Sex With Story Reader Simran

Hello everyone, I am Raj from Mumbai. I am back with my new story. This happened after my last story was published. I got a ping on hangouts from a girl name Simran from Delhi. She praised my story and asked about all that happened in the story.

She slowly started to like the way I was describing the story in deep. From that time, we started chatting daily. We use to share pictures, from normal to intimate and then to personal pictures. However, we made sure that this is kept confidential between us.

I used to guide her on exploring her body herself, and she used to enjoy it. But, she was scared of exploring deep as she did not want to lose her virginity like that.

After chatting for almost a year, Simran admitted that she would like to meet and enjoy with me. She wanted to lose her virginity with me. I was happy to hear this. However, it was difficult as she was in a different state.

However, after a month, I got an opportunity to visit Delhi for an office meeting. I was happy, not for the meeting but to meet Simran. I informed Simran about my visit to Delhi. She was excited. I informed her of the visit date and that I would be staying for a week.

Fortunately, the hotel that I had a reservation for was near to the airport and 30 minutes distance from Simran’s place. She was happy to know that and started planning as to when n how to meet. Finally, everything was set, and the day was here.

I reached Delhi Airport at 10 am and checked into the hotel. I was tired of traveling and had a meeting to attend at noon. So I went for a shower and informed Simran about my schedule. I would get free from everything by 6 pm.

Simran agreed to meet by 7 pm. She messaged me with a wink that she has a surprise for me.

Meeting and all office work was over by 5.30 pm. I went back to the hotel, took a shower, and got ready. It was almost 6.30 pm, and my phone rang. It was Simran. She asked if I am free now. I informed her that I am free and ready to meet her. She was already out and sent me the location to meet her.

I soon started towards the location. I took a cab, and in 15 minutes, I reached the location. It was a small coffee shop. I entered but could not find Simran, so I called her. I saw a lady from the corner of the room waving at me.

About Simran. She was a young 26-year girl. I started walking towards her and saw her for the first time in person. She was extremely beautiful. Simran was wearing a Punjabi suit, a mixture of yellow and red. I greeted her, and we sat opposite each other.

I was staring at her without saying a word. Simran broke the silence and asked me what happened. I stammered and replied, “Nothing, I am sorry.” Simran laughed. I admitted to Simran that I was staring at her beauty. She smiled and said thank you.

We then ordered a coffee and started talking about my plan for Delhi, how the journey was, meeting and all. I asked as to what was the surprise that she was talking about. Simran said that she is there with me until tomorrow evening. She had made an excuse at home that she is out with friends.

I was excited knowing that and said that it is great. I would get more time to know her. We then finished our coffee and started moving out of the coffee shop. Simran said there is a mall where we can spend some time and then go to the hotel. So we walked to the mall and were doing window shopping.

We reached outside a lingerie shop, and Simran asked me to wait and went in. She came back in 20 minutes with a bag in hand. I asked what it was. So she replied, “What else would she get in the lingerie shop?” and smiled.

After an hour, we were tired of walking and decided to head towards the hotel. We took a cab and reached the hotel in 15 minutes. It was almost 9 pm. We checked into the room. I asked Simran to be comfortable and went to the washroom to get fresh.

I was back in 10 minutes, and then Simran went to get fresh. She took long 30 minutes and came back with wet hair and her dupatta in hand. She was looking hot and gorgeous.

We then sat and chit-chatted about our meeting on chat and how we came this close and met today. All this while Simran was without her dupatta. I could not resist looking at her cleavage. She noticed me. However, she did not say anything.

We talked about today’s meet, and that is when I placed my hand on Simran’s hand and looked into her eyes. There was silence in the room, and without wasting any more time, I kissed her lips and did not move. Simran closed her eyes and started kissing me back.

Soon we were into a passionate kiss, our tongues rolling with each other. Her lips were so soft that I could not stop kissing her. We kissed for almost 10-15 minutes and then stopped. We looked at each other and smiled. She said that she had never done this before, and the first time was awesome.

We started kissing again. Simran was rolling her fingers in my hair, and so was I rolling my hands on her bareback. While kissing, I stood up and made her stand. We broke the kiss, and I turned her around in front of the mirror. I hugged her tight from back and kissed her neck, bit her ear lobes.

Simran had her eyes closed and was moaning softly. I was rolling my hands on her stomach over her clothes and reached her boobs. I placed my hands on her boobs and was rolling in a circle. I was big and soft. I gently pressed her boobs. Simran started to moan loudly with her eyes shut.

I pressed her boobs more hard while kissing her from the back. I continue to press her boobs and kiss, bite her neck on either side. Her breath was heavy, and she was moaning. I placed my hand on her back and unzipped her kurti slowly. While unzipping, my hands touched her back, and she felt a shiver in her body.

I unzipped till the end and freed her shoulders from her kurti. The kurti fell on the floor, and Simran was standing in her bra and salwar. Her boobs were big, and her nipples were hard and visible from her light yellow lacy bra.

