A Lusty Romantic Story With My Neighbor Aunty

Well, to start, let me tell you about myself. I am Rahul. I’m a 27-year-old unmarried guy. I’m a 6 feet tall guy with a 6-inch strong dick. This is the first romantic story I’m writing.

I recently shifted to this new apartment so that traveling to the office will be easy. This is a 6 story apartment where most families live. I used to stay on the 5th floor. On my floor, neighbors never even opened their door and never smiled at me. I was feeling very unlucky.

So during the evening, when I come home early, I go down to take a walk. I saw at the gate a sexy aunty coming in a top and tight leggings that were hugging her huge ass. At first look, I didn’t know what to do, and I smiled at her. She smiled back.

Her boobs were pretty huge, and the top was bearing its weight with great difficulty. I went into imagination mode of tit fucking by holding both her tits tightly and inserting my dick in and out of her squeezed boobs. Then I came back to my senses and thought that I should find out which flat the aunty stays.

By the time I went, the aunty had gone in the lift to her floor. Seeing the floor button on the lift, I could see that aunty stays on the 3rd floor. After locating her house, I planned to make friends with her. The first time I made an excuse for asking sugar, saying sugar is over in my house.

She opened the door was wearing a low cut nighty that day. I was stunned looking at her cleavage when she opened the door. A huge part of her boob was visible. I just felt like lowering the nighty’s zip, taking out the full boob, and suck it to my satisfaction. But I just asked, “Can I have some sugar?”

She said, “Sure, beta, please come in and sit. I will give it to you.” When I went in, to my disappointment, her husband was also there. When she went to the kitchen, I noticed no panty lining visible through the nighty. So, she was not wearing anything inside the nighty.

I was thinking uncle will be having easy access to her pussy at night. She came with the box of sugar. I didn’t speak much, thanked and went away. She gave the same seductive smile again.

Next week I again went for an evening walking. I could see uncle going out with a suitcase and aunty came to drop him in a taxi. I felt that this is the right time. The next evening, I again visited her, saying, “Aunty, tea powder is not there. Can you give some?”

“Sure, come in. Why ask for tea powder? I can make tea and give you. I’m making it for myself. I feel bad about drinking tea alone. Uncle also is not there.”

I agreed to tea. I started conversing with her. I could see the frustration on her face that she had no proper sex for a very long time. Slowly she was opening up, saying uncle is out of town most of the time due to his sales job. I could catch the signal from this.

Slowly we started talking a lot, and she told me to be there for dinner. I agreed. She told me that she is suffering from backache for a month, and no medicine or cream is solving it. I told her that I’m very good at massaging and that massage will relieve her of any stress in her back.

I added that My messages work even with a dress on. So aunty readily agreed. Aunty then changed into a t-shirt and a long skirt. She was lying with her back facing me. I told aunty that I will start with legs and proceed to back. So I pulled the skirt up to her knees with her permission.

I was giving a sensual massage in her legs below the knees. I could feel her totally enjoying it. Then I proceeded to thigh massage on top of the skirt itself. I had agreed to an on-the-dress massage.

She did not feel good and said, “Rahul, you can lift the skirt a bit more if you want to.” So I upped the skirt more up so that my hand can easily reach her big round ass. I was massaging her thunder thighs. I occasionally reached her lower ass cheek and immediately came to the thigh.

When my hands touched her ass cheeks, she was just shivering and giving slight moans. Then I lifted the skirt more up so that her panty is fully visible. She did not resist. Then I could see part of her panty was already wet. So she was enjoying it!

When I removed it, I could find the panty was wet! So I was massaging her ass with my hand going in her ass crack occasionally through her panty. She was enjoying and was moaning louder when I reached her ass crack.

Hearing the moans, I lowered her panty so that I can massage her ass. She did not resist. I was massaging her ass with my hands going in her ass crack more often. She was moaning more. When moans got louder, I asked her and slowly removed her panty and skirt.

Here she is with her big round ass facing me. Hearing her moans, I told her, “I am sweating here too much. Can I remove my t-shirt?”

“Sure, dear,” she agreed. As aunty was facing the bed, without her knowledge, I removed my shorts and boxers also. So I was massaging her with my rock-hard cock in the open air. With her, every moan, my dick got harder.

I massaged her back with both my hands. Simultaneously placed my rock-hard dick on her ass crack and moved it between ass cheeks. Some of my precum feel on her big round ass. Now aunty knew that I was also totally nude. She gave a shocked moan, but she did not say anything.

Then, while I was rubbing my dick on her ass cheeks, my dick touched her pussy opening. But I did not enter. Instead, I put my finger into her pussy and was finger fucking her. She was moaning and could not control it anymore.

She turned and threw open her t-shirt. There, in front of my face, was a wonderful set of big boobs. To be decent, I reached her neck and kissed her there. Then she forcefully brought my face to her boobs and kept it there. I then sucked like mad both her tits and was fingering her pussy as well.

Aunty was moaning so loudly. “Ahh, suck me hard. Drink it all.” Then I squeezed her boobs to my content and sucked as I was expecting milk to come out of them. Then I came lower and was sucking her pussy and eating it. Her moans were very loud.

In no time, Aunty was sucking my dick like a pro. It is the best blowjob I have ever had. She was sucking it so softly that my tool got harder. My cum was halfway through, and I could not control it. I asked to increase the strength and speed of sucking. She was doing with full force now.

In no time, I came all into her mouth. She drank every drop like a bitch. Then I put some oil on her body and some on mine. After that, I laid on her and was doing body-to-body massage, sliding on each other’s oily bodies and kissing her.

I was just sliding my body starting from her pussy and reaching up to her neck. Then I suck her boobs. She was moaning louder and louder. ‘Come on, ahh, fuck me.” I inserted my tool slowly first. Then as her moaning increased, I was fucking my hot neighbor aunty at full speed.

After some 12 minutes of hard fucking, I released all my sperm into her pussy, and she came at the same time. Both fully satisfied were lying next to each other. From that day on, we started meeting multiple times when her husband was out of town.

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