Catan Game Turned Sexy!

Hello friends. This is going to be my first story on ISS, so it will be great if you can send me your feedback on the same. This happened about a year back between me and my ex-girlfriend’s (Ritu) close friend. Let me first introduce you to myself and the girl.

I am a fair, muscular guy of height 5’7” with a tool of around 6.5 inches. Good enough to give a good time and great pleasures to girls! I am based out of Bangalore. I have an athletic body and frequently hit the gym, cycle daily and swim. I am an outdoorsy person. So you can find me on some hike now and then.

The girl’s name is Seema and she is my ex’s close friend. I and Ritu are on good terms, hence we are still friends and hang out together once in a while. I am good friends with her friends also, including Seema. Seema lives in Hyderabad with her husband.

Yeah, she is married and her husband stays in Europe, temporarily. Seema is very fair, long hair, brown eyes, and a very cute girl, with stats 34C-30-34. I always had a little crush on her. this was known to Ritu also.

Coming to the story. This happened about a year back when I was visiting Hyderabad for a long weekend to meet my friends, including Ritu. Seema was married for about a year then, with her husband living in Europe for more than 9 months. I texted Ritu to meet.

She planned for me to meet at her home around 6 pm on Friday. She invited her other friends also, to whom I am friendly with. I was happy to hear that Seema had also been invited. Friday was a holiday for me and Seema, but not for Ritu and others.

I reached the place at around 5:45 pm and was invited in by Ritu’s flatmate. I observed that alcohol has been ordered and board games are set. So I made myself comfortable in the hall on the Sofa, hoping people will join in 10-15 minutes.

At sharp 6, Seema also reached the place and we had a friendly hug (I always look forward to it, as sometimes this allows me to feel her soft breasts). We greeted and started chatting randomly. I was observing her cute face. Soon, Ritu’s flatmate left for her party leaving us alone.

After some time, I and Seema decided to start playing Catan, and open a bottle of wine. We both love wine a lot, and wine was ordered for us only in the house. The rest of them are either Vodka or beer person. We started playing Catan. It was going good and competitive.

Ritu texted us that she is going to be late by at least an hour or two because of office work. The others will reach after 8 pm. We were a little bumped but said that we can have fun playing this game. Anyways our party has started already.
In 5-10 minutes we were into the game and very comfortable.

We were sitting on the sofa with her on my right side. I was leading in the game by a point and had the longest road at that time (which gives you an extra point basically). The game was going very competitive and rough, not letting others have any resources to build any settlement or roads.

All exchange requests were getting declined left right center from both the parties. By then we were about 2 glasses down already and a little tipsy. We poured the 3rd one also. In between, we were making jokes about each other and pulling each other’s legs (not literally).

She was getting naughty also with her jokes at times. I was teasing her also for me in the lead.
Me (proudly): “I have got the longest road, you will have to submit to my commands.”

Seema (naughtily): “I do not for longest roads, but can think if it is for the longest rod.”
I was like: “Okay, in that case, the commands will also be different.”

We both looked at each other and smiled naughtily, then got back to the game.
Seema: “Hey, do you have a sheep and 2 bricks card for exchange. I will give you 3 grass cards.”
Me: “No!” (laughing)

Seema seems stressed and excited at the same time, like something big is there.
Me: “You look very desperate for this card.”
Seema: “Yes, please give na. I will owe you one big time for this.”

I don’t know what came to me but then I said- “If you plead and show your desperation like that, anyone can take advantage” (laughing out loud).
Seema (jokingly): “Haan okay, you can take advantage but give me the cards first.”

Me: “Okay, I have sheep and bricks. But I need more than 3 grass cards.”
Seema: “5 grass cards?”
Me: “Oh come on. How about you kiss me, with those lovely lips?” (wink)

Seema (a little serious): “Are you kidding me?”
Me: “Okay, the deal is off the table. It was worth a try to this cute girl. And you know you want those cards desperately.”

I knew her husband is away and she is also tipsy. She was being extra friendly with me throughout the game, I thought this is the perfect opportunity.
Seema (blushing): “You are crazy. Okay, but on the cheeks only.”

I put my cheeks forward without saying anything. Seema leans forward with her eyes closed and she gave a wet kiss on the cheeks, which lingered for a long time. She just removed her lips slightly away from my cheeks and was breathing heavily, looking down.

I turned around and faced her. Our lips were just an inch apart, and we were both breathing heavily. Lots of questions in our mind, sitting in the hall of my Ex’s apartment and so close to her friend’s lips. But then I moved a bit and brushed my lips to hers.