I kissed her for a while and moved my hand on her pussy over her salwar. I could feel the heat. Simran tightened her legs and resisted me from touching her pussy. I managed to reach her pussy and just placed my hand on her pussy. She freed her legs and was standing clam.

I then started rubbing her pussy slowly over her salwar. She was enjoying and moaning. I moved my hand slowly inside her salwar and started rubbing her pussy over her lacy panty. She was hot and wet and did not resist me rubbing her pussy. I increased the speed and was rubbing hard.

I managed to slide her panty aside and rub her clean shaved pussy. I did that for a while and then stopped. Simran looked at me in the mirror and smiled. I untied her salwar and let it fall on the floor. I then made her sit on the edge of the bed and undressed.

I was only in my underwear with my hard penis struggling to get out. I guided Simran to take my penis out and blow me. She was a good learner, and she was giving me a blowjob like a pro in no time. I was enjoying her soft lips on my penis and her tongue rolling around my penis.

I then stopped her and made her lay on the edge of the bed with her legs touching the floor and spread her legs. I went on my knees and kissed her thigh, inner thigh, and reach her panty lines. I kissed and bit her near her pussy, she screamed.

I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her panty down slowly. I threw it on the floor. Simran had clean shaved pussy. She hid her pussy with her hand in shyness. I took her hands off and, without waiting, went between her legs and started kissing her pussy lips.

With the very first touch, Simran shivered and pressed my head between her legs. I stretched her legs again and started licking her pussy. In no time, I was tongue fucking her pussy. Simran was moaning loudly and jumping on the bed, enjoying every touch of my tongue on her pussy.

I licked her pussy for about 15-20 minutes, and there she had her first orgasm. She was relieved and loosened her body. I stood up, looked at her, and she smiled. I went on top of her and pulled her bra down, and unhooked it. She was completely naked and looking gorgeous.

I kissed her all over and bit her boobs, nipples. I rolled my tongue on her navel. No place left where my tongue could not reach. Simran enjoyed it all, and then we took a pause. Simran had a glass of water and lay again in bed. I had no mood to stop, so I went on top of her and kissed her.

While kissing, I was rubbing her pussy. I asked if she is ready for real pleasure. She nodded as yes. I went down and licked her pussy. I left as much saliva as I can to lubricate her pussy. I then stretched her legs, held them with my legs, and placed my penis in her pussy.

Simran asks me to be gentle as she never had anything inside her pussy to date. Simran was a virgin. I rub my penis for some time on her pussy and then gave a small push. Simran closed her eyes and held the bedsheet tight. I again gave a push, and my penis head was inside her pussy.

I didn’t wait a moment and gave a hard push, and my penis was completely inside her pussy. Simran screamed, and tears rolled out of her eyes. I enquire if she is ok. She said it is paining and not to move. I console her and kiss her forehead and cheeks.

After few minutes, when she was ok, I started moving too and fro. Simran was moaning loudly and asking me to stop. I didn’t stop and continue to go in and out. In few minutes, Simran started enjoying the move and was moving her hips with every push.

Her pain vanished, and she was enjoying the pleasure. After fucking her in a missionary position for about 15-20 minutes. I stopped and removed my penis out of her pussy. There were bloodstains on my penis and around her vagina. I turned her around and guided her to be in a doggy position.

I raised her hip and bent her in a way to touch her face on the bed, and started fucking her from the back. I was going as deep as I can, and so was Simran enjoying the deep fuck. After few minutes, I then asked Simran to come on top.

I sat touching my back on the bed and made Simran sit on my penis, and then guided her to ride. While she was riding my dick, her boobs were bouncing. I held them, pressed them hard, sucked them. Simran started moving fast and was enjoying the pleasure.

I was helping her moved faster and sucking her boobs, biting her neck. She was enjoying the move and was going hard. After few minutes, I made her lay on the bed, stretched her legs, fold them from her knees to touch her boobs. Then, I inserted my dick as if I am drilling her pussy.

I was going as deep as I can. Simran was moaning loud and heavy. After fucking her in this position for about 20 minutes, I was about to cum. I informed Simran that I am about to cum. She asked me to load all my cum inside her pussy, and she will take care of the pregnancy.

After a few more pushes, I cum inside her pussy. Simran was looking relaxed and relieved. She smiled and asked me to come in her arms. I hug her tight, and she whispered in my ear, “Thank you for this wonderful experience.”

She was satisfied with her first fuck and to lose virginity. We lay there for a while and then went for a shower one by one. Simran went in first and came back covered herself in a black bathrobe. I kissed her and went for a shower.

Simran ordered the dinner, and we had it. We finished our dinner and were watching TV. Simran suddenly stood up and started to untie her bathrobe. She was ready for another session. I will share another session in a different story.

I hope you liked how I had an exciting time with my reader. Please help me with your valuable feedback. Also, any ladies who want to have fun can ping me on hangouts or email me at [email protected]

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