Sex – Pure And Raw Sex

Day 78

I don’t think I can go any longer without sex. Ever since my breakup I’ve done everything I can do to satisfy my vast lush horny feelings for a man/boy. Vibrator check, masturbation check, fingering check, bit still. There’s something missing. The soft lips the hard skin of a man the meaty fleshy bone I long for.

The one thing I can’t find is a toyboy around here. Not one, unless he is committed or gay or a small penis won’t do for me. I don’t consider myself sexy but no one can beat me in bed. My curvy ass the 36 C breast that can help the drooling boys to get over and fuck me. But not one that’s good enough for me. I mean can you blame me?

My ex, a strong 6’7 with his business of 6’3, a handsome chocolate body. Who could resist us? We were a couple. I didn’t think it could get any better. Since my parents were night shifters, I had the house all alone to myself. I would get to play till the end of almost every night.

My play would start at 10. All set, I would change my bedsheet. Get me in my favorite comfortable red bra and the sexy pink thong. Believe me when I say that I really looked hot and curvaceous in it. With the different colors, one would not know where to look first.

I would get my laptop to switch it in the incognito mode. You know it’s not my personal laptop so. I don’t wanna get in trouble. Sometimes I would wear a black long stiletto that makes a 5’3 girl like me like a 5’6.

Boy, I would admire myself standing in the full-fledged mirror. Flick my hair sideways and once again thank god for this beautiful body. Now the time was for some self-love. Switch on some porn. Believe me, I like group sex best. It’s so sexy and real.

You show a girl who is already horny some sexy porn she gonna squirt right out. I started rubbing my clits. Right hand on my boobs as I watch the boy and the girl kiss like their last. Like the worlds trust and death are dependent on that kiss. I was jealous I admit.

I close my eyes when I feel that I am already wet down there. It makes me feel better. I slowly slid one side of bra while stroking the left side of the breast with my right hand. I can feel as if someone is watching me. I am a sexy little bitch trying to give them a show.

Trying to make them wet. I keep on rubbing my boobs while I slid another one of my straps of the big red bra. Don’t unhook the bra but I slid it down. I stand on my bed and slide the entire bra down along my thighs and my legs. Now remains only my thongs and the high heels.

I feel my pulse throbbing when I see that the two characters are undressing each other slow and steady. As if they are going to devour each other every second. I feel my stomach and the little round belly button and lay down the pillows. My hands, both of them, on the thighs. And my erogenous spot gets activated.

I feel I am already wetter by the sides. Slowly I push down my panties and throw it across the room. Like someone is eager to get rid of it and lock and divulge into it. I lay in the bed naked with porn on where the girl is now giving an erotic blow job to the boy.

She seems to be taking it all in. He then turns down on her licking down on her and she is convulsing throughout. My body feels on fire already sweating like a glowing star. I reach my hand down on the vagina. With two fingers I slid down my hole.

With the left hand, I massage my clitoris softer at first. But then it all feels so good that it becomes harder. My thighs start to shiver and a loud moan escapes from my mouth. How I wished I had someone to kiss in that erotic moment.

Increasing my movements I start to convulse up and down the hole, fingering myself with three fingers now. My pussy becomes wetter and wetter. I stop thinking about what’s happening around me anymore.

I can hear the loud moans from the laptop. It means that the girl has started fucking and enjoying the riding with the boy. I moan with that and now I move fingers from the hole and start playing with the pussy. The longer I do, the longer I play the wetter it gets.

The wetter I am, the hornier I get. My left hand that was all the while stroking and keeping busy with my two large breasts was now down stroking the pussy. I was at the top of the world. I could sense my rhythms being harder and harder and I could smell my juices pouring out.

I couldn’t take it any longer. The more moans I heard from my laptop the more I became excited. The rougher it got and with two minutes I poured all my juices onto the bedsheet. And at the same time, the video of the porn also stopped.

But suddenly I could hear some noise. I thought maybe it was traffic but not one horn and not one vehicle was to be seen. Another click. Click! Click! Click! And I knew that it was coming from a camera.

All the while I was here masturbating laying down on my bed. My boobs hanging about with nothing on me but the pair of stilettoes.


I had left the window open. And without even thinking I went to the window closed it and put back the curtain down. Another two clicks and all was silent.

I was more angry than nervous and I could not let a creep get away with it. I dressed in whatever I could lay my hands on and I knew where the sound was coming from. With a minute I was knocking the neighbor’s door. Hey guys!

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