Virgin Boy Has To Become A Cuckold

I am a typical desi, virgin guy. Most of you will relate to my experiences. Read here about being a horny teenager and then getting cuckolded by my girlfriend. This is a 100% honest real-life experience. As a teenager, I used to feel horny and stare at sexy women in buses, trains, malls.

Going to malls used to be an exciting event; there were always young girls in tight dresses and modern aunties in heels. Imagine our young desi boy staring at a thick ass lady in tight blue jeans. This boy could only come home and masturbate himself to sleep.

I had a crush on this chubby senior from high school, Samriddhi. Apart from a cute face, Samriddhi had big, mature breasts and a very juicy butt. She used to be the anchor for school events. For one of those events, she wore a formal white shirt and thin grey trousers.

She made her fat butt shake as she climbed up the stage. After seeing that, probably all boys my age went home and released their load. As I went to college for B.Tech, I met lots of desi girls who would show off their tight tops and black leggings.

College life was full of hot girls in shorts, tights, and tanks. Checking them out would just build up sexual energy inside me. So every night I would masturbate and go off to sleep.

After a year, when I was 20, I went on a few dates with 21-year-old Nidhi, who met me during the college fests. We soon became close and Nidhi called me her boyfriend. I entered a relationship for the first time in my life. Gradually, we started discussing sex and it became a sexual relationship.

Whenever we would find time alone, we would strip naked and give each other pleasure. But Nidhi had one condition, no penetration or intercourse. She said she wanted to wait till marriage for losing her virginity. I was very happy with whatever we had.

After years of masturbating alone, I finally had a female to suck my penis and eat my cum. Nidhi was 5 foot 2 inches tall, dark skin, lean body. She had small breasts and a tiny round ass. She was a small dark sexy girl you would want to spank and lift.

I have an athletic body. Nidhi loved everything about me, except for my small penis. She did not want a huge penis, but certainly expected more than what I had. Six months into our relationship, Nidhi asked me if I would like to watch porn with her. I did not expect this at all.

I was even more surprised when Nidhi told me that she watches porn to masturbate when I am busy with work. That evening, she came down to my apartment with her laptop and quickly opened a folder of saved porn videos. Nidhi took off all my clothes and stroked my penis as we watched porn.

The videos showed muscular men with big cocks fucking fit young girls. Nidhi, later on, called me up and told me her fantasies. She said she loved me but badly wanted a big bull to fuck her.

My lean body and the small penis did not fulfill her fantasies. When I would lick her pussy, she would think of a big muscular man and orgasm. I could not sleep that night.

Two weeks later, Nidhi called me again. She loved me and wanted both of us to enjoy the relationship. She had an idea. At first, I was not ready, but later on, I agreed that it was a naughty idea. Nidhi would cuckold me. Her friend Rohan would have sex with her while I would sit and masturbate.

On a Saturday evening, Nidhi came to my apartment and made all arrangements for the event. Rohan was supposed to reach my place by 7 pm. Nidhi brought lingerie, condoms, and alcohol with her. She went to take a bath as I sat feeling nervous.

Nidhi came out of the bath in a white top and sexy denim shorts, and from that point onwards, her behavior changed. Nidhi became dominant. She stripped me completely naked and asked me to give up all control. She placed a chair in the middle of the room and took out ropes from her bag.

I was tied up against the chair, ropes tightly gripping my entire body. Just my hands were free. But Nidhi warned me not to touch myself. She sat on the bed and sipped Old Monk. Around 7 pm, the doorbell rang and she went to receive Rohan. I was alone, naked, tied up.

In walked Nidhi, with tall and muscular Rohan. He was brown-skinned, had a beard and wore a tight t-shirt with jeans. Rohan and Nidhi looked at my naked body and laughed out loudly. They hugged and muscular Rohan lifted tiny Nidhi. They kissed and started to undress each other. I was nervous.

Soon, Nidhi was sexy cream colored bra and panties. She bent on her knees, her tiny round ass in front of me, as she took off Rohan’s jeans. Rohan had muscular legs and his red underwear fitted him tightly. Nidhi pulled it off and out came Rohan’s thick black penis.

Nidhi was amazed as his penis became hard in front of us. It was a strong 6-inch cock. In comparison, my 4-inch penis looked very weak. Nidhi came to my ears and whispered, “Do you now understand?” I nodded, “Yes.” Rohan quickly drank the Old Monk as Nidhi put on a condom on his big hard cock.

For the next 30 minutes, I stroked my small penis as Rohan took Nidhi’s virginity. He laid Nidhi on the bed and gave her slow and deep strokes of his strong cock. He then lifted her in the air and gave a few more deep strokes. Nidhi was screaming!

As all her fantasies came true, she orgasmed loudly as Rohan kept pumping his big cock. Nidhi closed her eyes and gave up control. Now, Rohan could fuck her the way he liked, rough and hard. Watching my beloved tiny Nidhi being banged hard by a desi muscular man, I could not control my small penis.

As they screamed, I ejaculated and sprayed loads of cum onto the floor. Rohan laughed at me as he roughly handled my tiny naked girlfriend. Rohan lay on the bed and Nidhi sucked his thick black penis. Rohan had the stamina of a horse.

She sucked up and down for at least 10 minutes when Rohan screamed and let his liquids out. Nidhi’s dark thighs were covered with Rohan’s cum. Nidhi let me free from the ropes and kissed me. We hugged and slept on the bed as Rohan went into the bath to wash.

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