Erotic Night With My Neighbour’s Girlfriend Apeksha

Hi everyone, my name is Arjun. First, let me tell you something about myself. I am a 23 years old guy from Raipur and currently staying in Delhi working for a delivery startup. I have dusky skin tone, height 5’7” and my tool is 5.5-inches long.

The name of the heroine of this story is Apeksha. She is 26 years old, height 5’4″, fair, slim and with great body shape.

So, let’s begin with the story. After completing my B.Tech, I started working in a startup. Initially, I stayed with my cousin’s family but due to family restrictions, I was not able to enjoy fully. So, after 2 months I shifted with my colleagues to a new apartment.

We got the apartment in a good locality at a decent rate. After shifting, we came to know that there was a couple just beside our apartment. Our balconies were also adjacent to each other.

We were initially very busy so we didn’t get to see our neighbours. But, one evening, I went to the balcony and saw the boy on the balcony.

I started the conversation and we started talking and then his girlfriend also came there. Initially, I hesitated but greeted her too. She was slim, fair, and had nice pairs of boobs and ass that any man could die for. I was so attracted to her that it was becoming difficult to keep my eyes off her!

I ended the conversation when my friends arrived home and came back. They seemed to be a nice couple but Apeksha was definitely beyond that guy’s league. I used to find them regularly during the evening on the balcony and would also go and talk just to see Apeksha.

Initially, I thought they were a nice couple but after a month, we often started noticing our neighbours’ loud fights. The boy was very aggressive and abusive towards his girlfriend. I often thought of why the girl was still with him.

Last month when the lockdown began, I saw my neighbour’s girlfriend Apeksha in the evening, crying in the balcony. I asked her what the matter was.

She said that her boyfriend was at his native place and this lockdown thing happened and she was worried about how she would manage everything alone.

I consoled her and told her not to worry. I comforted her that I was there for her and would love to help her any time. She seemed fine and I made some jokes to lift her mood.

We exchanged our numbers that evening and from the next morning, we started chatting regularly. Till this time, I had never once had any bad intentions towards her. But one night, we were chatting and she started asking me about my personal stuff like if I have any gf, etc.

Then an idea struck me to play truth and dare kind of thing. We asked each other one question and the other would answer them honestly. This was when I thought of striking the topic of sex. I asked her things like how many bfs she had and with whom she had the first kiss, sex, etc.

That night I could not help but think all about fucking my neighbor in different ways. I masturbated that night thinking about her.

A few days passed by and I used to go to help her in getting groceries and other essential items. We also spent a lot of time together at her place.

One night at 10 pm, she called me and told me she was feeling very lonely and asked me to come to her place. When I reached my neighbour’s place, I saw that her eyes were red and could sense that she was crying.

We sat on the sofa and I asked her if she was crying and she started crying again. I consoled her and hugged her. I asked her to tell me what the matter was. She said that she had a fight with her bf.

I started to ask further and dig deeper. She said that a few months back she had lost her job and was not able to find any decent job.

Initially, her boyfriend was nice and supporting but soon they started having financial problems due to which they had fights over small things. She said that he didn’t care at all about her feelings and she felt trapped with him.

That was when I told her how beautiful and charming she was and any man would die to be with her and she should leave that guy. I told her not to worry about getting a job much now and just hope that lockdown is over soon. I hugged her all this time till she cried.

I was getting altogether different sensations in my body. My neighbour girl stopped crying and I asked her if she would like to watch a movie. Then I switched on the TV and changed channels. She told me to stop at an English channel and said that it was her favorite serial.

I came back to the sofa and sat hugging her. A romantic scene came and I was getting uneasy with all this. My penis had made a tent inside my shorts. My position was such that it was obvious that she must have noticed it too.

I could feel us both heating up. I could sense that her breath was getting heavier. Another kissing scene came and I looked towards her. She also looked towards me intensely and her eyes closed. I leaned in to kiss her and started sucking her lips. Her lips opened, she was hesitant at first but soon started responding.

I was feeling like I was in a dream. This beautiful neighbour angel whom I dreamt every day of fucking was here in my arms.

