A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 24 (A Major Breakthrough)

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After leaving the staffroom, Kalyani kept thinking that there is a high probability that Pooja could be the culprit. She had the plan to pick up Pooja from college. She waited near the bus for some time. She had the plan to interrogate her on her way home.

After the college was over, Kalyani picked up Pooja, and on her way home, she led her to a restaurant nearby. She ordered some food, and in the meantime, she started questioning her. After several questions about her college and teachers, she asked her about the hidden pen drives.

Pooja’s face went dull as she mentioned it. Then Kalyani forced her to tell her why she has kept those three pen drives hidden. After some minutes of silence, Pooja requested Kalyani not to reveal what she was about to tell. Kalyani promised her that she wouldn’t reveal it.

Then Pooja told her that some of those pen drives were stolen ones. Kalyani was a little confused and asked her about the details. Pooja told her that she found two pen drives randomly in her college. She didn’t report it to the authority but kept it herself.

Then Kalyani asked specifically about the third pendrive that contained the porn videos without mentioning what was in it. Pooja told her sorry, and she told her that she found it inside the colony that very morning. Kalyani was confused, and she asked her where she found it.

Pooja said that she found the pendrive near the vacant house on the floor on which Kalyani lives. Pooja assumed that the pendrive was Kalyani’s as she was the only person living on that floor. Kalyani also wanted to keep it that way. So she asked Pooja that she wants her pendrive back.

Pooja said that she’d return it as soon as she reached home. Kalyani then asked her if she looked into the pen drive’s content. Pooja replied that she doesn’t have a device where she can plug it. Kalyani sighed relief and told her to give back the pendrive as soon as she reached home.

Kalyani could hardly believe what Pooja was saying. But she saw the truth in her eyes. After they returned home, Pooja gave the pendrive back to Kalyani. With the pendrive in her hand, Kalyani sat on her sofa with a head full of confusion.

The video in the pendrive has a connection with the college. But Pooja refused that it was hers. Kalyani plugged the pendrive back into her laptop to see if it has any clue about the owner. She opened it and saw the videos that she didn’t open before. Almost all the videos are just porn videos.

Then finally, she came to that one video where she got shell shocked. She saw Kamala in a video. She was naked, kissing a man on the colony terrace near the water tank. Kamala then went on her knees, sucking his big cock, and she was sucking it like a pro.

Kalyani was shocked, and even her chest didn’t compress when she saw it. The man had his shirt on, and it looked like a uniform. He then made her bend and started fucking her in the ass. She was moaning wildly, and the fapping sound aroused Kalyani.

After some minutes, he took his penis out of her and cummed on her face. Kalyani was disgusted by her act as Kamala even drank a few. The video ended there. After warming up her heart, she opened the next where Kamala was sucking someone’s dick very hard.

That person also looked a little familiar, and he was none other than Deepika’s husband, the pilot. She remembered him from the photos in Deepika’s house. Kalyani couldn’t wait to see the final video in the pendrive.

She opened it and found Kamala in a 69 position with another male. He is none other than Praveen Ayesha’s husband, the railway station master.

Kalyani froze up, and she couldn’t believe her eyes. All the males in the colony except Devi’s husband have been screwing this cock-hungry Kamala all this time. Even she screwed that mystery man on the terrace who appears to be younger than her.

Kalyani is now sure that it was the culprit’s pendrive. It must be someone who is linked with both Pooja’s college and the colony at the same time. But apart from Pooja, Kalyani never knew anyone. She called Pooja’s house and asked Pooja to come over to her house.

Pooja came up, and Kalyani asked her if anyone studied or worked in her college who also lived or often in contact with the colony before. Pooja thought for a second. She told her that apart from herself, Manjima, the cousin sister of Mahima, also studied in her college and finished her senior college last year.

Also, she occasionally stays in the colony. Kalyani now got the picture. If anyone is the culprit, it was Manjima, the cousin of Mahima. Kalyani asked Pooja if she has any photos of Manjima with her. Pooja told her that her mother’s mobile phone contains some.

She’ll send them via messenger as soon as possible. Pooja then left the flat. Kalyani was eagerly waiting for the photos. She kept checking her mobile every second for the message. She was walking restlessly across the hall. After 10 minutes, the notification blinked.

