A Fifth Anniversary Surprise Gift

Recently I had a lovely and one of the best time experiences with a couple in Mumbai. My massage therapy profession brings me in contact with wonderful people and at times with awesome couples.

One massage session was unique. I would like that Mohan puts it across for me in his words. Let Mohan speak, rather than me speaking.

For the past three years, I and Sunita had been in contact with Mumbai masseur through WhatsApp. We love the way he used to chat with us. Sunita’s and my office work kept us busy so things didn’t materialize for long.

Then this November we planned to invite Mumbai Masseur for dinner so that we can meet casually and plan out a day for the massage sessions. We met for dinner on Nov 15, 2019, Friday at a nice decent hotel in Borivali. His style of conversation just impressed both of us, truly a down to earth person.

We were truly impressed by the way he treated us. Well mannered and well informed. We found him to be very friendly, jovial and trustworthy. So we invited him over to our home and spend the night with us. Saturday was a weekend holiday for both me and my wife Sunita.

George (mumbaimasseur) was ok with the plan and we proceeded to our home in Kandivali west. On reaching home, Sunita went in to change her dress. George and I were discussing how we are going to make the evening a real memorable one for Sunita.

We were very clear the evening will be massage, fun, and pleasure all 3 together. I told him that, after the dinner when he went to wash his hands, “Sunita and I decided to have fun and pleasure sessions with you. It will be an all-night session so that we have plenty of time for massage and fun.”

I also told him that, Sunita said that because of our busy schedule at work, she has not shaved her pussy. She didn’t expect that we would be going in immediately for a massage and fun session. George smiled and said, “I get excited and aroused when I see a bushy pussy. So let it be a ‘Bushy session.’ “

We both were laughing loudly. As we were discussing Sunita came in her tight casuals and revealing her curve. She went and sat next to George and put her hand on his lap. She asked, “What was the joke that you both were laughing so heartily.” He put his arms around her and hugged her.

I told Sunita, “I was sharing your concern because of your bushy pussy as we never thought that we would go for a massage session today.” Sunita blushed. I said, “Don’t worry, George loves to have a lady with ‘Bushy pussy’. He said he prefers to have bushy pussy than a clean shaved one.”

Sunita asked, “Why so? All the men want clean shaved ones.” George replied, “A clean shaved pussy makes me feel as if I am fucking someone too young, whereas grown ladies have a bushy pussy.” hearing this Sunita was relieved but burst out laughing loudly. That was truly a good ice breaker for the evening.

I excused myself went in leaving George and Sunita to spend some time together. When I came back after getting into my casuals, Sunita and George were hugging and kissing each other. After some time we moved into our bedroom and they both were in their undergarments.

Sunita is 5.3 in height and little plumb and George of medium builds but was 5.7 ft tall. Very soon they both were nude and Sunita was excited to see George had a long dick. She always was longing for someone with a long dick like George’s.

George put Sunita on the bed and asked her to sleep on her chest. He was carrying olive oil with him. He poured some into his palms and climbed up on Sunita’s back. He started to massage her back from ‘neck down to her butt’. It was a real pleasure to see both of them naked.

George was massaging her back with his palms and forearms. Within a few minutes, Sunita slowly started to moan softly. Her body was responding wonderfully to his massage. Then what he did next, made Sunita moan loud. She went wild with excitement and I was caught by surprise too.

George slept on her back with his back touching her bareback and started to give her ‘body to body massage’.Sunita was now moaning loudly. She was literally enjoying the warm and naked male body of his touching and massaging her.

After 10 minutes, George flipped over and now went in 69 position with his front part touching her back. He was rubbing her full body with his body from her neck down to her thighs. It went on for some time. I became horny and hard.

He turned her around. She was now resting on her back and he was on top of her in 69 position. He gave her really a good body to body massage. And then he parted her thighs and started to suck her pussy and his dick on her breast. As he was sucking her pussy, his waist was moving to and fro on her breast.

It’s a new experience for both me and Sunita. Sunita was really enjoying both the sucking of her pussy and the body to body massage with his dick and thighs, massaging her big boobs. Though we had a couple of other male masseurs massage her on two different occasions, I have never seen Sunita go so wild with excitement.

As the session continued, Sunita started to wriggle her body. She climaxed and squirted like a fountain on to George’s face. He licked and cleaned her pussy and thighs which were wet with all her juice. He waited for 2-3 minutes for her to calm down and relax after the big orgasm.

And then he just climbed on her and positioned his dick at the opening of her pussy. He started to slowly push it inch by inch into her pussy. She was screaming loudly as his dick entered fully in her pussy. She screamed with excitement.

“Omg! George your dick is really long it is touching deep inside wow! Awesome!”On hearing that he started to pump her faster and faster. She once again had a big orgasm and again squirted making the mattress drench with her pussy juice. He continued to lay on her, pampering her.

Once she was relaxed again, he asked her whether she wants more. Sunita by now was totally addicted to his style of massage. She looked at me as she wanted some more. I nodded and told her to go ahead and enjoy. This time I told George that he can fill her pussy with his cum.

He started very slowly to pump her in and out. Then he sensed that she was all charged up again. He held her tight with his arms and cupped his palms and held her head from underneath and started to pump her faster. Sunita started to scream, “Omg! Omg! Georgie, go faster, faster, faster, press me down.”

He just did that and Sunita had her third orgasm within an hour. Sunita climaxed, but George controlled himself. After she became quiet he started pumping her again wildly. Just before he was about to cum, he took his dick out and sprayed his load on Sunita’s breast and face. She just enjoyed that.

They both laid there for some time and then went to the bathroom and had a shower together. This was the first time we experienced an awesome massage plus body to body massage. It was really fun to watch George massaging and at the same time fucking Sunita.

George really knows to satisfy a lady. When they both came back after the shower, Sunita gave me a very tight hug and was crying.

She said, “Mohan, I am so glad you found a superb male masseur like George and brought him home. Such a lovely treat for our 5th wedding anniversary. George gave me an awesome and pleasurable experience. I didn’t know that this massage and sex were so blissful. His body to body massage was super duper! An experience beyond words.”

Then she hugged George and kissed and held him tight and was crying out of joy. “George you really know how to give pleasure and satisfy a woman. You were the first male in this lifestyle of ours, who gave me multiple orgasms. 3 in a row within an hour.”

She came near me and hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Mohan, can you ask George to spend the whole Saturday and stay back until Sunday noon?” I asked her, “Are you sure? Won’t you be too tired?”

Sunita hugged me very tightly and said, “No, I won’t be tired. I also want to experience a threesome with you and him too. Monday is anyway a day off for both of us at work.”

I agreed and requested George to spend the whole weekend until Sunday with us. She pulled me towards him and hugged him, and asked, “George will you please accept our request. We don’t know when Mohan and I will get such a long weekend again.” George was glad to oblige.

Well, we will share the rest of the fun and pleasure sessions some other time through a blog. George was too good. We never expected massage and sex would be so pleasurable like George did. His ‘body to body massage’ was really excellent.

George knows the ‘art of sex and massage’. He has great stamina and he has great control over his ejaculation. He can go on without cumming for hours. He is a very clean, well groom, educated, knowledgeable and trustworthy person.

Looking forward to many more sessions, in the future.

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