gave her the type-2 red saree and jacket. Leena was so happy to receive a surprise gift from me. I immediately asked her to wear and show me.

My wife had no idea about that semi revealing dress then. Immediately, she went to take a shower before wearing it. She took the saree with her to the bathroom. I was so excited to see her reaction to it and I was barely able to wait to see her in that dress.

Leena took longer than normal time and I was thinking like, “Did I screw things up?” But, after a while, she came out in that dress and that was a stunning look.

Her sexy smooth hands, visible black bra under her red jacket, saree right on top of her belly button revealing a large portion of her hip, thighs revealing thin saree, my god! She was looking so sexy and I wasted no time grabbing her for a million kisses all over.

Then I asked her whether she liked the dress or not with a little doubt in my mind. She said that it was the best gift I got her so far. I immediately lifted her saree for an awesome fuck.

The next day when I came back from the office, I noticed a car that I didn’t usually see in the parking lot. I came to know that an Indian guy just got moved into my next-door of the 3rd floor where we lived.

I happened to meet him a few times in the corridor for the next few days and had a few nice conversations with him. The guy looked nicely built large frame and about 5 feet 3 inches only. Since then, we use to say friendly ‘Hi’ to each other whenever we happened to run into each other.

I mentioned Leena about the new neighbour, and she said-

Leena: I also did see a new guy next door.

A few days later, on a weekend, we decided to finish weekly grocery shopping. I decided to test her reaction by asking her to wear a type-2 saree. So, without mentioning going out shopping, I asked her to wear that type-2 saree first.

Then I told her as if I was just remembered about grocery shopping. My wife was so upset that she had to change her dress, so I asked her to wear a sweatshirt on top of it so that she could hide all her beauty in it. She gave me a mild smile and decided to wear it. This was probably the first time she gave me such a look.

On our way back home, I turned the car ac off. She started feeling warm, so I asked her to remove the sweatshirt. After we reached home from shopping, my wife and I came back to the apartment parking lot and started carrying grocery bags to our house.

It was drizzling that evening. Raindrops landed on Leena’s sexy arms and wide openings in the hip and chest area. I teased her saying that she was way sexier and the raindrops were too lucky. She smiled at me with a sexy look.

When we were walking in the corridor, our neighbour Rajesh was right in front of us going in the other direction.

My wife and I stopped and said ‘Hi’ to him for the first time. My wife was as usual glowing in that sexy saree, most likely the very first time she was in such dress. Rajesh was struggling for words a bit. I was able to notice, that he was taking a quick look at all her assets.

When I noticed my wife, she was secretly enjoying herself exposed in front of Rajesh’s eyes. I pretended as if I noticed nothing going on between those two, but my cock was getting harder because I was able to successfully exhibit my wife’s beauty that evening.

Without a delay, I asked our neighbour Rajesh to join me for a quick beer party that evening in my house. He immediately accepted my invitation to join me. I turned and was preparing to unlock the door. The doorknob was very polished metal that looks like a mirror.

While I was unlocking, I had to turn the opposite side of my wife and Rajesh. But I was able to see both of them very clearly through the doorknob metal. I was able to see both of them were in eye contact for some time. Rajesh looked very excited seeing her beauty exposed.

It was 7 pm. Because we invited Rajesh, I asked Leena to prepare some food for us. Neither she asked nor did I tell her to change her dress.

I grabbed some beer from the fridge and started drinking. In another 5 minutes, Rajesh rang the doorbell. Leena and I gave him warm welcome, and I made him sit facing the kitchen (you know why).

Then Rajesh and I started having a beer. I decided to drink faster to plan something that evening. Then I told him –

Me: Sorry, I forgot. I have to respond to an urgent office email. I will be back soon.

And I went to my office room. I turned my laptop on and kept the camera to watch both of them from the side and started a video chat with my mobile to watch them on my mobile. While I finished setting the camera up, my wife called me for help to open a jar.

But immediately I took a restroom break, leaving both of them in the living room and asking Rajesh to help her in the kitchen storage area where the camera could capture a good view.

In the restroom, I quickly opened the phone to see what was going on.

Rajesh: What kind of help do you need?

And he entered the kitchen. Leena quickly made sure that I was fine in the restroom.

I answered her, “I am fine and will be out in a few minutes.”

Then my wife immediately adjusted the front of her saree to reveal her left boob and pushed her saree down to show her navel! Then she leaned on the side of the wall pushing her tasty boobs in the front like a whore, as if asking him to grab her juicy melons!!

I had an excellent view of her beauty through the camera. My neighbour walked into the kitchen by looking at the jar first and saw her stunning look. In the restroom, my rod was so hard, and I grabbed and started rubbing it wildly.

Both were standing so close and taking a peek at both of their beauties for some time.

Leena gave him a bold look that almost felt like, “Let’s make use of this time”. She was watching Rajesh’s broad shoulders and thick body which she seemed starving for and his crotch. His crotch had started bulging and growing bigger and bigger.

What happened next, you’ll come to know in the next part. If you liked the story, then please do comment.

My Wife Leena And My Kinky Sexual Fantasies – Part 2

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