I moved my hands all over her body, caressing her soft boobs over her t-shirt, caressing her round plumpy ass over her shorts, caressing her face and cheeks, and fondling her smooth hairs. Her hot breaths told me what was going to happen next.

I took her in my arms to her bedroom and threw her on the bed. I took out her t-shirt and started kissing her neck and fondling her boobs over her red bra. I tried opening her bra but was not able to do so. She realized it and helped me with it.

My neighbor’s girlfriend’s boobs were soft, round, and firm. I ‘attacked’ them one by one, fondling and sucking them. By then, Apeksha had started moaning and was caressing my hairs.

I went down and licked her navel which increased her moans. I stopped and took down her shorts and pantie in one go. I also removed all my clothes except my undie. I leaned in and slowly started kissing in between her thighs. This took her to the next level and her pussy was oozing out juices.

Her pussy was reddish and clean-shaven. I started licking and sucking her pussy lips. My neighbour girl’s moans increased and she was not able to control her excitement. She was arching her back and caressing my hairs and pushing my head deeper. Soon she went stiff and released loads of juices. I knew she had orgasmed.

We looked into each other’s eyes and she smiled with a sense of deep satisfaction. My tongue was exhausted with this intense licking session and I went and slept next to her.

Apeksha came over me and with a naughty smile, she started kissing me. She took out my undies and looked at my tool with excitement. My penis was completely erect and there was precum leaking from it. She took it in her hands and started sucking it.

As my horny neighbour girlfriend started sucking my penis, I gasped with sudden excitement. Apeksha was such a pro in cock-sucking that I felt I would explode anytime soon but I controlled somehow.

After a few minutes, I finally gave in and told her I was about to come. She sucked me completely till I was done and spat the cum on the floor.

We again smooched, caressed and hugged each other tightly. My tool was ready for the main action. I asked her if we should do it without protection. She took out a packet of condoms from the drawer. She put the condom on my penis and laid on the bed in the missionary position.

I guided my penis into her pussy completely in one go. Her pussy was tight and warm. I looked directly into her eyes and we both smiled.

I felt out of the world at that moment. I started moving my penis to and fro, her eyes were closed and she was moaning with every stroke. I kept the strokes slow and deep initially and kissed her, sucked her boobs in between. My neighbour chick caressed my back and hairs at times.

I was getting more aroused with her seductive moans falling right on my ears. Soon, she had another orgasm. I could feel her vagina walls contracting in rhythms. I slowed my pace for a moment and she gave me a deep passionate kiss. I wasn’t done yet. I increased my pace and was fucking fast and hard. She had also started moaning heavily by then.

Then I thought of changing the position and asked her to come on top of me. My neighbour’s gf started riding me. Initially, it was painful and I had to adjust my position to match her motions. I could see those beautiful melons bouncing in front of me.

I caressed her boobs, put my hand on her plump ass, and pressed them hard. Her moans and speed were increasing and her expressions took me to the next level.

I was about to come and told her the same. She increased her speed and soon we both had a wave of orgasm together. The time had stopped for both of us and we were processing the pleasure that had just happened.

Apeksha collapsed on me and we lay like this for a few minutes. After this, we had another round of hardcore fucking in doggy and missionary position. Her ass looked very sexy from behind in doggy and I smacked her ass hard till it was red.

We were exhausted after this and slept together caressing each other.

We fuck each other daily in lockdown. We have got ourselves a big bundle of condoms so we don’t run out of them! I come to my apartment for daily stuff and for work-related matters only. The rest of the time, I spent with my neighbor girl having sex, talking, watching movies or simply cuddling.

Yesterday Apeksha told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend. And she would be going back to be with her parents in Pune after lockdown as she was running out of her savings.

I asked if she will come back after getting a job but she said she will find a job in Pune itself. I was very sad and upset after hearing this. Seeing me like this, she cheered me up by saying not to worry and we will remain friends and can meet up at times.

I am still upset over this but happy about the fact that I got to have sex with such a beautiful girl. I will always cherish these moments spent with her. Now I want to make the best out of the time we have together and spend as much time with her as possible.

Sorry for such a long story and thanks for being patient and reading my complete story. I hope you liked it.

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