Kalyani rushed and saw the photos, and she saw Manjima with Mahima. Manjima was a little shorter and looked petite but athletic. Her breasts were so small in that t-shirt she wore. She looked more like a college girl (but she is an adult now).

She had wheatish skin, and her butts looked a little bigger like models when compared to her body. Her face was so beautiful, and she resembled a little like Mahima with chubby cheeks. Kalyani badly wanted to meet her in person and find out if she was right.

Kalyani went to Mahima’s house, and she met her. She slowly asked about her cousin as if she was anxious to meet her and ask her if she knew any staff in her old college (Pooja’s college) who can recommend Kalyani for a job.

Mahima told her that Manjima doesn’t often come to the colony due to a little turmoil she caused the previous year. Kalyani asked for details. Mahima told her that she was accused of watching porn videos on the terrace by Kamala. She got embarrassed, and she limited herself from visiting the colony.

Kalyani asked her that if she can meet Manjima in person. Where could she be? Mahima told her she is studying in the same college as Mahima was. And she can meet her if she comes to her college. Kalyani was on cloud nine, and she thanked Mahima for the help.

She told her to inform Manjima about the purpose of her meeting. Mahima agreed with her, and Kalyani got back to her house. She knew she was about to accomplish something bigger with this meeting. She was cent percent sure she will catch the culprit.

Then she went back to bed with much anticipation. She couldn’t sleep better as her anticipation is killing her sleep. She woke up, and she undressed and went naked. She sat on her sofa and called Ravi. But he didn’t pick up the phone, Kalyani was so desperate, and she badly wanted her husband’s cock.

She then switched on the TV and watched some late-night hot songs in which the hero and the heroine romances. She watched it with her eyes full of desire. She slowly pressed her breasts and felt the warmth, and yearned for good sex.

She slowly drifted off and to her dream. In her dream, she could see herself in the third person. She was sleeping in her bed naked with just her shiny golden blanket covering her up to her breasts. Even her breast curves and nipples were visible by the shiny blanket.

Her hair was loose and her room windows shattering due to wind. Her arms were out of the blanket and on the pillow. Suddenly someone grabbed her left hand and caressed it slowly. The face of the person was not visible, but the hand looked like a man’s.

The man slowly kissed her hand, and his kisses were gentle. Still, his face was not visible. Kalyani was sleeping still, but she reacted to his kisses. Now another man kissed her other hand, and he also looked like a man. They both kissed her gently.

They were ascending along with her hand slowly, one kiss at a time towards her shoulders. Kalyani is still asleep, but she responded to the kisses with a soft moan and lip bites. Now another man who was completely naked posing from his back came near her towards her leg side of the bed.

The other two men also seemed to be naked. Kalyani tried to stop them, but she couldn’t move and also couldn’t open her eyes. The third man grabbed her shiny golden blanket and pulled it slowly. Now Kalyani’s naked body was slowly getting exposed.

The two who were kissing her hands almost reached her shoulders. The blanket slowly glided through her breasts, belly, and her pubic area. She has exposed her boobs and pubic area. Then it slid away completely. Now she was stark naked in front of these three men.

The third man started kissing her feet and gradually ascended towards her vagina. The two on her sides started kissing her upper neck region, and it aroused Kalyani. She regretted it, but she couldn’t move a muscle. Her eyes were still closed, but her face reacted to their kiss.

Her face was stressed since it was happening to her unwillingly. The third man has already reached her inner thighs, and he is just 3 kisses away from her pubis. The two have now come to her upper breasts and kissed each side. Kalyani was panting heavily, and her chest motion was so hot.

Now the two kissed her nipples and gave them a little love bite. Kalyani moaned a bit. The two are more aroused and started sucking and licking her nipples with hands caressing the belly region. The third man is now kissing the pubic area.

He opens her closed legs and started inserting his tongue inside her vagina. Kalyani was moaning louder now but still couldn’t move. When she was about to reach climax, she heard a loud blast. It woke her up from the dream.

With a big gasp, she woke up from the dream. She was panting heavily, and the blast came from the TV. She was saved from getting gangbanged by her TV. she looked at the clock. It was 2:00 am. She was lying naked on her sofa, and the TV was on.