She moved her hands and put it on my thighs, holding tight. I then brushed my lips on her right cheek through her nose till her left cheek. She went out of control and jumped on my lips like a hungry lioness. She started kissing passionately with her being on my top on the sofa.

We kissed very rough, as both of us had a dry period I guess for a long time. My hand started caressing her back, which was so curvy and beautiful. She was caressing my hair and then my chest. I put my hand inside her top and with one hand opened her bra hook.

And up there I moved to her neck and started kissing hard there. Seema started moaning and started rubbing her body on me. Suddenly, she took her head up and tore my shirt buttons open with her hands, and separated the sides. She started sucking my nipples.

She was being very wild and passionately licking, sucking me. I grabbed her from the waist and moved my hand up, removing her top, along with her bra. It was a sight to behold. I could only see her cleavage and flat tummy. But it was hell arousing.

I then grabbed her hair and pulled it a bit for her to take her head up from my chest and arch a bit. As soon as she arched and came up a bit, I could see her boobs for the first time. And boy they were amazing little mangoes. I pull her up and started sucking her boobs from down below.

We kept playing that way for some more time. Seema then moved down and pulled my pants, with my underwear. I was naked down below with my shirt wide open at the top. She was topless with her black jeans down below. Her long hair kept coming in front of her actions but that made it more amazing.

She took my dick in her hands and started jerking it off. And in between slapping my dick on her boobs. My hands were on her boobs mostly and pressing them hard. She then started giving me a blowjob, and it was heaven. The fast movement and rough blowjob on your penis give immense pleasure.

The sound in the room was amazing with her saliva on my dick. Her lips going up and down on my shaft. She seemed to be a pro in this and I was enjoying the service fully. After about 2-3 minutes, I got up and took her in my arms, carried her to Ritu’s room. I locked the room behind and put her on the bed.

I jumped, took her jeans and panty in one go and smelled her pussy’s scent for a while. I then started sucking her lips, moving down to her neck, sucking her boobs. Sucked her right boobs and pressed hard her left boobs. She was moaning heavily.

I then moved my lips to her pussy, dragging through her stomach and belly button. Sucked her hard down there. She was wet and helping me with her ass up in the air. Seema pushed me into her pussy hard through her hands and jiggled her ass. I was breathless and broke to catch some air.

I was rock hard by that time, with such a passionate session. I took her down from the bed, made her stand facing the bed with hands on the bed. I put my dick at the entrance of her pussy and slowly entered it, grabbing her waist from behind. She moaned a little and I also. I started increasing my speed slowly.

We were both enjoying it to the fullest and matching each other’s rhythm perfectly. I got hold of her boobs by my left hand and her neck by my right hand. I pulled her towards me, arching her back. And kept fucking her in that position.

Oh, it was a great position with me entering deep into her pussy and hitting her front walls strongly. She was shouting at the top of her voice, thankfully there was no one at the home. We kept fucking like this for 5-10 minutes. She was also pushing her well round ass behind to get the maximum from my dick.

She then took my dick out and pushed me on the bed, and jumped on top of me. She took my dick and pushed it inside her pussy in a cowgirl position. She started jumping on my hard dick and also grinding it in a circular motion. Wow, that was one hell of a feeling.

Seema was looking at me hungrily like there is still a lot to go. For me, it was getting to the border. She kept on jumping hard and I could feel her upper wall hitting hard. She was moaning loudly and probably reaching her climax after some time.

Me: “Where do you want me to come?”
Seema (seductively): “I don’t want this dick out, we will think about everything later.”

She kept on jumping and grinding, moaning. She took her hand behind her, towards my leg and arched her back, giving a great view of her jumping, pointy nipples. Her boobs looked amazing in that position.

I was reaching my climax and started pushing her hard from behind also. She kept on jumping me and shouting, “Ohh yeah. Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me harder.”  In a few seconds, together we moaned loud and came. I shot a huge load of cum inside her.

She dropped dead on me and I just hugged her and slept like that. In 5-10 minutes, we came to senses and realized that it might be time for others to come. We took the dress from the room and got dressed.

Lucky me, I brought a t-shirt, knowing it might get late at Ritu’s place. Changed into that and kept my torn down shirt in the bag. We sat there, panting, looking at the Catan game board on the table and then laughed.

That’ all about this story guys. Do send me your feedback at [email protected] and let me know how you liked this story.

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