Intimate Love Making With My Neighbor

Hello guys, being a regular reader of this site, I dare to share my intimate love making experience with you. Let me introduce you.

I am Raj (name changed) 24 years old guy from Pokhara, a beautiful city in Nepal. I am doing my graduation. I am staying with my family as we shifted here 4 years back. We are five members, and my parents are working.

Most of the time I used to be at home. We have very good people in our neighborhood. They used to visit us and share food items and often we used to go for an outing or a picnic together.

By my nature, I love to chit chat around when I meet someone as I am easy going person. Recently I got cured of depression so I used to chat with people in my neighborhood.  The house next to mine is of Sharma. The couple has three daughters.

Sharma uncle’s elder daughter Ridhi is a divorcee. Ridhi is in her late twenties. She has gained a little weight but is fair, tall with a beautiful face as Nepali women usually have.

As she was recently divorced, she used to be upset and always be in her room. She was badly hurt as her husband cheated on her. Sharma uncle’s younger daughter Divya was a good friend of mine. So I visited her most of the time.

Once, I reached Divya’s room in the daytime to ask her to watch a web series. But no one was at home except her elder sister Ridhi. I enquired about them. She said they all went to their native village to attend a funeral and be there for 13 days.

I feel frustrated as my friend Divya was not there and felt bad. Then I called my friend. She let me know about the scenario and said sorry for not informing me. I was about to leave her house.

But Ridhi insisted I stay for some time as I was bored alone. I was okay with her and came back with her to her room. I open my phone and started surfing my Facebook. Till then, she had made tea for us.

We both sat on the couch and started drinking tea. She knew her sister and I were just good friends but not more than that. Jokingly, she asked me, “Don’t you both look like love birds?” By listening to this, I laughed a lot. I asked her not to tell her sister as she will kill me. She said that she was just joking.

By the time we finished our tea. I was back in the hall to watch television and she got busy in the kitchen. After a while, she was back and sat close to me. She was inquiring about my studies, friends, my hobbies and so on. We talked a lot. I was about to leave and thank her for her company.

Then she asked me for a favor. She told me that her head was throbbing. “So, can you please apply hot oil and balm over my head?” I agreed and told her, “Why haven’t you told me earlier?”

I let her sit on the sofa, took oil and balm from the rack, and started applying gently over her forehead. I applied all over her hair and head and gave her a soothing massage to her neck. I noticed that she was feeling calm, and her big boobs were protruding through her t-shirt.

She thanked me a lot for my help and returned home. I have not seen Ridhi so close before. Oh my god, that day I come to know she had got a killer body. I was stunned how her husband could cheat and left her beautiful wife. That night I masturbated thrice by thinking about her killer body.

The next day in the evening, I got a call from Ridhi that she needs my company. I agreed and went to her house immediately. Today she was in her tight leggings and t-shirt exposing her boobs and buttocks. I asked if everything was fine.

Then she told me, “Your hands are magical and cured my headache in no time. I was able to sleep after a long time.” I thanked her for her appreciation. I also told her that I had massaged my grandparents in childhood. From there, I know about this stuff.

She was excited by knowing this and promised me to do her a favor and also not to tell anyone about this. I agreed with her. She told me that she always had a fantasy to get massaged by a man with honey. I was surprised.

So I asked her about honey. Then she gave me money to bring 500ml honey from the store. I left to buy it. I was sure what was going to happen. So I bought dotted condoms in advance.

After I reached her room, I was stunned as in no time had she changed the room. She had put new bed cover, lightened fragrant candles. She was eagerly waiting for me in bed. She asked me to change in underwear and to undress her, and give her sensual honey massage in her whole body.

By listening to that, I was out of my senses. I immediately removed my dress and put only my macho. My dick was as hard as a rock and making a huge tent in my underwear. Divya was smiling and watching carefully all over my body.

Meanwhile, she gave me a hint to undress her.

Oh my goodness, what immense feeling was that. I quickly jumped on her body and kissed her neck from behind. She closed her eyes in pleasure. I almost kissed her on her back for 5 minutes. She was making unusual sounds. Then I removed her t-shirt.

While removing, it got stuck between her boobs as her boobs had grown to double her normal size. She was yelling in pleasure, “Tear it out. I can’t wait.” I followed her instructions. Then with my mouth, I lowered down her leggings. Oh my god, what pleasure we both were getting.

Her body was as white as milk, and her vulva, boobs, and ass looked so delicate without any scars as soft as cream. I praised her body, to which she ordered me to start the massage with honey as soon as possible.

I asked her to lay down, pour honey on her boobs and belly. She started applying all over it slowly and gently. She was like feeling in heaven. I was aware of what was happening and going to happen. So after completing her back, I moved to her legs and massaged them for 20 minutes.

She was relaxed now. It was time to move further. I asked her, “If you allow me, then I will massage your pussy.” She immediately agreed and, “Be gentle.” I took a handful of honey and put my fingers inside her vagina, and started rubbing. She was moaning as hell, and tears were flowing from her eyes.

I inquire what happened. She told me, “It is a tear of my happiness. You have come to make my dream fulfill. I asked if you are okay if I lick that honey from your vagina by my tongue. She told me, “I am all yours, do whatever you want.” I got full permission to bang her.

So I got over her pussy and licked her. She opened my underwear down and started giving me a blowjob as we are in 69 position. During licking her pussy she came twice. I was about to come, and she told me she wanted my cum over her boobs. I got up and exploded my cum all over her boobs.

I told her I bought a dotted condom, to which she became happy and told me the boy had grown up. She immediately put a condom on my dick and started riding on me in a cowgirl position. I was in heaven. She, too, was making unusual sounds. We fucked harder for about twenty minutes, and I came.

She looked quite satisfied by her face. We both were tired, and honey was spread all over. So she asked me to join her in cleaning, and I helped her put things in place. After that, we took a bath together. During that time, she blew me.

By applying soap in my cock and her big ass, I fucked in her ass hole. During that time, she told me she was a virgin in her ass. I got very happy by listening to that. We both bathed and then dressed neatly. She thanked me a lot and promised me to make her sexually satisfied without knowing anyone.

She hugged me tightly and started weeping. I console her by hugging her for a while. She told me how her husband used to abuse her and played with her feelings. He used to drink and beat her. He never cares about her feelings.

By listening to her, tears came to my eyes. I make her feel comfortable and console her to try my best to make her feel happy and satisfied.

By that time, she became close to me, and we used to meet secretly without our families knowing. Even her sister didn’t know about our affair. The other part of the story will be continued soon, how I managed to fuck Ridhi’s cousin and manage my relationship with Divya.

Dear friends, I hope you enjoyed the story of erotic sex with my sexy neighbor. Please let me know about the feedback in my email [email protected]

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