She sighed, “What a nightmare!” She couldn’t sleep better, so she had the plan to stand on the inside balcony of the colony. She first thought of wearing a nighty, but later she found it thrilling to stand there naked. The very thought aroused her.

She then opened her door and looked along her floor for any movement. She then came out of her house, placed her elbows on the balcony, and saw the other house. Her breasts occasionally brushed on the balcony wall and aroused her. The cold breeze caressed her major assets.

It felt like a kiss from mother nature. She then had the idea of going to the terrace and watched some stars lying naked. She went inside her house and grabbed a pillow and a blanket, and a nighty in case of emergency. She laid on the bare floor.

It was a little warm, and she looked up at the stars and was mesmerized by its view. After a few minutes, the wind was a little heavy, and she felt a little hornier as the heavy wind gushed through her body. She now covered herself with the blanket completely and even her face.

She heard the gushing sound of the wind. She felt like she was all alone in the wild inside a tent. She drifted into sleep, and she had a sound sleep.

The morning came, and Kalyani felt the warming sun over her body. She slowly opened. She was shocked to see herself naked on the terrace without a bit of cloth covering her. She looked around for the blanket but couldn’t find it.

She remembered the last night had heavy wind and assumed that the wind must have taken her blanket away. She also couldn’t find her nighty. She got up, and she found the sun is already up and there are light everywhere. She crouched herself, and she looked around for any person.

Fortunately, no one was present. She picked her pillow and used it to cover her front but exposing her naked back. She slowly moved towards the staircase. As she reached the staircase, she heard some new male voice along with Devi’s voice.

Kalyani panicked, and she silently ran to the room of the water tank and peeked outside to see who it was. Devi, who was wearing a maroon saree, came up with a man who looked like a plumber as the toolbox in his hand confirmed it.

Kalyani was familiar with his face. She took a deep look at him, and he was none other than the man who was fucking Kamala in that video. He came towards the water tank. Kalyani was so nervous and saw the same rain cover she hid before when she was in the same situation with Mahima.

She hid inside the cover and looked through the small hole. She was so careful not to make a single sound. She was a naked ninja under the cover. The man stood in front of the room, and Devi near him. He kept talking about something, and she was answering his questions.

He often mentioned Kamala and kept boasting how she used to help him while he repaired before. And he kept asking how often she visits the colony. Even Devi got annoyed by all Kamala and Kamala talk. She asked him how much longer would it take to repair?

He replied that it would be soon if Devi could help him lift the tools and be his helper. Devi, with a big sigh, accepted the work. He climbed the metal ladder and started doing some work with his tools. Devi was standing down and was looking up at his work. He often peeked down to see Devi’s top view cleavage.

But Devi was always self-aware of her dress when there was a man near her. He kept asking Devi about her husband, who was abroad, and how she managed the family as a young woman. He also told her that she could ask him if she wants anything apart from plumbing without hesitation.

Devi, being matured, had seen many assholes like this plumber who uses double meaning sympathy. She kept her distance from him. Then after some time, he finished his work and got down from the ladder. He then asked her to check the valve that caused the trouble.

Devi had to climb the ladder to do it. She had no choice but to climb it. She slowly climbed the ladder. While she was climbing the ladder, he kept staring at her ass that kept moving to and fro while climbing. Kalyani could see him drooling over her ass when she does it.

He kept biting his lips, and his pant even showed a little bulge. She checked the valve and then started climbing down. While she was climbing down, the plumber deliberately dropped his toolbox on the ground as it gave a sudden BAM! sound.

Devi slipped her step, and this gave the plumber the chance to touch her. He raced forward and held her booty to keep her from falling, which gave a big shock to Devi. He held them stronger and squeezed them. Then when Devi got back her balance, he removed his hands from her ass.

She got down on the ground. Devi’s face was full of anger, and she kept staring at him. But he acted as if he saved her from danger. She handed him the wages for his work. The plumber deliberately caressed her soft hand while getting his money.

Devi, after giving his wage, slapped him on his cheeks. Kalyani was shocked, and the plumber too. Devi then snapped her fingers and told him, “If you ever come into this colony again, I’ll complain about you for molesting me.” He didn’t say a word, and with a face full of embarrassment, he went away.

Kalyani was so proud of Devi, and she thought her bravery is something every woman should have.

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